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Ah, I feel all this burning love in my heart, oh wait... its just heartburn.

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Yes, that wonderful time..... at least I delayed this long. Heartburn is now officially keeping me awake. I know there are a bunch of us here.... let me now send out sympathy and empathy to you all....

That cowardly lion had no idea what he was asking for!
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Agreed. What's with having a heart, anyway? It gets broken too easily and it burns!

Sorry to hear you're awake. Had my link been working when I had insomnia at 5am, we could have sent each other PMs or something! Instead I had a bowl of Shreddies and banana and watched the news
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I'm right there with you--I can't eat anything (not even a cracker!) within a few hours of bedtime or I get the worst reflux--gross! Even my prenatal vitamin (which I take at night) gives me heartburn now !!
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It's a positively evil feeling. I was up twice last night to eat Tums to help quell it so I could sleep.

Papaya enzymes have helped me a great deal! You take them after a meal and when ever you have heartburn. They do work.
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Yep last night I was up twice to chew up 10 papaya tablet things. They aren't magic like I assumed that would be though. lol
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Gotta that heartburn....

I just keep thinking 3 more weeks, hopefully less, 3 more weeks, hopefully less...
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I've been having pretty bad heartburn the past 2 nights. But it doesn't start until like 3 or 4am and goes away when DH leaves for work at 6. But those few hours are just dreadful. Sitting up helps, kinda but you eventually gotta lie back down. But seeing as I got up at least 5 times to go to the bathroom last night I was up anways. :
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my papaya isn't the magical cure i thought, either. but i'm all out anyway. i keep the tums next to the bed and reach over periodically throughout the night. i've been having bad reflux too didn't even occur to me the supplements might be doing it! i'll take them earlier
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I'm the only one using ice cream medicinally? Hey, it works for small periods of time.... and can't hurt to try!
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Im sorry the papaya isn't working for you gals. It works for me but for shorter periods of time than the Tums.

OH yes, I've used ice cream! Just a spoon or two seems to coat my stomach a bit and it helps for a little while. I've also been drinking whole milk for the same benefits. I never drink milk. I've had gallons this pregnancy.
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The papaya enzymes don't work for me either anymore. They used to help. I keep tums by my bed too. When I wake in the night, I take two. They really help. I feel like it's probably not too bad since I only have two in a 24 hour period and they are mostly calcium. And they really help me and then I can go back to sleep.

I love the ice cream too however! But I think it would melt by the bed at night.
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I thought tums had a lot of aluminum in them.... are they really safe during pregnancy? I've been staying away from them because of that, but so many mamas seem to use them maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts?
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I just looked at my bottle of Tums and the only main active ingredient is calcium carbonate. No aluminum. Of course there are some preservatives and dyes and lovely things like that, but out of all the antacids I feel like Tums is the most benign.
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Does TUMS® contain aluminum?

TUMS® does not contain aluminum as an active ingredient.

Some TUMS® are formulated with dyes that may contain non-absorbable aluminum in very trace amounts. This aluminum is complexed, not free aluminum, which again means that it is not available for absorption by the body. Although aluminum can be a neurotoxin in large amounts, no clear connection between aluminum intake and the development of Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, or Lou Gehrig's Disease has been established. Aluminum is poorly absorbed from the intestines and the small amount that is absorbed is excreted by the kidneys, so no accumulation is expected. Moreover, calcium has been shown to reduce aluminum absorption and can thereby protect against aluminum entering and building up in the body.
Ok, you convinced me to look, this is what they say. I am not sure about the "free vs. complex" issue but there are trace amounts in everything else, I just had believed it was an active ingredient.
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OMG, my prenatal vitamins are going to kill me! Every night I wake up feeling like I need to call the fire dept. just to drink water from their hose . My dr. said Tums is just candy and recomended I use Tagamet. I've tried it but I hate meds so I try to put off the fire with water. I love being pregnant but this heartburn, well that's a different story...
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If the Tums aren't cutting it go out and get some of the papaya enzyme. They HAVE helped me more than the Tums did. I take 10 at a time even though the bottle says 2-4. lol (my midwife told me too)

Also, I found eating a banana helps as well. I guess it's a natural acide reducer.

I was only up with it once last night thankfully!!!!

Just think... we can't have *too* many heartburn nights left.

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Hi, just pokin' my head in to add that aloe vera juice (not gel) works almost immediately and pretty good for me. I combine it with papaya enzyme.
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I can't wait to get up for work at six am. Really, I love this midnight heartburn! The only thing that could make this more lovely would be to get up five more times to pee.

Oh, yea. :
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