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Hi Everyone ...

Halloween ... both kids are going as ducks, Henry's pick.

Liz ... sorry about the allergies. Those are tough ones to avoid. And DO NOT beat yourself up over the supplementation. Your sanity is just as important. Your babies need you sane more than they need 100% bm. I am in awe that you've gone 9+ months without supplementing. Do you have any idea how incredible you are for doing that? So few people even try to breastfeed twins and if they do, they stop completely long before you even started to supplement. You are my hero.

Christy ... yeah on the house!

Tammi ... beautiful sweater & hat. I crochet but have no patience for big projects. I do a lot of granny square afghans around here (well I did before I was left with zero energy and time).

Henry is being, well, Henry, and making us crazy. No pottying and picky eating. He's working on eliminating his nap (he's down to napping, at most, two or three times a week). And I think he's weaned. He hasn't nursed in about 10 days. So bittersweet.

I know I probably missed someone, so sorry. I look forward to Halloween pics!
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Star, the house is wired, all the power company has to do is put up a pole in our yard and extend the powerline from the road, to the pole, then to our house and tie it in. after that, we have to get a propane tank, but that will be much faster than the electric company.
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guess what jellys gonna be for haloween christie?
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Originally Posted by WickidaWitch View Post
guess what jellys gonna be for haloween christie?
Hmmm, either a bratz doll, lol, or a care bear???
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Originally Posted by Christy1980 View Post
Hmmm, either a bratz doll, lol, or a care bear???
bratz would be cute.

She's gonna be funshine bear. She saw it in walmart today. She looks so cute too.
I'll upload a pic later
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YES! you must upload pics!! I havent taken any of Sage yet in her costume b/c the 1 time she tried it on, i had to fight her to get it off, lol. she wanted to wear it all day, which would be fine, except I don't want her getting bannanas or yogurt all over it, lol.
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here is the video of haylee that i promised sorry about it being sideways I dont know how to change it. She was singing twinkle twinkle little starhttp://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k2...t=100_2458.flv
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CUTE!! :
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For some reason the volume wouldnt work for me but it was a cute dance.

Here is jelly in her costume-
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Awww!! Jelly is sooo cute in that!
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Originally Posted by Christy1980 View Post
Awww!! Jelly is sooo cute in that!

Star, The pirate is considered "advanced skill level" so i wont be able to help ya out.
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Jelly looks so cute!!
PS there is no sound I took it with the regular camera
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I can't get the pic of Jelly to upload

Devonn - that table dance is TOO cute!! now why can I totally see my girls doing that
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I'm getting the girls pictures taken this evening - I should probably figure out what I am going to have them wearing huh?
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OMG Haylee is too adorable :

I'm in packing hell-we move MONDAY
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yay Liz! try to get excited about it...you're moving into YOUR house.
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Liz, Christy - I'm so excited for both of you! Can't wait to hear all about the new homes, see pics, etc.

Speaking of pics, I have some relatively new ones in my sig - I need to change them again though. I just never seem to get around to anything lately!

I am SO not likeing 3 - I know she is not officially 3 yet but OMG she's got such a flipping ATTITUDE!!! She tests me at every turn, throws tantrums, is defiant, mouthy, and in need of a priest to perform an exorcism : I swear she has to be possessed! I know Danielle drove me crazy at 3, maybe I have a mental block because it was so bad I didn't want to remember, but I honestly don't remember her being THIS bad!!! OMG, if they keep getting worse as we go along, I'm moving to Switzerland when Gabriella turns 3!!!! I keep telling dh that it's a good thing I love her because I really don't like her much lately :
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And Christy - I believe it was Tammi who said something about you making cute little booties - yes you do Ella's are in her baby book, waiting for me to get my backside in gear and do her scrapbook because that's where they will go - well, either in the scrapbook or in her memory box in my hope chest. They are so sweet! I keep looking at them and getting teary eyed thinking "her feet used to fit into these itty bitty things!!!" Why do they have to grow up so quickly
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Christy- I'm too tired to be too excited at this point. I know it will be exciting once we are there. I'm sad to leave this house, as it has been our house since DH and I got married, but it needs to be done.

and also- I have your booties in my keepsakes for the twins. I can't believe they are so big already. : David STARTED CRAWLING YESTERDAY ning Great timing huh

I'm so bad about taking pictures. My camera hasn't left the case in over a month head:
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Cute pics everyone.

Good luck packing, Liz. I hate moving. My mom moved more than a month ago and she's still not completely unpacked yet. Heck, we moved into our house 5 years ago and we still have boxes that haven't been touched ... I really need a visit from the Clean Sweep people ...
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