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Well, just back frm dd's 2 month dr visit, which turned out to be at her 9 1/2 week mark. She weighed in at 10 lbs, 10 oz, and 22 inches, still at the 25th percentile. I could have sworn she weighed more than that!!
She has been sleeping for 5-7 hours at a stretch in the co-sleeper at night, then after a feeding, she'll sleep a few more hours in bed with me. Our big developments this week are more sounds, I think I heard a coo yesterday! and maybe a laugh?? It's so hard to tell...sometimes she's making a pre-poop grunt, and sometimes I think she can tell she's making noises on purpose and wants to make more!
The in-laws are here this week, so she'll have some faces to look at for a few days. She seems fascinated by eyeglasses...
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I'm back mommas! It took a little longer adjusting to what I now think of as my "almost twins!", but I sure do love them! DD is still having a hard time adjusting to having a little brother, but I am so in love with him! I didn't want a boy, but I can't imagine not having him, he is so sweet and special! It's really neat to watch how different they are, and how much even now, at this young age, their little personalities develop!!!! I better watch myself, or I'll be having "almost triplets!"
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I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to see you back! You seem a lot more chipper than before the birth, that's for sure! But so am I, LOL. I'm glad you too are so in love with your new little guy. How is everything else going at home?
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I think we may be joining the tooth tribe soon. Nate has been chewing on his hands this past week, and today he's added drooling to it. And I think I can see two teeth just below the gumline. Won't be too long now!!
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I didn't participate in the September thread as DD wasn't born yet when it was posted, then when she was born I was too busy with her to remember there was a thread!

She's 5 weeks old now and weighs just over 11 lbs, yikes! She is the size of my first at 5 months old! (to be fair she was 1.25 lbs more when she was born than my first). She must be long as she is outgrowing her 3 months size clothes in length but waist bands on pants are still too loose for her. Her Mother-Ease diaper covers which are supposed to fit 8-12 pounds just fit her thighs now at 11 lbs.

I have a forceful milk let down and a ton of milk which had her choking, gagging and throwing up the first 3 weeks. After modifying feeding positions and sticking to the same breast for several hours per day, then switching, we've finally got breastfeeding going without drowning her every feed! She is also starting to master comfort sucking so she doesn't drown herself when she just needs comfort.

She got baby acne at 3 weeks which is now almost gone. For a few days her face and scalp were terribly red and I cried to look at her. Now her cute face has returned! She is quite the pee queen. We go through a lot of diapers daily, I am so happy we use cloth as we'd be spending a lot of money on sposies!

She still sleeps a lot during the day and has her awake time in the evening when the rest of the family is home. This is great as she awake to play with them and gets bonding time with dad and sister. At night she seems to wake up to feed and be changed around 12:30am, 5am and 7:30am. Some morning we get up at that time and others we go back to sleep until 10:30am. I haven't been going to bed until 1am daily and I have to get out of that habit as starting next week I am driving DH to work so I can have the vehicle during the day.
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I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to see you back! You seem a lot more chipper than before the birth, that's for sure! But so am I, LOL. I'm glad you too are so in love with your new little guy. How is everything else going at home?

A couple of weeks ago, I heard my seven year old say to my four year old - "Mommy's a lot less grouchy than when she was pregnant." LOL. I about fell over trying not to laugh, so they wouldn't know I was listening to them.
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Well, Nate has croup. Poor guy. We just changed pediatricians for health insurance reasons so I visited the office for the first time. He's a little over 2 months old and 14 pounds 3 ounces. : And they gave him something that's helping him breath a little easier. When A.J. had it he was over a year old and he got over it in 24 hours. I hope this guy is as lucky! Probably all those new preschool viruses being brought home by the big brothers.
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Nate has dimples!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Sorry to hear that he has croup... I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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Here are some family photos from September:

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It's so fun to see all of your photos! Thanks for sharing!!! I can't believe that 8 week olds can be teething already- WOW!

It's wonderful to have a minute to catch up w/ you guys. I don't think I ever read, much less posted in, the sept thread either!

Erin had her 2 month check up yesterday. We haven't decided what to do about vaxing yet, so wanted to delay. I was terrified that I was going to crumble under pressure. Was pleasantly surprised that they were very respectful. Yippee! She weighs 12lb 3 oz, 23.5" long & is in the 90th percentile for height & weight!

