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WTF is going on??

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Okay, so it feels like this kid is about to push her hand through my crotch and come out waving at me. It feels like she is clawing her way through my cervix. Is this normal? It is really bothering me. It feels like a swab-test from the inside out. It is nuts! Someone please tell me what is going on. I am sooo weirded out right now.
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I assume it's normal because I feel the same thing every now and then. The midwife didn't seem concerned by it.
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I would agree its normal too because 50 percent of the day i feel that way.
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Could be a good sign

I read on here a few days ago that it is what you feel when your cervix is starting to change,
IF you ask me that is a good thing! Feels wierd, but anything that moves me closer to the BIG DAY IS WELCOME
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I had that with Lasius the last 3 weeks or so he was in me. I'm assuming (just guessing) that it was him poking around down there and I was dialating ever so slowly and it just felt funky cause my cervix was AT LEAST 4cm dialated prior to me feeling the weird "pokies". I'd be telling DH that Lasius was gonna stick his hand out and wave to the world if he kept poking.
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I've been having the same sensations...like Ethan is poking my cervix with his hand. I keep talking to him and encouraging him to get his hand away from there...don't want a nuchal hand waving hi when he is born
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i feel exactly the same way! last night i told dh that bryce was going to just poke a hand out.
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jumping in from the nov ddc... my baby is doing the same time! jabbing its little fists down into my cervix, and I also told my dh that it felt like if it jabbed an inch further its hand would be sticking out! ouch! shooting pain!
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