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I think I carved nearly 50 pumpkins this year! : It's my favorite part.

dc1 was a viking, then a dog, then a cat, then herself. dd2 was a dino, then a dino dressed as a cat, then a dino. I wore my cat ears. The kids kept stealing my tail.

We don't trick-or-treat, but we hand out candy because I hate being a spoilsport. So dc1 handed out candy, she loved it and did a great job. The last trick-or-treaters of the night were scary, like you say Leah. Realistic full-face wolfman masks, the works. Dc ran to the door, opened it, and... *almost* took a step back but didn't. She VERY carefully handed them each candy, never taking a step over the threshold, leaning very precariously. They were very nice, and apologized for scaring her. Then she ran back to the couch and just sat there shaking for a bit. But she was brave the whole time. I am : crazy proud of her. My dc is full of dragonfire.
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we had a good halloween too. We went door to door, in our little town. There were only about6 houses that we visited. The rest are jehovahs . Haeven ended up being a Kangaroo, and samaya was a giraffe (those super warm plush kind, cause it's so freakin cold here now) Then we went to the community hall, where they had a huge bonfire, and all the other kids in the community were there.
When we got home I let them eat as much candy as they wanted, and they crashed in front of a movie. and then this morning, they ate candy while I was sleeping, so they are now runing around crazily right now: This is so rare for them because I NEVER buy crappy stuff like that.
trick or treating with sasa was a challenge. She got two candies in her bag, and wanted to just eat them, and not do any more trick or treating. God, she can tantrum, in the dark, in the middle of the road. This was the first time we did this.
All I had for a costume was a bindi decoration on my third eye

they saw some monsters, and were impressed. The kind they usually see, aren't so visible.
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Originally Posted by majazama View Post
Hey, goddessjulia, just wanted to say that it's nice to see a new face here! I love your goddess username.:
aw, thanks! I'm enjoying this thread. it's fun finding folks who "get it."
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