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What is going on?

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Gah! I've been contracting at 3-4 minutes for...hours now. At least 6. Not getting stronger, not changing pattern...no baby. My husband put his AIM away message at "BABY COMING" and then, of course, went to sleep, so guess who deals with all the "YAY!"s for the not-quite-born baby.

Our first child, btw, was induced early, so I have no idea how this "going into labor" thing works, and I'm having a UC, so I have no way to check dilation or anything, so...I wait. Whee!

*gets up to walk more*
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Sounds like it could be early labor...but early labor could go on for days!

As far as checking dialation...you actually can check yourself--but chances are that you aren't dialating much if your contractions are so mild...but who knows, everyone is different.

I wouldn't worry yourself too much until those contractions get much stronger...or water breaks or something like that...

Good luck mama! Your getting closer every day!
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I know I could check dilation myself but I've never checked before so I'm not sure if now's a good time to start guessing. I'm not really worried, I just feel silly because I have one son, yet I don't know what *real* labor is. Ah well...it'll come when it's ready.
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I had the same for weeks with my dd before she was born,
But hopefully youll have a babe-in-arms soon!
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Good luck, sister! My "early labor" goes on for roughly two weeks... I begin having noticeable, timeable ctx that get stronger, longer, more intense and closer together but then die out, and it happens for days on end and for hours at a time (ex: Monday I had ctx beginning at about 1:30pm that were about 15-20 min apart, didn't actually time them, but by 6-7 pm they were 7-9 min apart and noticeably more intense. By 9 pm they quit.)

It's frustrating, but at least I know my body's warming up!

Here's good, smooth labor vibes coming your way...
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I get that too . . . on Monday I was having irregular contractions that were 10 minutes apart, then 5, then 7, then 10, etc etc . . . by yesterday afternoon they had regulated out to every 8 minutes and by the evening they were 7 minutes apart, and that continued through the night as I tried to sleep-- then by morning they were 5 minutes apart . . . then they just stopped. Fun. I was starting to think this was it so I was so disappointed that I cried! I feel much better now though . . . try drinking a LOT of fluids and see if they go away. I know you would probably feel really disappointed if it's not the real thing, but if it isn't your birthing time yet, you might as well conserve your energy, you know?
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weeks of early labor? not news this first timer wants to hear
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Hang in there - something is bound to happen sooner or later. If it helps, I've heard that extended early labor can plateau and then lead to quick full-dialation and pushing all of a sudden. If you "stop" or hit that plateau, just be patient, since you're likely to have labor rush at you again soon.
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appifanie, you can be in "labor" for weeks, but as a first-timer you're not likely to feel it. I started dialated two weeks before my son was born and slowly dialated to 3cm over those two weeks with Braxton-hicks contractions all through the days (belly tightening and loosening). Technically, I was in some sort of early labor and dialating, but it isn't like I felt uncomfortable or anything. When the real thing hit there was NO mistaking it I went from 3-10cm in 10 hours with full-on contractions. You'll see, its not so scary
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