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I'm glad it went okay. Now, are the teachers going to write and read out public letters of apology to your kid????
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i guess this is what i get for sending her to public school.
You would prefer that she be protected from the knowledge that people sometimes abuse their authority and behave inappropriately, until she is even older and less equipped to assimilate that idea?

ITA that the principal's and music teacher's reactions were inappropriate and that humilation should not be a discipline strategy no matter what the infraction. But in the real world, we sometimes encounter people who behave less than perfectly.

I appreciate that my parents listened sympathetically when I came home with stories of other adults' inappropriate behavior and that they took action when that behavior was seriously over the top and affected me directly. But I also appreciate that they conveyed to me that some people just don't think the same ways we do and are accustomed to different standards of behavior, and that meeting people like that from time to time is a fact of life. That doesn't mean we don't have the right to speak up for ourselves and explain how we would prefer to be treated. It just means that we shouldn't freak out at the fact that such people are allowed to exist and even to hold positions of power--that's life.

I think it's great that your daughter is attending public school. I hope that seeing you resolve this situation thru appropriate channels, and learning that the principal's over-reaction was based on a misunderstanding, will be a valuable lesson that she'll remember next time she's caught in a situation like this.
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irishmommy, wouldn't that be great? oh wait, she's just a kid, she doesn't deserve that.: that was very much the attitude i sensed today. that just bums me out.

envirobecca, she has had plenty of situations where she has been exposed to things like this and will encounter many more i'm sure. my remark was more in regard to *my* issue with public school in general. just had very bad experiences in them. the one she attends is particularly institutional. for instance, they have exactly 1.5 minutes to go to the restroom. no exceptions. personally, i consider this to be boot campish but she only has about 30 days left at that school and she is getting straight A's so i'm not going to gripe.

this has actually turned into a lesson in defending herself also. the kids were so scared that they didn't speak up for themselves to explain exactly what happened. i just hope she isn't going to be intimidated by authority. we discussed it and i think she sees my point. so we'll chalk this up as a learning experience and be done with it.
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mamathistle I am so glad that this whole situation has been resolved, i have been thinking of you and your daughter since the day I read of the event. I am sure your daughter appreciates what you've done for her.

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