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Kind of fun - we did the DNA test

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My twins were di-di, but for months everyone has asked if they are identical. Although I can see all the differences between them, I know they look very much alike, and most of my friends/family cannot tell them apart. Even my husband can be fooled sometimes (as have I been twice at 4am!! ) A friend of ours had a DNA test kit she hadn't used, as she found her triplets were identical via a placental biopsy after they had purchased the test. So, she offered it to us, we did the cheek swabs, and sent them away (fittingly, on the way to the christening of another set of trips!)

Anyway, we got the results today and everyone who mixes them up can stop feeling stupid - they are officially monozygotic (identical)! I think I would've been surprised if they were not, but it is still weird and somehow surprising to learn that they are. I just never imagined having identical twins - it always seemed so exotic to me.

Of course, the people I've told IRL all say "Well, duh - we could've told you that!" LOL! It means nothing really, but it's nice to at least be able to answer the inevitable question with a definitive, rather than "Well, we think so..." and have them look at us like we're idiots for not knowing.
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that's pretty cool!!!
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That is so cool. Why did you think they were didi before?
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Originally Posted by twinvillageiowa View Post
That is so cool. Why did you think they were didi before?
My twins are di-di, but identical also. It just means that they had their own sacks and placentas, but came from the same fertilized egg. The the zygote splits early, they don't share anything and are di-di.

How cool to get the official word! all twins are way cool, but I do enjoy having ID's. Its just fun to see them interact and know they have the same DNA.
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So this is going to be a really dumb question but if they look VERY different then there is no chance of being ID, right? My boys are different as can be, and we're pretty sure they were conceived a couple of days apart on a double ovulation month, but as I'm still new to this whole twin thing, I don't want to discount anything.

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I knew that about didi But the only way to diagnose that is through u/s right?
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Originally Posted by twinvillageiowa View Post
I knew that about didi But the only way to diagnose that is through u/s right?
Well, if you hadn't had an u/s I suppose they could tell at delivery. But ya, they were able to see the membrane between the sacs via ultrasound.

Is it wrong of me to feel vaguely (OK, more than vaguely) happy that they are identical because my MIL was so convinced they are not from the beginning? Let me be clear that the beginning was at 29 weeks, with Kate on a ventilator and Lilly on a CPAP, and my MIL saying "Well, I don't really think they look alike..." :
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p.s. Twinvillageiowa - 6/3 is my birthday, too! Around 11pm. It's kinda neat that your girls were born on different dates - that will always be fun for them.
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I thought when twins were born they HAD to test them for identical/fraternal-ness for genetic and/or health reasons. Mine were OBVIOUSLY fraternal (they hardly look like brothers) they told me that they had to test the placentas to see if they were ident/frat. They kinda made it seem like it was law or something.

That is neat to know for sure, congrats.

OGIRLIEMAMA: I grew up on LI and my fam/friends still live there, babylon.
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Hey, neat! I'm in Huntington - not too far away. A loooooong time ago (12 years - yipes) I worked at WBAB in W. Babylon. Too bad you're not still around - I would love to meet more twin mom friends around here. Your boys are so adorable!

My OB said that testing the placentas would be inconclusive unless they did DNA testing on them, which I guess they do not do because it's expensive. I was never able to get a straihgt answer about whether they even did anything because I didn't end up giving birth at my planned hospital (Huntington). Because I went into PTL at 27 weeks, he transferred me to North Shore University Hospital for their high-risk antepartum unit, and I had the babies there 2 weeks later. Once they were in the NICU and everything I sort of forgot about the placental pathology results and no one ever mentioned anything. And then it just got so far out that I didn't feel like asking them. Someday I'll have to get copies of all our records, just for the curiosity of it all anyway.
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My girls were also di/di and had their own placentas so we had to do the DNA test. Because I could tell them apart so easily I knew for sure they'd be dizygotic but then one day I got pictures developed and could not figure out which baby it was in a particular picture. I ordered the test that day. Sure enough my girls are monozygotic! It was so fun finding out and knowing FOR SURE what their zygosity was.
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I kinda want to get the test done too, even though it's so obvious that mine are DZ. For one, I conceived using Clomid (so what are the chances I just randomly got MZ twins that had nothing to do with the meds), and two they look absolutley nothing alike. Dh thinks it's ridiculous to pay for testing when they're clearly fraternal, but I don't like to lie and people ask all the time if they're identical or fraternal and we always say "well, we haven't had them tested but we're pretty sure they're fraternal." I feel like I should just say that they're fraternal b/c clearly they are, but w/o the official confirmation I feel kinda weird saying so!
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That is cool you know they are identical. Kind of like a special gift! Mine are boy/girl and look nothing alike so obviously we don't need to test. But according to strangers on the street boys and girls CAN be identical, don't you know?
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I'd like to get my girls tested but right now it's just too expensive. I am convinced they are identitical even though i can easily tell them apart. Maybe someday we'll get the test done. It should be exciting we we do finally get it done. And it will be easier to tell people for sure instead of saying "they are identical but we havent officially had the tested." Anyways, congrats on knowing for sure.
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That's so cool. I am cary di di girls and I really hope they are identical. DH is hard set that if they are fraternal he won't want to try for number 4 b/c the odds of another multiple pregancy are 1:5 (if they are fraternal and concieved without any reproductive therapies) and he says he wouldn't mind 4 children 'but can't handle 5". We don't have any twinning in either family so I am keeping ym fingers crossed that thye are ID. I would really love another pregnancy, anothre homebirth and a 4th child. I grew up in a 4 child household and I would likely play the odds game even if they are fraternal - but that whole topic won't be up for debate for at least 2 years
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Does anyone know where to get them tested cheaply? Or how much they usually cost?
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I'm sure you all knew this but don't forget that you should always take the first step of getting their blood typed. If their types are different then they are fraternal for sure but if they are the same then you should take the next step and do DNA. Our test was about $150. A lot to shell out at once but nice to have that "know for sure" feeling.
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good point about blood typing!
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Yeah, we found out pretty early on (in the NICU) that they were both A+, just like Mommy. Actually, everyone says they look just like Mommy, too. They are fair-skinned and blue-eyed and look a lot like my baby pictures. My husband jokes that I must be a hermaphrodite because he can't see himself in there at all.
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Being able to answer people's question was a big reason we went ahead & did the dna test too LOL. I got especially tired of the people who tried to convince me that I should be able to know if they were mz based on seperate sacs, etc. Yes, you read an article on twins once, obviously you know more about it than my doctors, or me.
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