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You've nursed WHERE?! :)

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Today I went to visit my mother at her work (the IRS) so that she could show off the babies to her co-workers. Of course while there I had to nurse both babies. It was really funny to see how quickly it made some people scatter. One man was coming over to my mom's cubicle and a lady standing there talking to me says "She's nursing!" and he stammers "Oh, I'm sorry! I don't want to embarrass you!" and I said "You won't embarrass me...come on over!"

It got me thinking about some of the funny and wacky places I've nursed and I thought it would be fun to share them with each other.

These are with Haven (my now 2 1/2 year old):

~ On a bus in Vegas going to Circus Circus.
~ Hanging over her in the backseat of our car while dh was driving.
~ In every restaurant we've ever eaten at.
~ Walking through Wal-Mart while pushing my cart and holding her.
~ Walking through Target and shopping.
~ This one is the best...when she was about 18 months old dh and I went to Wal-Mart to buy new sheets. She was cranky from a long day of shopping and was begging for "ga-ga". I had a big sweatshirt on so I sat her in the front seat of the cart and put my sweatshirt over her head while she nursed sitting up. Dh about fell over when he saw what we were doing.

These are with the twins so far:

~ Every bench in our mall.
~ Holding and nursing Faith while standing with my foot on the stroller and shaking it so that Lillie won't cry waiting for her turn and pushing Haven on the swing. The other Mommies in our playgroup will never be the same.
~ Standing in line at the grocery store, unloading my cart, nursing Lillie.

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When I had each of my singletons I nursed where ever and when ever without hesitation. Now with twins that really limited me. Of course you are not as mobile period with twins but let's face it there is just not many ways to be discreet nursing two. I too have tried nursing one at the mall while pushing the stroller with my feet to keep the other happy. This does not work well when they are used to having their nanees together but it is what we do in public. I would love to hear what other nursing moms do in public with twins!
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I didn't nurse ds very many places. I think in the movie theatre and in the mall were all I can remember.

I do the girls one at a time in public (they aren't old enough to complain) and the other one gets daddy or a pacie.

The girls I have nursed:

at a PTO meeting
at restaurants
at basketball practices and games
at baseball practices and games
at LLL meetings
at friends' and family's houses
walking through Walmart nursing one in a sling and pushing the other one in the cart
in the movies

That's all i can think of and it really reflects how I have spent my time.
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I'm having a hard time remembering anywhere I *didn't* nurse. I want to say I never nursed while having a pee, but I would not be surprised if, some forgotten four-in-the-morning, not-completely-awake, I did
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So I'm not the only mama who has nursed on the toilet?

Hey, nature called for both of us!!

Doctor's office, mall, library, bookstore, church, every restaurant, every road trip, supermarket, elevator, Home Depot ( ) funerals, weddings, car dealership, Ikea, H.S. graduation, picnic area, art show.

Yes, my ninnies are high mileage!!
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I forgot the doctor's office and yes, during a pee too.
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Forgot the potty!!

Oh, yes! I forgot the potty! My first dd was a crazy comfort nurser...she would literally nurse 24 hours a day if I would have let her. There were many times that I sat on the toilet with her nursing. I've also nursed in the bathtub too...not for the "bonding" but because she melted down and Daddy had to bring her to me.
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With oldest ds, you name it and I probably nursed there. I've never been the kind of person who likes to stay home. The twins have limited me a little and usually I do nurse them separately in public but now that they're older it's actually EASIER to nurse them at the same time because they scream when they see the other one and they are big enough that they don't need that much support from me. My favorite time was shopping at Whole Foods with all three, nursing Ansil in the sling, and a couple of people who work there offered to help get the things I needed, both of them guys .
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Got a new one! Just yesterday nursed in the shower. Mine had a meltdown too, but she was already in there with me.
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Originally posted by laralou
Got a new one! Just yesterday nursed in the shower. Mine had a meltdown too, but she was already in there with me.
ooh! flashbacks coming fast and thick now! Been there! Done that!
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In a random strip mall parking lot somewhere in upstate New York just off of Route 81 (we were lost on our way to the Adirondacks), nursing 3 month old dd on right breast and pumping the left, all while sitting in the passenger seat while dh asked for directions.
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I have some new places to add:

at a street festival (got lots of stares)
at the mall in the food court
in my mom's church (she was mortified)

I just wanted to share some comments from my mom:

At a baseball game:
Her: "Your back is showing!"
Me: "Well, I think they've seen a back before."

After the mall incident (did it without a nursing shirt or a blanket - which I usually need until they get latched):
Her: "Why didn't you just go to the bathroom?"
Me: "Well, the standard answer is why don't you go eat your dinner in the bathroom."
Her: *irritated stare*
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LOLOLOLOL, Lauralou!! That is too funny what you said to your mom. I've always had that comment about the bathroom ready but haven't had to use it yet.
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slightly T I heard a woman on the radio say that while nursing at McDonald's another mother said she should nurse in the bathroom and she came back with the "Why don't you...". When the other woman kept giving her dirty looks she squirted her with bm when she had a letdown . I thought that was the best comeback I've heard yet. Bet the other lady learned to keep her mouth shut after that .
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Just thought of one I don't think I've seen yet. I've nursed several times while getting my hair cut. Luckily the gut that does my hair isn't fazed by it one bit. When I was pg with my oldest son I told him that I would be bfing just to give him a "heads up" and his reply was "I don't care if you whip out a tit". It always strikes me as funny that, next to my husband, my gay hair stylist is more comfortable around me while I nurse than any other man I know
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I don't have a gay hairstylist, but one works next to mine. He hates kids though. If my girls start crying, he says, "Oh, time to leave..."
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Love this thread!! Nursed ds anywhere I wanted...or more like he wanted. Can't ever remember a time that I thought it wasn't 'appropriate'.

Walking in any mall or store
St. Patricks parade
Amusement parks
In car leaning over car seat
Any restaurant
Swimming pool

Looking forward to nursing my 2 girls soon!!

37w3d today!!
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This is a really fun thread! With my girls it was like someone else said...can't think of where I didn't nurse. I don't remember on the potty but have done the shower. I get the most looks with my "on the go" sessions like while checking out at Costco.

Have only tried once to tandem nurse the boys in public and it was a disaster without my nursing pillow. They were only a couple of months old so will see if will try again when older. Love the story about under the sweatshirt at Walmart!

For new spots I am going to throw in "distant locations"

hiking trail in Alaska (living there at the time)
beach in Cancun
pub in Ireland
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My proudest NIP moment is when I nursed Ean in the box seats at Yankee Stadium during a sold-out game!!

I also nursed in the middle of Peter Lugers -- a very famous "manly man" steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY. Just this weekend I nursed at our local cancer walk!

I nurse anywhere and everywhere!!!
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Originally Posted by Mindful Mom
My proudest NIP moment is when I nursed Ean in the box seats at Yankee Stadium during a sold-out game!!
Ladies, I think we have a winner!

OMG that is just so friggin ballsy.. I love it! I know this is my dam*ed puritan upbringing talking here but it was all I could do (at first) to nurse anywhere outside my house! (Granted, eventually, dd and ds happily changed all that, thank goodness!).

These stories are the best!
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