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Hi there, I'm 34 weeks and I've been feeling quite good. I've gained about 30 lbs. so far and I'm hoping not much more . My hips do hurt quite a bit at night but other than that this has been a great pregnancy. I don't think the baby's dropped but I do seem to feel lighter these days. I'm really excited about going into labor on my own since I've never done that before or even lose my mucos plug or even have Braxton hicks contractions! So I'm very excited about all of this and reading about all you mammas that are going through it right now because I know I'm right behind you! Good luck to you all and enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant, or as much as you can
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I am right about 34 weeks today. I've gained about 30 lbs so far which more than I wanted to gain, but still less than half of what I gained last time (I gained 70 lbs last time around!). I don't know what I measure as the OB I go to doesn't seem to routinely measure women unless they want to be, although he is telling me I 'need' an u/s next time because I'm a vbac. Hmmm...no other women I know who have used his practice for a vbac have been asked for more u/s. I just hope he's not looking for something to try to force me into another c/s since that is not what I want.

I have pretty much done nothing to get ready for the baby. I have hit a few garage sales to pick up some appropriate clothing for a Nov baby since my first child was born in July, those clothes won't work too well. I definitely need to go get a new car seat and pick up some diapers. I have some meals frozen but I am having a hard time keeping DH from eating them now because he doesn't want to cook now. I guess he plans on cooking for the family when the baby gets here since he's eating all the food now? As long as I have a car seat, some diapers, and some weather appropriate clothing for the baby, I'm hoping that the rest will just fall into place when it happens.
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First of all, hugs to mamas going through some difficult times. Carrie, I hope you find a hospital that works for you with your midwife. I can’t imagine how stressful that must be. Beth, sending good vibes to Beth and your little one. I hope the amnio goes smoothly. Megan, also sending healing vibes to your DH.

I don't know where to start today on myself. I've been accomplishing alot this week though -
- Our doula is coming to meet DH next week and get a down payment and all that squared away.
- I finally made a decision and purchased a natural latex mattress for DD and scheduled a delivery date for her big girl bed. It all cost a small fortune, but I just wasn't comfortable with a PBDE-treated commercial mattress and though I considered Ikea I wasn't too sure of the quality or what chemicals they might use. Now to find a puddle pad and sheets! I'd love to spring for the PB Kids bedding, but their sheets are "easy care", which means they are most likely treated with formaldehyde. So my search is on for untreated cotton sheets that are also a bit girly. Being the only girl and the youngest, I never had too much girly stuff growing up so here's my chance now. Unfortunatley, I missed my deadline for being able to return a carpet I purchased for her room that sometimes has a funky smell, but that's still on my to-do list.
- My other big accomplishment was that I started putting together DD's photo album. I hadn't put in a single picture since she was born. I'd had everything printed, but a cousin from India showed up and brought a whole bunch back home for the relatives and it has taken me over a year to finally go through and reorder what I needed for her first-year album. She LOVES looking at the pictures and I think it is good for her to see that she was a baby once, too.
- I've started investing cloth diapering. A friend showed me the various systems she tried before settling on Fuzzy Bunz, but I need to check the water temp of the washers in our building. Or just go with a service. I don't know how much time I'll have to be doing laundry with 2-yo and a newborn!
- I've also started some Christmas shopping so I'm slowly getting that all squared away. My toughest purchasesd are for my 11-yo neice and my 17-yo cousin. I really don't know what they'd like. I've hardly seen either of them over the last 2 years outside of family weddings.
- I've also started looking into preschool for next year. I'm late by NYC standards, but there are always options of one kind or another.

My DD has been really challenging. I need to work on her schedule/routine so she doesn't get overly tired or hyped up and knows what to expect. I've been a bit inconsistent so I need to get that on track now that I'm no longer working. There are days when she just goes wild any time I want to get her dressed/eat a meal/change a diaper/leave the house/go home/etc. On the up side, I've been doing a "preschool playgroup" with some other moms so that each of us gets a bit of break for a couple of hours one morning each week. The downside is that other moms tend to give the kids juice and sugary stuff which doesn't mix well with my superactive little one.

