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Liz and Sherri, I'm flattered that you guys liked my booties so much! : I have to make some for SIL, too, thanks for reminding me...:

Sherri, 3 is begginning to aggravate me, too. Sage is SO INDEPENDANT and has a very strong will. If she doesn't want to get into her car seat at the grocery store parking lot, she will fight me for 10 minutes until I have to FORCE her into the seat and latch it....all b/c she didnt want to leave the store b/c she wanted to look at the punkin display for the 25th time, or something like that. Then she will apologize and cry and tell me she wants to be a good girl now. Why is this age SO HARD??

Other than that kind of stuff, she's well-behaved and I get compliements on how nice and sweet she is, from other parents with kids her age usually.

Sage has been sayin "ass" lately! I know its b/c Ive been watching 'that 70's show' and that's all the dad on there seems to say. :

Liz, i understand what you mean about being sad about moving. We had a hard time when we moved out of our FL house. but it really was for the best, and we are much happier now. Once you start making new memories in your 'forever-home', you'll feel better about it all, I promise.

At this rate, we will be lucky to move by thanksgiving. : the power company SUCKS! they are taking WAY too long to do anything!!!

Amy, i have boxes in storage that I had in storage from before the FL to MI move, and I have no idea whats in them, lol. It will be like Christmas morning opening all the mystery boxes, lol. ANything we find that we dont want is either going back into storage for a spring garage sale, or going to goodwill, or getting thrown out...kinda like on cleansweep!
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Jesi singing her ABC's

I thought this was cute and wanted to share
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my favorite part was "mo mo mo mo pee!"

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Very cute!
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Originally Posted by Christy1980 View Post
my favorite part was "mo mo mo mo pee!"

- mine too She can't say all the names of the letters, but she can give me all the sounds for them
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Haylee can say all the letters but when we try to get her to sing the ABC "song" she gets to G and after that is kinda humming till QRS then more humming Its so funny!!
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Devonn - that picture of Haylee is just TOO cute

I tried to get the girls pictures taken Friday but the guy didn't even TRY to get smiles so the pictures sucked. I only got a picture of my two oldest - because I didn't get school pictures of them and these were pretty good of them at least. I was real ticked - Jesi had fake smiles on her face, and he didn't even try to get a smile from the baby. You can't look at an infant and say smile for heaven sake! idiot :
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I hate when i get stuck with a photographer like that.

I copied sherri and uploaded 2 video's
super grover is Jonathan(when he was a babe) and jelly is calling for Jonathan to come out and play
just gotta scroll down
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Just a quick drive by post since Catherine is screaming.......

We are moved!

New house is awesome. Will take pictures eventually. bye for now :
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Yay Liz!!!
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YAY Liz glad to hear that you are finally moved!!!
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LOL, that darn banana never works for me!! he looks like a deranged maniac flashing me w/ his naughty parts!

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Yay Liz! Glad you are all moved

Christy - glad I'm not the only one who's thought that about the banana :
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we should be moved by the end of November. : so long as there are no other kinks in our plans!! :
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Happy Halloween everyone! I'm excited to take K out tonight. It's supposed to rain and be cold though, so that sucks, but hopefully she'll have fun.
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so how did everyone do?? Sage got about 2 pounds of candy!! she was the only care bear that we saw, and the highlight of the night was when she turned to me, her bag full of candy so that she could hardly hold it up, and said, "mom, Halloween is the best idea EVER!"

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we did just a tiny bit of trick or treating then went to my parents' for dinner. but k LOVED handing out candy. after dinner, she posted herself in the living room to keep a watch for more kids. i think giving candy away was more fun for her than getting it!
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