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home-made sitz bath

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anyone know how to make something like a sitz bath at home?
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I can tell you what my midwife suggested i use.

Steep the following overnight: 1 handful of herbal mixture per quart of water
comfrey- aids healing and new cell growth
sheperd's purse- aids in blood clotting
rosemary- great for swelling
uva ursi- heals the urinary tract
garlic- an antiseptic, can be added

strain through cheese cloth. pour infusion to fill large bowl or sitz bath. relax 20 mins a couple times a day

I don't have an exact measurement of each. I just went out and bought them today, i think i will do equal amounts. not sure i will use garlic, if i do probably just a small amount.
It is so much cheaper to buy them in bulk. I also bought extra comfrey to soak pads and then freeze.

hope this helps. i'm sure there are different recipes people use
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babygirlmelly's recipe looks great! I just wanted to add that I bought a ton of epson salt and just sat in that (put a few handfuls in the hot water and take a bath each night). As you know, salt works wonders at healing skin. Anyway, that is what I thought a sitz bath was (epson salt and hot water) - but the herbs can't hurt either!
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