On the medical side,
- My last midwife appointment was good. I really like the one I've met the last 2 times. She's been so gentle with me, which I do need these days as my emotions are all over the map. Although I've only gained 16 lbs at 32 weeks (and I lost a pound between visits), my fundus is measuring right on target. Since I passed that darn 3-hour glucose test I'll just take the slow weight gain as license to enjoy my food!
- I was nervous about the thyroid meds I was on, but I spoke with my pharmacist who is really great and he said they generally get the generic meds from the same manufacturer. whew! My endocronologist was really concerned that another doc had me on the generic meds because there are 3 different manufacturers and switching among them can cause some real problems especially in pregnancy.
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Well, 32 weeks gone already. Where did it go? Gained 47 lbs on my 64", 98# frame so I look really silly, like I shoved a giant bowling ball under my shirt. I'm measuring 44" around(!) People actually gawk at me. Finally feeling great except for the knuckle and toe swelling and the bizarre upper abdominal pain. Anxious to enjoy my last birth and hope I remember to look this time!! Keep telling these girls to wait until after Thanksgiving before debuting so I can get lots of leftovers frozen. All the diapers and clothes are washed and I got the 2nd carseat so we are prepared. I do have to finish thank you cards, though.

Sending positive, healthy vibes to those mamas going through a tough time.
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Thanks citymama! We went to what we thought was going to be a hospital tour of our #1 choice on Wednesday. Well we were wrong. It seemed to be an info session...including something that required a screen and projector. Needless to say we didn't stay. I was willing to go through a hospital tour in Swedish (I am not fluent) but walking into that room was like walking into a university classroom. :

Instead we went to the BB (delivery section-not attached to the hospital) to talk to a midwife to find out what we needed to do to get into the "special" MVC (prenatal care) clinic. Got that info and passed it along to my midwife. Now we just have to wait and see how long it will take for them to give me a doctor's appointment. I need to see one of their doctors before I can find out if they will let me in. I'm still stressed about it but a little less so now that the wheels have been put into motion.

And citymama....I know the feeling of dealing with a challenging dd. This morning was the breaking point for dd and I. We are both stubborn and things got really ugly. She ended up crying for almost a half hour....from leaving the apartment, walking to the subway, on the train, and down to meet her dagis (aka daycare) group. She wouldn't kiss, hug, or even wave to me when I left. I got on the train to go home and cried. I felt like such a failure as a mom and how on earth was I going to deal with things like this with a newborn added to the mix? The fact that my patience is at an all time low doesn't help either.

I sent a text message to dh asking him to call and he did. When I told him what happened he said he would put an application to take some parental leave for the mornings next week. We got lucky and it was approved (you are supposed to give 30 days notice) by his administrator-one of the benefits of having a parent in charge.

It was a rough day and I'm a bit worse for wear. But I think that I needed to have the mini breakdown, that things were just building up over time.

On a positive note I bought some Phish Food Ben and Jerry's and only ate a very very little. Mmmmmmmm Phish Food. Well worth the approx. 6USD I paid for it.

And am I the only one drooling like a maniac while sleeping? Honestly I wake up sometimes with the whole side of my face covered in drool.
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for the moms having extra issues to deal with and hard times...

I'm 33w d2, feeling huge and ungainly, but healthy!

Gained: ~30 pounds, steadily putting on about 1 lb a week
BP: 98-100/65 usually, so a nice steady pressure...

All the other 'stats' doing great, but having sciatic pain in my right hip...the left side is usually good, but I get restless and have to sleep for a little bit on the 'bad' hip side...if even for just an hour and then can sleep more on the left. Doing the 'up to pee' every few hours!

Had a 'SPD' (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) type 'pull' that lasted for two days, but was miraculously able to get it to 'reshift' and it feels fine now, just lots of BHs if I'm cleaning or walking too much (<--which is usually alot, with two other children to care for).

