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Boy/girl twins

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How many boy/girl twins do we have here? I have 9 month old b/g twins. They look nothing alike and he is much bigger than her. I was convinced I was having identical boys so it was sure a surprise when my girl came out. I even had matching boy outfits laid out for them. But I LOVE having my baby girl. :
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nak-i do! Mine also look nothing alike and Jude was nearly 2 lb bigger than Ava at birth-he is now almost 3 lb bigger at almost 4 mo old.
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I am convinced that I am having boy/girl twins... so I will probably get your identical boys haha!

tonight at supper DH said 'when your little brother and sister get here' to DS so it sounds like I have him convinced too..

(yes I am on 4 forums at once haha)
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Well Sarah wanted boy/girl and I wanted identical boys so I guess we switched. I hope you have boy/girl twins-I think I am the only one so far on NPT with them.
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My 4 year olds are boy/girl We chose to find out at the 20 week u/s, although even then you never know. I did find coordinating stuff for them, and still tend to dress them in similar colors, especially if we go out. It makes finding them at the playground that much easier
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Mine are 13 months. They are such a trip. DH used to ask me if he thought we got jipped on the whole twin thing b/c our are so different and not at all "twinney". But I think hes completely wrong. These two are so close, and they really stick together like glue. Whenever I can't find them in the house they are together getting in to something. Their favorite place is to climb in the shower and dump all the shampoo. They have their own language too, I swear they talk to each other without making a sound. I just love watching them.
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I am expecting boy/girl twins any day now! (I am dialated to a 3 and am just waiting for those contractions to start...37 weeks along.) I love hearing about the similarities and the differences you all have mentioned. I am so excited to meet our sweet ones.
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I have b/g twins who just turned 1 yesterday. They are as different as different can be, although others tell me they look alike. I think they look very different, and they have totally different personalities. Grace weighs over a pound more than Jake even though she was smaller at birth.
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: :

GL sleepy peanut!! I can't wait to hear about your new babies!!

Is it just me, or are we having a LOT of new babies around here??
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My boy girl twins are 13 months old! They do not look alike at all - he's blond/blue-eyed with straight hair; she's brown/brown-eyed curly hair, BUT they always weigh exactly the same! and htey were a pound different at birth. They have a special way of looking at each other - you can see them connecting. They definitely love to get into trouble together - climbing the stairs when they are not supposed to and emptying out the pantry.
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tikva- when were your babies born? Mine were born on 8/19 and about the same gestation time. My dd was 9/18. My twins look nothing alike either. When I was pg I thought Livie would look just like the other girls b/c I get asked all the time if my older two are twins, they look so much alike. I was totally wrong, she looks nothing like her sisters. My big girls have dark hair, eyes and olive skin, the twins have lighter coloring. Livie has blonde hair and blue eyes. Ethan looks more like my dd #1 in features, but he las lighter hair.

All my kids look different, lol. Its amazing to me that they all came from the same parents.
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I have almost 3 yo b/g twins . . . I sort of "knew" while I was pregnant even though we didn't find out from the us (but the one I thought was a girl was actually the boy, and vice versa!) They weighed exactly the same at birth, but he's gained a pound or two on her now, and is about two inches taller.

They're temperments are from the opposite ends of the earth. She looks like my dh's family, and he looks like mine.
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I have 16mo. b/g twins and they are both similar and like day and night... Lakyn is the heavier but shorter twin and has ALWAYS had WAY more attitude than her "little" brother Matt... she is the quicker more advanced twin, my spitfire. Matt is thinner, taller and so sweet and mellow... he was always sober and watchful as a teeny baby and now each smile is just so sweet!
But they are alike in several ways too--- they worship their big bro and play together well (unless Lakyn steals Matt's toy) and both look a bit more like me than my DH ...

We found out we were having twins at just 6+ weeks and at 20 weeks (and many u/s's after) we were told 90% sure b/b twins were on the way! We had a shower with boys in mind, names picked, matching outfits.... And instead of Matt & Ben arriving we got Matt & Lakyn! We were utterly thrilled at b/g - last pregnancy for us and we loved the idea of 2boys one girl family! perfect!

OK sorry that was a novel - I am obviously excited about them still ... I have to say I am a little unusual in that I love to "show them off" a bit... I work on clever replys to hearing "wow you must have your hands full..."
They are all just so FUN!

& best of luck to all you pregnant mommas!
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My b/g twins will be 2 at the end of this month...I can't believe it! Mine actually look very much alike and are very similar in size. They are always together getting into something, lol. The other day when I dropped them off at daycare they stood there and unzipped each other's jackets all the while jabbering away in their language. So cute!
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Originally Posted by nora--not a llama View Post
My b/g twins will be 2 at the end of this month...I can't believe it! Mine actually look very much alike and are very similar in size. They are always together getting into something, lol. The other day when I dropped them off at daycare they stood there and unzipped each other's jackets all the while jabbering away in their language. So cute!
I often wonder about that. When did they start their "special talk"?
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Oh and as for the op - my 3 month old b/g twins are very different. She has tons of thick wavy black hair - the hair he has (not much!!) is a light brown and is very straight. He is long (I think he is going to be super tall like my dad 6'4" - though dh is almost 6' as well - I am 5'5") with a wide face and long thick, but firm (like not "soft baby fat - if that makes sense) limbs. She is not as long and is very rolly polly and jiggly. She is the spitting image of her daddy and he is a blend. They are so different that DH sometimes jokes that the dish might not have been clean (we had IVF). Anywho - VERy different.
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My b/g twins are 2 and they are totally different. DD is only 21lbs and can't get her out of ther 12mo clothing yet. DS is 35lbs and wears 3T clothing. My poor girl never gets 'girlie' clothes since she gets all the hand-me-downs from her brother!

Attitude-wise DD is just like her father...assertive to the point of agressive, and really bossy BUT she is a big help with the chores. DS on the other hand is a quiet cuddle-bug (and you know what they say about the quiet ones ), who is perfectly content to lay around on the floor and look at books or knock everything off the shelves because he can.
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I do I do!!! my set are 2.5, they are so super twins its amazing. When they were little my son had to go in their bed first, then my daughter. If it got switched she would be hysterical for hours. If one leaves a room, they turn around and notice the other not there they run back and say "come on my sister/brother". THey had their own language going on around a year (they would babble then the other would die laughing, possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen).
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Originally Posted by kangamom View Post
tikva- when were your babies born?
Sept. 1st... we had a disagreement about how far along i really was. They kept changing my due date. Officially the due date ended up being Oct. 1
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My g/b twins are 8mo- they are totally different. nak
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