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Recently tandem nursed the boys in Costco, where the lovely mondo-cart seats two side-by-side.
They were chattering loudly in twinspeak for mamamilk and clawing (naynaynaynay!)
So I just opened up those little panels on the ole MW dress and they were both at perfect boob height.

We happened to be standing in the tool/heavy equipment aisle.

It scared some of generator & tool perusing men, but the babies didn't care

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OOPS -- I just realized that I posted in the parenting multiples forum!! I saw the title of the tread on the main page and never bothered to see what forum it was in -- I just assumed it was one of the BF formus!! All the references to twins should have clued me in


Sorry for intruding!!
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pic of drunken ferry babies

You're not intruding! This is Mothering, for pete's sake...

I post to singleton threads all the time, so there! :LOL

Another fun place to tandem nurse ~ on the top level of the ferry boat

There were people up there, despite the barren deck in the pic...

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I also have nursed (my singleton) everywhere and anywhere...including board meetings! The only place anyone ever asked me to move was from the floor in a fancy art museum in Italy. The only comments in the US I ever got were positive (like nursing a noisy toddler on a bus in chicago "oh, I nursed mine until age 4, how wonderful!). Once I nursed in a student cafeteria in Japan with a (male) work colleague of mine in tow, only to notice I few minutes later that my boob was still hanging out! LOL!

My twins nurse less, not sure why, and we get out less.
Of course, I've still done restaurants, busses, trains, cars, planes,
parks, grocery stores, and one pretty dramatic tandem scene when they were 3 months old in a Radio shack.

You go, ladies, keep on nursing in public!
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Lurker here, but I just had to share my "trick" for tandem nursing in public. As soon as my girls had the head control to do a hip carry in a sling, I started carrying them in 2 slings, one on each hip (when i started I had to snug the top rail pretty tight & pull it all the way up their back to help support them, I want to say they were about 4 mo old, but don't remember for sure). Then I would pull up my shirt (a nursing shirt of some sort is a must if you don't want your belly hanging out) & they could duck their heads into the slings & both nurse if they wanted. The first couple times I did it one at a time & had to stuff a burpcloth in under my boob to support it, but it only took a time or 2 for them to figure out how to grab it & support it w/ their hands. I seriously went through checkout at Walmart with both girls nursing & the clerk's only comment (other than the typical twin things) was "they're both sleeping"

Now that they're older (14 1/2 mo) & only nurse for a couple minutes when there's stuff going on around them anyway I usually just find a bench to sit down on, sit one straddling each knee facing me & they nurse that way. Their heads are big enough to block people from seeing much if anything & I hold my arms such that they block the "side view" or sit somewhere that at least one side is blocked anyway (like at the end of a bench that has a tree or something next to it).

So just wanted to share that it *is* possible to discreetly nurse 2 at once in public. Even at a couple months old there's no way either of mine would've been willing to "wait her turn" when I was alone with them, so the "rock the stroller" option never worked for me.

And now to bring this back on topic . . .

my mom's office
dh's office
my (former) boss's office
while I'm peeing
my car
the zoo
. . . pretty much anywhere we go LOL
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Hi LaRee,
Had fun @ your site ~ Our twins are only 8 days apart....welcome!

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Not a where but a when:

(It was a small company) during my job promotion talk! ("yes, I think I should get a 20% raise for that, ooh sorry wait a sec... come here, here's the nipple") :LOL
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