Having a homebirth with midwives. Have been making diapers, getting some PP pads ready, and some homemade 'chux' style pads to sleep on/deliver on ready. I still need to get a few things done, but am mostly ready even if surprised by an early birth...did baby laundry and put it all away in a dresser.

I've been nesting like crazy, organizing and cleaning (to the point of barely being able to move from stiff hip joints at the end of the day, and needing to put on a "Thermal Care" hot pack and just sit on it for a few hours...hahah..but it works). Taking Epsom salt baths usually works too, but it's harder to get up and out of tub more and more...so not doing that as much.

Looking forward to being up all night nursing a sweet newborn, rather than waking up all night to pee, shift achy hips, clear out the post nasal pregnancy drip, drink water for dry throat, then pee more...hehe..

Sending out 'healing, happy, good birth, healthy baby vibes to all the expectant moms!'
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Oh, I'll be thinking of all of you having difficulties!

I'm 33 weeks tomorrow according to ovulation date. I have GD this time but it seems to be under control with diet. I'd gained about 35 lbs. but in the last 6 weeks of the GD diet I've lost 4. Measuring right on track so they're not concerned; baby's getting my food and I'm living off my ample fat supplies. Hoping I'm able to avoid another induction. That pitocin sucked last time!

Other than that, the SPD is annoying but hasn't gotten much worse since it showed up. My prenatal bellydance DVD is helping! What a great workout. No BP issues this time, thank goodness, so hopefully no repeat of the pre-e.

Amassing my cloth diaper stash and collection of slings. Today I'm getting ready to wash all of DS's baby clothes as the nursery is finally ready for furniture!

Now, if I could just remember to practice that breathing...
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I'm 33.5 weeks... still can't believe it, since DS #1 decided that 29 weeks was a good time to come. This one seems to be behaving himself and staying in there. Everything has been going fine. I was a bit freaked out at my BP possibly rising, but then the day after an OB appt (where OB wasn't concerned, but *I* was), I measured my BP at Walmart and it was nice and low, and then at my midwife appt last week, it was similar to what I got at Walmart... actually even lower. So yay! I guess I'm always looking for *something* to kill my out-of-hospital, midwife-attended birth plans like happened last time! Oh well. Just a couple more weeks to go. My midwife said she officially goes on call at 36 weeks, but that if I felt comfortable with it, she'd be willing to deliver as early as 35.5 weeks... so technically I only have to go 2 more weeks to get the birth I want. And yes, I'd feel comfortable delivering that early out of hospital since a) I grow big-for-gestation babies, b) my DS #1 did *really* well for a 29 weeker (was breathing 100% on his own the next day, etc.), and c) my midwife is equipped with O2 if baby did have some trouble breathing, and we'd just transport to the hospital if baby continued to need breathing help. So we're covered there.

I've gained 25 lbs so far. I spill glucose in my urine at many of my midwife appts, and this time was the worst, as I'd had french toast for breakfast with syrup on top, then had the appt 1 hour later. : The box kept getting greener and greener, and finally stopped when it was just one shade less than the darkest green on the bottle! Whoops! Oh well. I've checked my blood sugar with a glucometer multiple times, and it's always in the lower 90s 2 hours after a meal, so that's really really good. I just spill glucose anyway, but I've done enough reading to know that that's just a variation of normal for some pregnant women, and it appears to be the case for me this pregnancy!

Fundal height at 33 weeks was 33cm. I'd been measuring big earlier in pregnancy, but I think the baby changed positions. He was facing my back, and now he's LOA. Definitely head down as well.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I love my chiropractor - she keeps me walking! The only time I'm really miserable is at night, when my legs just get achey and my butt muscles hurt. I sleep with a pillow between my knees and tucked under my tummy. I also take a cal/mag supplement before bed. I just dread nighttime because I'm sooooo tired, but just can't get comfortable with the achey legs. But other than that, I feel good in general. Getting a few more rib pokes today. I'm so glad I have a long torso!

