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Originally Posted by roseselene View Post
: I'm completely speechless. I'm so sorry!
How terrible for your DD.
I think this is a tad passive aggressive, but I might have been tempted to tell the teacher to "shut up"
But that would be bad, wouldn't it.
glad I'm not the only one tempted to tell the teacher that I had to agree with your dd and teacher needs to "shut up" and also "grow up" have to say as well that I'm none too thrilled with the director for going along with this little ploy & the signed 'confession' and all...

Was this type of b.s. in the handbook when you re-enrolled her last or is this totally off the wall?
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Omg there are SOO many things wrong with that situation but this just really gets to me...

Originally Posted by blessed View Post
he sees that it is signed by the preschool director on one line and 'signed' by dd on another (a sad little pencil squiggle on a line marked 'signature of child' ) !!
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first off, OMG!!! i would have flipped out on her. and i have to second the mention of homebased daycare. we love our dcp. we have to drive 30mins each way to drop off ds but it's totally worth it. i was having a hard time justifying going back to college (i go from 9-11 m-f) so dh drops of ds in the a.m. around 8 and i pick him up afterwards. the other day, i walked in and he was sleeping on his dcp's chest after reading a book with her. it totally melted my heart and just further affirmed my choice in dc's. plus, since he's not in a big group of kids (at most there's 4 toddlers including him) they can do more activities. they do lots of reading and coloring plus his dcp knows ASL so she's teaching him more signs AND she'll use our cloth diapers!!!! to you mama. i hope you find a solution soon.
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Originally Posted by blessed View Post
It really was a preprinted form with 'SAD PUPPY REPORT' as the title.

We have never liked Miss B. She's been dd's teacher since the classroom switch about two months ago or so. She is this really sad, odd sort of person, sort of disheveled looking. She'd have a hard time getting hired on at any decent restaurant, for example, because she just appears unkempt. She has stringy unstyled hair and wears baggy clothing several sized too large (and she's a big woman). Her pants cuffs drag on the floor and have been stepped on so many times that the edges are frayed and ragged, for example.

When I met her the first time, she LITERALLY could not make eye contact with me when I introduced myself, because she is so socially awkward. This is such stark contrast to the other teachers who happily greet the parents as they come in the room and carry on pleasant conversations about their child. Miss B has never, not one time, said anything positive about dd. It was this strange experience for us because dd has always been this great kid whom teachers raved over. Overnight, we were now being told she was a 'problem child'.

To be honest, when I found out that dd had told her to shut up, my first reaction was a surge of relief and pride :. I was happy to hear that dd was centered enough to be maintaining a sense of self in spite of the awful negativity of this woman. I'm quite certain that she deserved to be told to shut up .
There's so many red flags here... but basically... when your children are going to be effected -go with your GUT! It will tell you more than you'll believe.

I would join the others in saying -remove your little girl from this person's influence, immediately. Especially with a director like that, it won't get better & it will most likely get worse now that they've labeld her.
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OMG I can't believe that I would definitely take her out of there until you can find something else suitable for your daughter, it is absolutely unacceptable that a child is treated in this manner and it is compounded by the director's approval ... as you said Sad Puppy ....... ridiculous
Hugs to you
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That is absolutely ridiculous. All of it infuriated me but especially making your dd sign her sad puppy report. WTF?!?!?! At two?
Shouldn't an early childhood teacher be loving and caring?
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Is there any hope to switch her to a different classroom? I understand not wanting to make a major switch to a different preschool if you're going to change again in January and there are good things there. But really, that sounds pretty awful. And awful the director would go along with it. Good grief, a 2 year old SIGNING something????? What planet are they on? Might fly in an elementary school, but not with toddlers!!!! : The fact that she has never said anything good about dd would make me nervous.
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Especially with a director like that, it won't get better & it will most likely get worse now that they've labeld her.

Exactly. I used to do home daycare, and there is NO way this type of punishment is appropriate for a toddler! Your daughter doesn't even understand what happened, what she "signed," or why this is a big deal. Being in a daycare like this won't help her.

And labelling is rampant. Once your child is stickered with the label of "ADD" or "ADHD," or "noisy," or "not potty friendly," the label doesn't go away. Forever.

I hope a home daycare is feasible for you. If you were/are in my area, I'd totally offer to be your DCP, even though I don't do that as a profession any longer. (I have too large a family to be licenced for more than one child).

love, penelope
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Originally Posted by blsilva View Post
...do you have any idea what the teacher did to make her want the teacher to "shut up"?
All I know is that Miss B was telling her to come over and sit down for circle time.

