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October ~ Making money from GPT programs. * New Thread *

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Let's begin a new thread since the first one has grown to about 3 million pages

Here are the links to the original threads which include a wealth of information for anyone just getting started.



September was a great month for me even though I didn't do a lot the first 2 weeks. I earned over $1200 from various programs.. plus an extra $250 from casino winnings.

If you are new to gpt programs and are overwhelmed by all the information please pm me for a tutorial on getting started. I would be happy to help you understand how the programs work and give you the knowledge you need to make the most of them.
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mostly a lurker, since most of my computer time is taken by nak-ing

but I'm getting ready to jump into more trials and wanted to see if people wanted to share their favorite ones. (free / no returns / easy cancellation)

My favorite so far was blockbuster - cancelled online and was paid to watch movies for a month

also liked daily restore (no return), nascar (although some here seemed to have trouble, it worked great for me and I also got the $10 gas rebate even after cancelling) stamps.com and bidz.com
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oh, and how about any negative experiences - to stay away from?

I never got credit for 'first impressions' - out $3.95 shipping and now I have to ship back.

also, when I called to cancel bargain autos I got talked into trying three other programs - passport to fun, and two others. I was told I would get a $25 gift card with each and then could cancel anytime. When the intro package came, there wasn't a gift card, but instructions on how to mail in for a form that I would then need to fill out and send back to only then get the gift cards : So I'm out $1 / each, no biggie, but annoying..
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I signed up for bidz.com on fusioncash and I made my purchase, but it hasn't credited yet.
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When returning videos & dvds from trial offers, I send back using media mail, it's really cheap! Just make sure they folks dont want their stuff back by X date, because media mail can be slow.
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i don't think you are allowed to do that
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I got paid early from DBP too! Very cool since I only started like 4 days before the end of the month! It was only $22, but hey, it's $22 I didn't have yesterday
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I'm also interested in good easy trials for newbies. The surveys got dull real fast. I was thinking of trying some of the Scholastic offers. Does anyone have any feedback for those? Can we do all of the Scholastic offers or just one? TIA!
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I think the Scholastics ones you have to return the products?

I liked all the bargain offers, video professor, efax - all were easy and credited quickly.

I'm almost done with the free month at blockbuster, but haven't gotten credit. I have a support ticket in at IPZ, but I'm not counting on it.
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Got paid early from 2 of my sites. Cashed out on Sept 30th and got payments on Oct 2nd and 3rd.. $752 and $30. A really nice surprise considering they weren't suppose to pay until around the 25th.
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Yeah, so far Blockbuster is my fave too. Cancelling online makes a happy bjorker. If I could cancel everything online, I'd probably be out of trials to do by now, and be rollin' in dough.

Hmm... in fact... if anybody wants to spam me trials that you know can be cancelled online, that would be super.

So far I think the only other one I've been able to cancel online is Success University. And that one is STILL awaiting credit... despite me filing a non-credit request last week. I did one for Bargain.com as well because it was just sitting there, and it got denied anyway. Under the reason, it says if I completed all the requirements than I can submit a non-credit request w/ all the pertinant info. Well, I already did one while it was still awaiting, should I do it again now that it denied? I'm confoozled.

...Okay, how many topics can I cover in one post? :
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A friendly reminder: Please note that links from which you may profit (your biz site or a link containing a referral code) are not permitted.

Thank you!
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I tried to do efax and it mentioned something about $130 so I did not go through with it, has anyone else had this issue? Also I did bargian network, should have made #25 but it is still sitting in pending has anyone had a problem with them or Glamor shots?
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Thanks for returning the thread!!!
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For Scholastic, you have to ship back if you want to get your money back for the initial shipment, but they do send you a postage label - so you don't have to pay for shipping. (holy run-on sentence )
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Ok, so I'll sign up for the Scholastic trials. Are we limited to one or can we do more than one?
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Ditto... I always forget to sub when I'm actually making a real post. Too much rambling.
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ok.. what is "subbing" exactly?
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subbing is just a easy way to keep up with threads you want to follow. If you ever post to a thread then you are "subbing" to it. When you log into mothering you can go to your "subscribed threads" as opposed to having to go into a particular forum and then trying to locate the thread again.. Just makes it easier.
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