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Yay! I'm glad you are in the tiny place now because i am your blog stalker and need some new pictures/inspiration!

I can't wait to build our 612 sq. ft. home next year - despite my dads (he builds homes for a living) constant complaining about what a bad idea that is! It's...annoying...lol, but i'll survive.

This thread got me started on my decluttering kick. I decluttered more this weekend as well - dh didn't think it was humanly possible, lol, but i got rid of 3 more big trash bags of stuff and a couple boxes (donated them!).

And even today i found a few more things i don't need - and sorted through DD's clothing and found a grocery bags worth of clothes that wont fit her for years - but i have a friend in need so i'm going to pass them along.

Getting rid of stuff feels so much more freeing! Oh, and it's a LOT less to clean up
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Originally Posted by Barcino View Post
By the way I saw in your my space that you like Over The Rhine too very cool - it is hard to find people that know who they are
Heck, I know who they are!! I used to work for them in their office. Karin and Linford are awesome people who make amazing music. They've moved out to the country (from Norwood, OH -- Cincinnati Area) to make their own simplified life. It's funny how all of it ties together.
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Originally Posted by the_anti_grrrl View Post
Yay! I'm glad you are in the tiny place now because i am your blog stalker and need some new pictures/inspiration!
: I've been checking in on your blog almost daily! I can't wait to see the after photos. I thought I had already posted on this thread, but I guess it was the one where you announced the latest move. Anyway, I hope the move went well and that you are enjoying your new space!

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Sorry, a little OT

I LOVE OTR!! I grew up in the Cincinnati area, so I've been listening to them forever. They are my favorite! How cool that other MDC'ers are fans!! I already knew you were, MommyErin! LOL

Sarah's pics are sooo inspirational! I check them out when I need a little boost. We live in a fairly small home, too, and we love it! It is hard to keep the clutter down and hard for other people (ahem. in-laws : ) to understand that we simply don't have the space for a lot of stuff. Like right now, I have a time out frog (a plush frog with a timer on his tummy) sitting on my steps, and every time I walk past him, I consider his fate. I think he's a goner. Any tips on freeing yourself from that debate?
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Originally Posted by the_anti_grrrl View Post
Yay! I'm glad you are in the tiny place now because i am your blog stalker and need some new pictures/inspiration!

Me too. I dream about my place looking like yours!
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MommyErin and anamama way cool that you guys know overtherhine!
I love them I also like Kim Taylor who used ot hang out with them MommyErin you might know her too. We went to the same Bible College in FL when I first moved to the States. Small world!
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I will be studying your blog after seeing those pictures We live in an almost 800 sq. ft. home and I seriously need to simplify Thanks for the renewed inspiration.
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Hey Delight is on Apartment Therapy for the flicker photos of her projector/TV setup from her old apartment. Cool!
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Originally Posted by 3happygirls View Post
Already in absolute AWE of everything "Delight", but now I've just read AutumnMelody's blog like a well-written book...it one sitting. Yeah...every post!! WOW! You are amazing and I found myself wishing I was invited to your home for tea and a knitting class!! I want a LIFE class, actually and long for your knowledge of crafts and the patience to teach CHILDREN CRAFTS, your cooking and writing skills, too. Ever think of putting up some How-To-Waldorf-NFL-cook whole-foods info for those of us less creative people? What are your "life-Bibles"? Where did you learn all these life skills? Seriously....I'm find myself somewhat envious of people like you, yet so inspired! I'm really struggling to get out of the EVER BORING coloring-pages craft time for my kids. I actually have one who HATES coloring, yet, I'm just in a really dry-spell in creating things with my kids/teaching them how to create. How in the WORLD do you get all that done with three kids? Your daily routine...PLEASE?!?!?
First let me say that I would love to have you over for tea anytime! Seriously, if you ever find yourself in the mountains of New England, drop me a line and I'll start brewing up some herbs.

I think that I learned most of the things that I know how to do by living. I just picked things up along the way out of necessity, yk? I'll tell you what, while I am by no means an expert, I promise I'll start posting more ideas and tips. Just keep an eye on my blog and I'll see what I can do.

As far as kids learning goes, I wouldn't say that I teach them how to create, but I give them lots of opportunities to see and help me create and then I try to support them as best as possible when they inevitably try to imitate me. I hope that makes sense. And we have plenty of dry spells to. Creativity is like anything else, it ebbs and flows.
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Oh, that would be great! I now check your blog often (hmm, maybe I should be off trying to create instead of blog-stalking). It just doesn't come naturally to me, and I never had any encouragement in the creativity aspect or NFL. I long to have things to teach my daughters. I LOVE baking with them (out of a brownie box) And they love it, but I'd rather be teaching them other skills, rather than just having something to do to spend time together. But, I've got to have the skills first, right? Maybe not, maybe we could learn together. Thanks for your reply...I'll be stalking!
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What an inspiration!
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Out of interest -- I searched the Decluttering Forum to see which Thread had the most hits -- and it was this thread with over 19,000 Hits !!! -- so I thought I would bump it

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Yep..I love this thread. I've bookmarked it so I can easily find it. It was with this thread that I started my SERIOUS decluttering. I had been doing it for a little under a year, but once I saw how lovely her Delight's home was, I went all out.
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nut, thanks for bumping it! it has inspired me to really take it to the next level i'm in less than 800 sq ft with 4 of us, and after reading this, it sounds like lots of space! we'd really like to be in a house...because we want to throw open the doors and let young wild things run about in a garden. i'm dying to grow more things...but reading this i realise that it might be best for us to look for a bitty little house with a big garden. meanwhile i am loving our space and seeing how i can make it home for right now, on the cheap, using all of my creativity.

i'm excited to start looking around at everything with a different eye, to see if we really need all of this stuff, or if it could make a great gift

i also love the idea of wealth consciousness, believing in circulation, that giving away means that you will always have enough...so there is no need to hold on. especially when it comes to decluttering the plastic containers

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Thanks for posting your pics. Your house is so beautiful. My kitchen is exactly the same size as yours, gives me a bit of inspiration.
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I'm sure most of you know but Delight has since left this place and now lives in a RV. She is traveling the country with dh and dd.
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subbing, so inspired!
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I just read this entire thread. Wow. I have read Delight's blog for a little over a year now, and have often looked at her Des Moines apartment pictures for inspiration. So beautiful and we have very similar tastes (but she is 100000000x better at executing them! My taste lives in my head. ) so it's always fun to see what people so with the same colors and decor I would liketo have in my small space.

As a result I went into the kids' toy room and came out with a trashbag of trash and a list of items to put on freecycle! I want to get the room completely cleaned out down to the bare essential toys so that my kids can really enjoy their toys vs. being overwhelmed by endless possibilities. I am heading to bed but am inspired to start on the rest of the house asap!
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I read over most of this huge thread (again) last night. I wanted to get up out of bed and start throwing things out of my closet,but stopped myself b/c it was well after 3am and I didn't want to wake my roommate or get cold!

Today I did put a few things in the "get rid of" pile in the hallway and put a few old papers in the recycle bag and have some ideas of what I'd like to find a new home for. Everywhere I look I have "stuff". I just can't understand it though b/c back in June before I moved in here I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff and I even left a few little things behind for the next tenant. Then after moving in here,even though I"found" some "new" furniture I got rid of a few extra pieces I'd brought with me and another pile of "stuff". So I don't know how I still have "stuff" in here that needs to GO!
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