If I know dd, the only time she ever acts defiant or rejecting is if she's upset about something. So my guess is that she was standing off to the side crying, and the teacher was telling her to come here. If she's upset, she'll sometimes say 'no!' or 'leave me alone!', for instance. Neither dh or I have ever heard her say 'shut up', but whatever. I'm sure she was just mimicking something she's heard from other kids, either at school or around our home.

Interestingly, when the director pressed her to tell her where she'd heard that before, dd kept saying 'Miss B'. Dd really doesn't lie or make things up, although like most 2 yo's she can get mixed up about things she doesn't understand, of course. It sounds a little odd (or maybe it doesn't), but dh and I were saying that we actually wouldn't be surprised if Miss B DID say 'shut up' to the kids at one point or other. She's very coarse, and we both have heard her speaking in very harsh, loud, and rude tones of voice to the children.

Truth is, even before this incident we had already started looking at other preschools for this very reason.
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Do you know what I was thinking as I read this? It sounds like a SKIT. From a sitcom, or SNL or something. It's so outrageously NOT age-appropriate that it seems that it should just be a huge joke.

More's the pity it isn't.
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unreal. I am so sorry that this happened to you. As someone who works in Daycare licensing for my state and who works with minimum standards for daycares, I can tell you that this is completely unacceptable in my state. Discipline of any kind is supposed to be age appropriate, and this sort of "report" is completely inappropriate for two year olds.

I would get her out of there ASAP... and maybe a home based DC like the other pps suggested would be better... at least, I would complain about Ms. B- especially if you've heard her speak rudely and harshly to the children. I'd also check with some of the other parents and see if they have had similar experiences with Ms. B... it might be that many other parents share your concerns, but haven't spoken up either.
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I read the OP without looking at the poster's name, but it's YOU again, Blessed! Where did you find this place? They are just plain nuts! I can't wait for you guys to get out of there. :
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that's crazy- I work at a preschool and believe me "shut up" is the least of our worries and usually only gets a "please don't say that again, it hurts people's feelings."
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Oh man, I am so angry for you! : The nerve of some people!

Though I gotta say, if I was working with 2 year olds all day, I'd probably dress sloppy, expecting to get covered with playdough and whatnot. Although I would at least wash my hair.

Also, one of my good friends is childless and has an education degree, and she is excellent with kids, gentle and nurturing. One of the few people I actually trust alone with my DD. :
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You are so right to be outraged!
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I have to laugh a little.. They made a 2 year old sign something!? And this is school policy?!?!? What the fridge?!!?
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In the preschools/daycares I worked in, Shut up wasnt allowed,,not from kids or teachers.

If a kid said it, they would be reminded first not to say it, then redirected. The second offense they would have gotten a serious look from the teacher and a warning.

then it would have been time out until they could calm down and talk nicely.

No way would we have ever made a 2 yr old "sign" something, or even worse, drug them to the director's office.

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Originally Posted by Mama Poot View Post
Childless people should not be given degrees in ANYTHING regarding children or the education of children. :
I find this remark offensive, I really do. I hold a BS in child development and an MS in child counseling. They were both obtained before I had children. So in your eyes are my degrees null and void?

Certainly I'm a different person after I had children, and when I return to work I will most definitely have a different style. But your remark implies that that childless people have no right to even hold degrees in my field. To put the shoe on the other foot, I could easily say that people with no degrees in child development have no business having children! However, I know that not to be true. It has certainly helped me be a better parent, but just like all child related professions, (which parenting is) it has more to do with personality and experience than formal education.

As many pp's as said, just b/c people have no kids does not mean they cannot relate to them or understand them. It has much more to do with their individual personality and their experience. (Didn't the OP say this is a first year teacher?) There are many talented people in child related fields who have no children. The OP had the severe misfortune of not finding one of those.

I will say the OP's situation is bad, and I would definitely look into another care situation. But I draw the line at saying the teacher is bad for the sole reason that she had the gall to get a child development degree when she had no children. That's misguided.
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I am so sorry for your family having to got through this. I was laughing reading your post becuase it is just so off the wall. Makinga 2 year old sign paperwork, I just cant' get that point out of my head.

Little kids say all types of things. My son for a while kept saying 'sh!t. He might have been saying sit, but it seemed to be out of context if that was the word he was using.

So what would they have done in that situation, expelded a 2 year old from preschool.

And truthfully I would talk to the Director, he needs to become aware of the situation, especially since you have heard her talk stern in loud rude tones to very young children, which is unexceptable in my mind. And also the fact that she was very unproffesional in talking about the child infront of the child.

I hope everything works out for you all.
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