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Simplify and Downsize...You can do it too!

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Ever wondered what a 478 sq. ft apartment looked like? C'mon in and check it out! Blogged here. Photos here.

Has anyone else gone REALLY small and loved it?
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Wow. Just wow.

However it does confirm for me that making a home is an art requiring skills I don't have yet.
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Beautiful space, and it has a dishwasher that is all anyone really needs

If I could make my space look that nice.......
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Your photos and blog are truly inspirational!
My DH and I have thought about downsizing, although we don't live in a huge space right now (2 bedroom, 1 bath home, ~1200 sq. ft). Our large mortgage payment is really the biggest obstacle that's keeping me from being able to be a SAHM to our five-month-old son. Sad but true
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That is so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for posting pictures!
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I'm inspired..

Thanks for posting photos! I have a small flat, and sometimes I wonder if it's too small. Now I realize it's not too small, it's just too full!
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Your place is beautiful, and looks so organized! I love all the red, and the sunlight.
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Where did you pick up those way cool magnets to hold your spices?
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Wow....Beautiful and inspiring. We live in a 900 sf. house. As my husband said, "It is not the size but what's inside that matters." thanks for the photos!
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my husband and i are downsizing in our move. we do not know what size it will be yet, but we're not that concerned about it.

we are decluttering every day--bit by bit--and organizing what we do have. Things are looking almost spartan here and i'm proud of that.

when we move into our smaller place, we hope that it will have space to spare--and that we'll learn to continue to declutter and only buy as we need.

i think smaller is better. it's a little gem!
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Does anyone have any experience downsizing with teenagers?

I have decided to completely streamline my home (thank you Delight!)

I love my little apartment - we have a fully functional wood fireplace; how can I not love it? - but it's really cluttered, so...

I need some advice on how to downsize when other (teen-aged) people are involved. (Or just children in general.) Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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Thanks for all the kind words mamas! I think the most important thing is using space wisely. Finding different appliances/furniture, etc. that works with your space. Trying to shove a giant overstuffed L-shaped couch in here wouldn't have worked, ya know?

Also, our house before wasn't that huge...and it was fabulous. Old, great architecture, etc. so some people around us were understandably confused at why we would want to do this. But it was to big and too much for US. We just didn't use the space. We had a guest bedroom that got used maybe 4 times a year. That's not enough to warrant the extra money on the mortgage. It's cheaper to just get a hotel room that weekend!

I would love to always live in a small space. It forces you to be mindful. My dream home would be one that has a large lofted great room open to the kitchen and a couple small bedrooms, a bath, and a large deck (overlooking the mountains of course ).

As far as tips on how to start/get others to do it. Take baby steps. It took us about 6 months to downsize...selling things...donating...purging. You just have to keep at it and look at how far you have come and get excited about that! You won't regret it...it's very freeing.

Oh, and snowbunny...you can get the magnet canisters at any kitchen store or even at Target in their kitchen section. There is definitely a range of prices on them. I love them...because I like to buy my spices in bulk.
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I have gone small and it was the worst year of my life. We did it to save $$.

Everything packed in too tight

Absolutely no space= claustrophobia IMO
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Just looking at the pictures of your beautiful home has inspired me. Everything is beautiful!

I hope that I can have a home so nicely organized and decluttered some day.

Thanks so much for sharing.
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So inspiring! I'm not ready to move the four of us into a one-bedroom apartment, but you HAVE confirmed for me that I can move out of our suburban home and into something smaller in the city.
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I love your solutions to size and clutter. Your colors are beautiful too!
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Wow, your home looks beautiful I think I'm re-inspired
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Wow! I love your home! The colors and original decorations are great.

We lived in a 600 sq. ft. house with a great glass porch. We loved it when it was just dh and I living there, but put on an addition after the kids. We now live in about 1800 sq ft. It is quite uncluttered. We could do without our 2ndand 3rd bedrooms, but I think they will come in handy as the boys grow.
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