Nesting has begun, and about 2 weeks ago, I started sewing the baby's diaper stash. I've got 4 size newborn and 3 size small done (I expect a 9 lb baby or close to it, so don't expect to need newborn for very long). I have prefolds in various sizes already, so I'm "ok" if I don't get more sewn, but hopefully I'll get a dozen newborns and 2 dozen smalls done (fitteds), and maybe some small pockets. Along with the sewing I've been doing, I've also started cleaning/decluttering the house a bit, which I've not been motivated to do all pregnancy up until now (same goes for sewing!). So I guess it's the last minute panic nesting that I'm doing. I still need to make a sling too... Really should move that up in the sewing queue, since I can sew diapers with baby in the sling, if need be.
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Hi there, November (and some October!) Mamas;

Thanks for all the kind wishes.: This week we see all our 'folks'... my midwife, Greg's cardiac surgeon, etc. Then we'll make decisions. It's a tough call, because how many moms can you find to ask who have been in this situation- with a two year old, 6 weeks off a due date and with a husband who needs open heart surgery?!:

I'm wondering; wwyd- keep dh on blood thinners (knowing that those are kinda dangerous in some respects) and wait until 'new baby' is 4-6 or 8 weeks old OR try to schedule surgery ASAP (like next week, if I could) and know that hopefully dh would be 4-6 weeks into recovery before 'new baby' was born? Remember, my very capable mom is living with us and can help all of us. And heck, work won't be an issue since none of us will be doing that during recovery time!!

Everyone keeps saying 'what if the baby comes early, but dd#1 was a 42 weeker and I'm not *much* bigger with this one. I am just trying to keep my mental state & physical well being (like remembering to eat everyday and spend some 'quiet time' reflecting...) in good standing so my baby doesn't come early. Kooky, I know.

And I wanted to have a big with all the pg mamas! Everyone sounds so good!!! How fun to get ready for a new little one. I can't wait to spend the holiday season cuddling a newborn. Of course, I guess I've forgotten the rough parts about those new babies!

My older dd is doing well also, she's met all of the 'milestones' I hoped she would before 'new baby'; including being able to put herself to sleep at night, so I feel ready! She still does come to our bed at about 6 am or so, but I think I can sleep with two babies for that amount of time. She doesn't need to sleep with me all night, so that's nice.

Sunshine girl: sorry about the rough day! I know those feelings.... When my dd did that to me, I ended up needing to drink a glass of wine with my lunch to get myself under control.:

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Today was my last day doing massage until after maternity leave is over. I almost started crying when I realized how much I love what I do and how much I will miss it. I haven't really decided if or how much I will work after this baby gets here. I am trying not to worry about it and just take everything as it comes.
I am around 34 weeks. I have a conference to go to in 2 days (flying, my boss made me get a note from my ob) then it is all about getting ready for babe. Finally. A friend gave us some boy clothes, a family member gave us a dresser, a friend of my dh's is giving us a twin mattress since we are splitting up the two older boys and only have 1 twin right now. I was so worried about how we were going to get everything but, of course, everything is working out just fine. Now I just have to sand and paint the dresser, clean the garage (so we can build the new bedroom in there), sand and paint the crib, and decided what kind of CDs we want to start out with.
My biggest fear about labor is that it will happen during the Ohio State Michigan game. I joke that that is the only reason I would have an epidural. I don't want labor to distract me from that all important game.
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My biggest fear about labor is that it will happen during the Ohio State Michigan game.
Are you and my husband the same person???
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I've enjoyed reading all the updates - I wanted to wait until after my appointment today to do my own.

Things are going well. My doctor was late (about 45 minutes) getting there today, but it was fine with me because I had Zy's blanket with me to work on and my son was home with Daddy

I'm 35w1d - up another 1.5 pounds, good BP, baby's heart beat is 160, I'm measuring 37 cm, minimal heartburn (knock on wood - don't let me jinx myself)... really, I feel great. I'm a little panicked that there's only about 5 weeks until my due date - though it could be more like 6.5 if this baby follows in its older brother's footsteps. I have a HUGE to-do list that I'm trying to get through as I can without killing myself.

