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Belly Cast

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Has anyone else done one or plan on doing one? I did one last week but haven't painted it yet.

Belly Cast

Quick funny story, I was taking pics of the babys section of our room and I took the cast off the changing table and set it on the bed, and then turned right around and sat on it...haha@me. Mommy brain for sure!
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We just did one.. I will take a pic and post it however whats a quick and easy site to link it to?

DH is pretty good at making them. We compared this one to the first and they look exact.

Eventually i want our friend to paint both of the boys ( he is a professional artist)

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We're going to do one this time. I didn't last time.

My dh is a bit of an artist too so I will see what he is moved to create!
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You reminded me (thanks )...so we went out to get some pre-plastered gauze strips this afternoon...we'll make it tomorrow!

Yours looks awesome...did you have to redo it?
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I don't know where I would keep one if I made one. They sound like a beautiful idea though.
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I had heard once of a person using it as a bassinette - turn it over and let it sit on the three points - two breasts and the belly - line with a sheep skin and let baby curl up in there. Certainly a familiar shape! I'd worry about making sure the baby had a clear airway in a sheep skin - seems too fluffy to me.

I have heard of others hanging it on a wall especially if you have high ceilings.
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I did one with my son (second child) and then this summer when my tummy was growing large enough that he understood...as best a 2 year old can...that a baby was inside, we painted the cast together. My 5 1/2 year old daughter, Elizabeth, helped too. Now it sits in my office (collecting dust), but it is beautiful. It has all the colors of the rainbow and I look at it and i remember the sunny August day.
It is interesting when I put the belly cast over the belly this time, I am not as wide this time around...interesting.
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Make sure you aren't sitting under a heat lamp! We tried to do one two weeks ago and I literally almost fainted. We had to rip the thing off of me before it was done because I was getting so sick. I was afraid of being cold so I put on the light above the shower and then forgot about it. I felt so ill and had to lay on the floor for 15 minutes after sipping watered down lemondae. DD thought it was all quite strange and when she sees the cast now (still being worked on by DH on the tool bench in the garage) she says "Mommy's belly cast" with this sad, concerned voice!

You have to work quickly and it is really messy. I'm sure they are awesome if you do it right, we just kind of goofed. It was sort of fun anyway, except for the stress, feeling ill, and the big mess.
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We used Rigid Wrap that we bought at Michaels (craft store). It was really really easy to do and we actually didn't make that big a mess. Just don't forget to put some sort of lotion between you and the cast otherwise it will hurt to take off. We used some sort of bum cream from Palmers.

I didn't have to do anything to it after I sat on it, thankfully! It was already a little misshappen to start with because of how I set it up to dry, but I can fix it. I'm anxious to paint it but DH wants to help so I have to wait until he has some time.

I plan to put it up in our bedroom, but it might end up in the closet? It's still a neat thing to have.
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We used olive oil and that worked great -- it didn't stick to my skin at all. I used a copious amount and it was really nice on my skin and it smelled good. It reminded me of traveling in Italy in 2001 before DD was born. Ah, the good ole' days of long dinners with lots of wine in exotic locales . . . I know, interesting belly cast association.
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i did one this past sunday. we've yet to sand it and paint it, but i still think it looks pretty good.

View image at HoldThatPic.com
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Or you can do chips and dip!
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Originally Posted by ~gilli~ View Post
Or you can do chips and dip!
There's a thread idea: what to do with your belly cast!

I'm doing mine tomorrow night and painting it on Saturday. I'll hang it over my altar at home. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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your cast looks great atljenny
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Originally Posted by ~gilli~ View Post
Or you can do chips and dip!
We were totally going to do this at my baby shower but I didn't get it done in time!! I was still adding some more strips for support since we ran out at the time of making it. It turned out pretty good though, better than the first one. I will post a pic later. Everyone -- they all look very good!
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We did one tonight. What a weird feeling when it starts to dry and it pulls on all the tiny little hairs all over your skin!

I think DH had fun making it! He just loves my belly!
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