We've had lots of bfing problems (mastitis, thrush, cracked nips, tongue tie... blah). I just started using Dr. Jack Newman's All Purpose Nipple Ointment. I can't speak highly enough of it! http://www.drjacknewman.com/index.ph...d=61&itemid=86

She slept from 11:30 - 7am last night : Total bliss, but I seriously woke up in a puddle of milk Still hardly sleeping during the day, though. So hard to get anything done!
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Erin's poop changed from yellow mustard to green around 5 or 6 weeks too. Her nurse practitioner said that as long as it's not associated w/ pain & is not too watery (still seedy / curd-like), that it's probably just her gut maturing & slowing down. She said is should go from yellow to green to brown as she grows.


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I had a question for you all....she has been crying and acting very uncomfortable every time she poops. It has also changed in color from yellow to green. Do you think its something I am eating? I plan to not eat any dairy today to see if that makes a difference. Just wondering what ya'll thought.
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Originally Posted by Ursula Rose View Post
how do you stop worrying about whether you are doing your best for your baby?
my brother and I are 30 & 36 years old and our mother still worries about whether she's doing what's best for us.

But I will say that eventually you "hit your stride" as a mom-- kind of like driving a car. When you first start out you know that you are totally unqualified and a serious safety risk. Once you are more practiced, you know there's still some danger out there, but you are more confident with more practice and success behind the wheel!
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Cleo seems to have discovered her tongue today-- she's sticking it out, rolling it around, etc. It's so funny how they discover random parts of their bodies! Now she's a smiling, cooing, wiggling, tongue-wagging thang!
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Originally Posted by magpiedee View Post
Now she's a smiling, cooing, wiggling, tongue-wagging thang!
It's the best isn't it?! Erin *seems* to have her hands in her mouth more than before... can't wait to find out if she's actually discovered them or if it's just a fluke.
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Louis has been sticking his hands in his mouth since he was born - I think he must have done it in utero. I keep pulling them away - I really don't want him to be a thumb sucker! He makes the absolute cutest faces - I just love them. He does this nose flaring thing that just cracks me up! He also gets this super intense look with the frowny eyebrows and wrinkled up forehead. It's so darn cute! We went to a family dance at my daughter's school tonight. When we got there it was, of course, very loud and colorful. He was in the sling and he had the WIDEST eyes checking everything out. Everyone was so amazed because he was holding his head up looking around at everything. It's funny - all these parents know me because of Louis. I always have him in the sling when I pick up dd1. Parents from her class say, "Oh, I've heard about him!" I took him in to meet her class when he was a week old, and apparently his was a BIG hit! The kids loved him and told all their parents about him!
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We have teeth!

Well, one tooth actually, on the lower right front. But the one next to it is about through as well. Little Nate has been chewing on his hands all the time, and yesterday evening he was not a happy guy, and so I checked and the tooth was through and the gums were red around it. Homeopathic teething gel didn't seem to make much difference, although when Ryan was a toddler and getting molars he would ask for the stuff!

At least he got over the croup really quickly.

But then while I was washing diapers I heard a thud in the bird's cage, and the swing was swinging back and forth and the bell toys was shaking, but there was no bird to be seen. He was laying on the bottom of the cage dead. : So the next morning Ryan helped dig a hole in the back yard by our favourite tree and bury him in a little box.

What a "fun" weekend and beginning of the week round here. ::sigh::
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Aw, I'm sorry about your bird Krista. That sucks.

We got snow yesterday! It's so pretty - AND it didn't stick to the roads, so that's even better!!!

I'm leaving on Friday afternoon for Arkansas - just me and four kids! Yowsa - Wish me luck!
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Originally Posted by veganf View Post
Well, one tooth actually, on the lower right front. But the one next to it is about through as well.
Wow! That's so exciting! I hope the rest of his teetch ease through with as ittle pain as possible.
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sorry about your bird and a tooth already wow!!!!!

We have another cold here sigh. My daughter has been sick for most of the month and Kienan just got cold #2. I am really hoping these will strengthen their immune systems and that will be it for the season.

also my dryer isn't working. The pipe out of the house was changed this summer and it came apart when I was cleaning the outside end that was completely clogged with lint (even though the dryer wasn't used until this month). Luckily the diapers were done yesterday but we are leaving in a week and I need clothes and diapers by then.

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Cleo finally met the baby in the mirror today, and they are having a fascinating conversation. It's hilarious!

We leave tomorrow to visit the in-laws in Savannah and go to a wedding at Edisto, so i'm torn between trepidation and excitement. My in-laws are... well... vitriolic? I keep having nightmares that my MIL drops the baby or throws the baby or hides the baby under a potted plant. Wish us luck.
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I leave for a week tomorrow, too. Me and four kiddos in a minivan for 800 miles. Here's to hoping that Louis is a sleepy baby in the car!
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