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If one more person says...

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"any day now, huh?" or "oh wow, so you still have a long time to go" (while giving me a look of pity and shock that I didn't tell them I am due tomorrow instead of mid november) I swear I will scream. The funny thing is that I am not that big! I've only gained 17 pounds! I have heard these two things a million times more than I have heard "congratulations." Why can't people think before they open their mouths?
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I feel ya. A guy I work with constantly says "hey you three"..insinuating I'm having twins. It's so hurtful, but he thinks he's so clever.
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No one is saying anything to me but when they look at me it is with fear in their eyes like a baby will just drop out of me at any second. My dh even said something about and I hadn't even mentioned it to him.
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Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

If I'm in an okay mood I can shrug it off. Otherwise it is starting to grate on my every nerve. It doesn't help that I'm so tired from not sleeping well these days and getting very uncomfortable physically.

I have gained minimal weight and my DH keeps telling me that I look great and do not look "huge" despite all the comments from others.

I walked into the DMV today and a woman asked how far along I was (I wasn't sittting next to her or standing near her, I was literally walking PAST her). #1, why is that any of your business? #2, I have no desire to get into a conversation with you about my pregnancy #3, why is it any of your business?!?!?!?!?!?! : Oh, boy, I need a nap!
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ditto. people have been telling me I look full term since 28 weeks. I have taken to telling them they must not know what full term looks like- in a very snotty voice.
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Oh I hear you mama!!!!
My last MOPS meeting (we had a summer break so when we left I wasn't showing or anything) when I came back everyone was like WOOOOOOOOW are you sure its not twins????? you look HUGE!!! : Gee thanks that makes me feel great. I am big but seriously I don't need anything else telling me that!!
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Ah yes. This happened over the weekend. A clerk at the natural food store said she'd had three women that were due any day come in the store on Sunday. When she asked when I was due and I said in November she seems really surprised. "Oh wow, you still have a long time to go." Yeah, thanks. Oh well, for months I thought I was never gonna start to show, lol.
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Arghh!! I've been getting this for a month! I don't understand - I'm really not huge. Do most pregnant women just seclude themselves for the last trimester, so that no one is used to seeing a 7 or 8 month pregnant woman and just assume that we are all in iminant danger of giving birth at the grocery store, the gas station, church, or wherever? I don't know what I'm going to do with another 6 weeks or so of those comments. The worst part is that eveyone who's said something to me has so obviously been meaning well.. just making a friendly remark. So far, I've just smiled and nodded, but one of these days I'm going to snap at some sweet grandmotherly type and then I'll feel really bad...
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This happens to me almost every day now and has been for awhile. I am only 32w5d. I keep getting "any day now" or "your ready to go today". Then when I say I have 7 weeks left people just look at me in disbelief. I don't really think I look that big, I am just short. Maybe people just think they have to say something but I'm getting to the point where I just want to say "just wait you'll be this big soon" to obviously not pregnant women. That would be a bit mean but I just want to shop in peace.
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It's amazing what people think they can say and DO say to pregnant women. I haven't had too much trouble this time. Only one annoying comment this time. I was holding my stomach as I had to pee so bad as i flew towards the bathroom. A few minutes later a guy in the place I was at (it was a kids consignment sale) said "boy you had us nervous holding your stomach like that!) I said "you know unfortunately birth doesn't happen in 10 minutes, it takes a lot longer than that you know" I didn't get too upset, but i thought to myself ...like I would want you, some nervous nelly, guy who knows nothing even thinking of helping me if i had to give birth here...yuck!:

Last time around I got the most annoying comments at church and the grocery store
"are you sure you're not having twins?" uh yeah:
"you look like your about to pop" : I wanted to pop that lady with a pin
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I know! Not in your due date club, but I remember dreading when I saw a person coming towards me who would ALWAYS say the SAME thing about my pregnancy EVERY time I saw them.

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This one person would always say "Are you practicing your Lamaze? I hope so."
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What I hate are not the comments on size or due date, but the people who seem to think pregnant women can't do anything for themselves. I swear, I need a sign that says "I'm pregnant, not cripple." I am always having people say "Oh, you shouldn't lift that!" (refering to stuff that weighs maybe five or ten pounds). Or "You go sit down!" (when I try to do ANYTHING). Or "You're too far along, you shouldn't be driving!" (Okay then, YOU go grocery shopping for me. My husband is in Iraq, it's not like he can drive me places). Oh well-- one more month of this... then I'm on to "Oh, her feet are cold!" and "She's saying 'Mommy, I'm hungry!'". *sigh*. This world would be great if it weren't for all the people in it. :
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Originally Posted by frontierpsych View Post
This world would be great if it weren't for all the people in it. :
Thanks for that great laugh!!!!!
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I hear ya. I get soo frustrated because the same parking attendant @ the hospital (an elderly woman) always is repeating herself saying "There must be twins in there. Oh is there only one? Wow thats gonna be a biggg baby"
I also get "oh well good luck with the labor. Its not going to be easy."
I get soo annoyed. Hah.:
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