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I need help figuring out what dd needs at this age...

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After fully vaxing dd1 on schedule, I wisened up and delayed dd2's until I had done more research. She is now 34 months old. At last month's appt, I discussed my concerns with the dr and was pretty much told that she needed: DTaP, HPV, IPV, MMRV and Pneumococcal that day.

We switched pediatricians and I will be discussing a new schedule with him at the next appt. I will also discuss delaying the new baby's shots but I'm still not sure how long I want to delay.

I really need help deciding what dd2 needs and doesn't need at her age as well as how often she should be receiving them. I know that I would like to only get one vaccine at a time, but won't this mean many trips to the dr?

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Since MN is one of the great states that have philosophical exemptions, I would just wait and research each disease individually and then decide which ones to do from there. HPV at 34 months seems nuts to me, aren't they waiting until teen visits for that? I would decline that in any case. MMRV would not be one I would consider, since natural infection from those is not scary at all, and offer lifelong immunity.
You could do IPV, I guess, if you are worried about polio, but there has not been a wild polio case in the US in over 40 years.

At nearly 3 years old, she is not in the "scary" stage for Pertussis, so I don't think I would bother with that one, either. Just my 0.02.

For the baby, I would advise waiting until he is at least 6 months old to start anything, unless he is not BFed or he is in daycare. In the meantime, you can do a lot of research on the diseases and the vaccines. Let me know if you want some referrals to good books on this subject. It can be daunting at first to do the research. I'm still learning after 10 months!
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If you read both the insert & ACIP recommendations, you'll notice that the HPV vaccine isn't indicated for girls under 9 years of age.

So did you end up getting those vaccines you listed for dd2 that day or has she still not had anything yet? Without really knowing what your concerns are it's sort of hard to offer much help. But yes, if you do decide to get them one at a time then it will mean lots of trips to the doc's office. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll see the doc every time though - some have you just schedule a shot visit with the nurse so you'd just have to ask how that practice would handle it.
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Sorry - I was distracted while writing the OP.

We did do DTaP (regretting the Pertussis part) and IPV. I held off on MMRV because I think I want to break that up IF I do that at all. I also declined HPV because I see no reason for her to have that now.

My concern is mainly that they wanted her to have so much at once and I am not comfortable with that. I would prefer not to make 1,000 trips to the clinic, but I also don't want her getting 12+ vaccines at a time. I'm wondering if there is anything I can eliminate because of her age (like Pertussis - wish I'd skipped that). I'd also like recommendations on how much I can spread out each shot. The dr seemed to think having them all done this winter was acceptable. I do not plan to do that.

The baby is breastfed (exclusively). He is not in daycare and is only around family. But the girls are both in preschool and have already brought home colds in the first 2 weeks, so he will be exposed to illnesses through them (although I'm not terribly worried about that). So far the plan is to start selectively vaxing him around 2.
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mom0810 - I would love book recommendations. I have Aviva Romm's book, but would like more.
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