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Due date is here... let's get things started!

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My real due date is today (although my midwives think its tomorrow because I decided to fudge the date of my last period to give me more time but for some reason I only added one day... can't for the life of me remember why)

I've been so happy that the baby didn't arrive early (our house has been under major construction and I was NOT ready for him) but now things have calmed down a bit and I'm really feeling ready. So what can I do to convince him to start getting ready? I mean I'd love for him to arrive in the next week or so. All I know about is walking and sex... any other suggestions? I can be patient and I'm fine with waiting longer but... my birthday is coming up on 10/13 and I'd LOVE to not share a birthday with my son if possible (I know, I know, how selfish am I?!)

Anyway are there other easy tricks that work to encourage things to start happening on their own? I've had lots of BH contractions (including contractions that came with lots of period-like cramps) but they come and go and I'm not even convinced that any other progress is happening. I had one exam at 39 weeks and cervix was closed and tight...

Any ideas? I'm definitely NOT at the castrol oil point yet!
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Happy EDD!

Sex and walking are the main "easy" ones I can think of. Maybe some stretching and exercises to encourage the baby to drop down lower. I've heard swimming can help too. Eating something spicy. My M/W suggested Evening Primrose Oil too -- it should help soften the cervix. You can use it vaginally or orally. I haven't tried it yet. I'm sticking with sex and walking -- both of which are a challenge these days -- at this point. Oh, applying pressure to the "induction" pressure points may be helpful too.

Here are some get-that-labor-going vibes being sent your way!
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It is hard to be patient, but this will all be a blur the minute he is gone and then time will fly past you! I went 8 days over my due date and each day was agony. Just be loving and strong - try gentle things (like sex, walking, stairs, nipple stimulation, thumb-sucking, foot massages, spicy food, etc.) Semen are supposed to be antibacterial in properties (good for labor) and to soften the cervix. Walking and stairs are supposed to encourage contractions. Nipple stimulation and thumb-sucking, as well as the side of your foot all touch on sensitive areas that are supposed to encourage contractions. Spicy food follows the same logic as castor oil - namely that if you get your bowels excited your uterus will get excited too (careful though, this can make for messy labors!) Avoid things like blue and black cohosh (known for inducing labor but dangerous for some women - they can thin blood for one). Castor oil should be a last resort (lots of poop stories involved with that one). Even be careful with teas - red raspberry is controversial, and many herbs are not proven safe for pregnancy. The best thing to do is wait patienty. Let baby come on his own time schedule - there are so many reasons why they choose to come when they do that we can't fully understand from out here (lung maturity, readiness, etc.) Hope that helps
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