I had my 12.5 year old cat put to sleep this week - it's a decision I've been trying to make for about 3 months, but it was still a hard one. I tell you, I think I'm doing my own experiment on stress during pregnancy. I was SO laid back and relaxed during R's pregnancy, and this time has been one stressor after another - and none of them minor (but some I don't want to discuss because this is a public board and we seem to have some internet "investigators" where my husband works trying to follow up on our every breath. It's hard when what was your only outlet is taken away. Some days I just want to run screaming from this place.

No, the stress isn't catching up with me at all

But, I AM excited to meet this little one. Oh! The other thing from the appointment was that I was told that baby is "definitely head down" SO THANKFUL!!!!
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I am due November 1st...FIRST baby.
I had a dr. appt last week. All is well. Baby is head down and laying low.
BP is good. Babies HR was 151.
Had that lovely step B swab done. Ugh I hate swabs!!! Lol.
I am getting anxious as the due date nears. I have had a feeling it will come early but now I'm not so sure.
I have had a few of those fun braxton hicks contractions. But felt like back cramps (menstrual cramps). UGH.
I am soo afraid of labor. I have never been in the hospital.
The only thing I have had done that caused me any pain was having my 4 wisdom teeth removed (1st time i had an IV and was put to sleep)
Welll I am sure i will do ok. I shouldn't freak.
I am a nurse. But i work in psychiatry which is wayyyyy different than most areas. I went off work 2 weeks ago. i am finding myself bored. but trying to find things to do around the apartment.
we are building a house so we have to move in jan/feb. soo i should pack some stuff. but im sooo lazy.
GOODLUCK TO YOU ALL!! Lets keep in touch.
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Ooo this is so exciting! We're all getting so close!

I'm 34w4d today. Have gotten uncomfortable in the past few weeks...sleeping, breathing, getting positioned are all difficult. Even the baby kicks and moves so hard sometimes, it actually hurts! I do like to see its little foot swish accross my belly though, and DH is amazed each time he witnesses it.

I've stopped working and love louging at home. I enjoy the freedom, but I do keep busy - house work, organizing, scrapbooking, catching up on readings for the class I'm taking, writing letters, playing with the cats, researching things, going to appointments, taking walks, posting on MDC...we don't have cable, so no TV, but I've gotten a few movies from the library that were awsome (I highly recommend Anything Else, and Garden State...both quirky and witty). We hosted a big Thanksgiving dinner (we're in Canada) this past weekend, and had lots of family. It went very well.

My to-do-before-baby-comes list is still two pages long, but each day I work at one or two things. Today I have to research vaccinations and talk to DH about it, research places to go for our anniversary road trip (November 7th), and take out winter clothing and put away summer stuff. We also have a double baby shower (for us and for BIL and SIL, due in December) that is being organized and for which I have to keep updating our "alternative" (non-mainstream) baby wish list.

In the next few weeks, weekly midwife appointments begin, and I've got La Leche League meetings to attend and learn from. I can't wait for November though!
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Originally Posted by gen_here View Post
It's hard when what was your only outlet is taken away. Some days I just want to run screaming from this place.
That stinks! I know we have some folks from my IRL who use these boards... I assume they snoop, it's wierd, kinda but like you mentioned its my big outlet so, I guess read along if you want to!!!
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My trip to the massage therapist convention this past weekend was great. I think I walked too much, and I am really worn out but I learned alot. Baby moved from roa/rop to loa!!! I am really happy about that. My second was sunny side up and those contractions never stopped hurting. We sanded the dresser and will paint in later this week so I can put all the baby clothes away. A really fantastic lady from my dad's church with 3 boys who is expecting a girl gave me a HUGE tub of clothes. It is sitting in the living room right now. The girls at my work are having a shower for me on Sunday. It is wierd to be able to think about baby stuff finally. I am even going to talk to my OB about a birth plan tomorrow.
And that OSU/Michigan game is just getting more important as this season goes on. I am glad to me off work so I can watch the games, but I mean it, I will not have this baby make me miss the big one!!:
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