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Seems like the age is the thing

I am glad to read these posts because it seems like we are all going through the same thing at around the same age (mine is 16 months) -- I think it is part of their developing awareness of self and of self-will, and as such should be a great thing, despite the added laundry. I was especially interested to see the other posts about kids hiding to poop, as this happens with us a lot lately -- him hiding sort of mischievously is one of our signals now! And he will only poop on toilet if I put him on right as he is pooping anyway.

We are not die-hard EC-ers-- as I wrote above, we use diapers but give lots of nakeybutt time and started him pooping on toilet much of the time at 4 months without anything systematic about it. I know that he is very aware of the whole thing, and that his hiding and refusing is all part of that awareness, coupled with this developing will and self-awareness. So I've decided to just continue trying and not to get crazy about it, let him use the floor and the sink and empty tub sometimes if that's the only places that will work, to assume that anyway it will work only about half the time but that, once he gets past this stage, esp once he is more verbal, it will be a zillion times easier to get him using the potty -- and will happen much earlier -- than if we hadn't done this.
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Added laundry in exchange for budding independence-a nice way of looking at it. The independence is certainly a wonderful thing.

My ds went on the potty for dh tonight. He hasn't done that for me in a few weeks I think. He gets so mad if I try that he will throw the bblp if he can.
I was thinking today that he is pretty much like a dog-'house trained' as in he will signal and happily goes outside with me to relieve himself (woof )
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What is it that's so magical about the outdoors? I can get a complete straight-legged protest at the sink and then a pee as soon as I take him outside. I guess there's so much more to look at enjoy outside, it's not so boring as the sink. Used to be that sinks in a new place were novel enough to forstall protest, but alas no longer. He does like to sit on the edge of the sink and play with the taps though...
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Hi, I'm back again. 10-month-old ds is back on strike, after about a week when he would let us potty him 80% of the time. He'll still let us poop him, and pee him a few times a day, but generally he'd prefer the floor. The pp were right on in terms of him not peeing on us. He prefers the floor. He likes to watch it come out and then feel the wet carpet. I'm patient, knowing that at least he has his awareness. After reading the pp I am getting ready for what can be 4 months plus of a strike. Perhaps he'll never go back to fully letting us potty him at all. What would really help, though, would be tips. What worked for you veteran ECers when your children were coming out of strikes? Was it different positions? Distraction with toys? Different timing? Was there better success with nakey? I would love to hear about your experiences coming out of strikes. Thanks in advance!
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Now he is striking on sleep and nursing too! We've actually done a bit better on peeing, mostly outdoors of course. I can't figure out the nursing strike and sleep strikes too? He's got something on his mind!
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Maybe it's not a strike

I've been thinking that maybe all this is not a strike! My fellow (16 mos) still seems to prefer pooping and peeing on floor or in tub or wherever to going in a diaper, and he can't go to sleep until he is liberated from diaper to poop somewhere.

For whatever reason, I think for assertion of his little will, he doesn't want to sit on potties. But he certainly is still taking command of pooping and peeing and aware he is doing it.

He does pee in diaper much of the day (we never went whole hog EC), but he much prefers being free. So I am not seeing this as strike, but as a sort of change of venue. I figure that this is a good way to go til he's verbal and we can talk about how much easier it is to go in potty than to have to clean up poopies from the floor. I'm just glad he prefers conscious pooping to going in diaper, so I'm going with it.
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Originally Posted by Evie P. View Post
I've been thinking that maybe all this is not a strike! My fellow (16 mos) still seems to prefer pooping and peeing on floor or in tub or wherever to going in a diaper, and he can't go to sleep until he is liberated from diaper to poop somewhere. .
Hi Evie P...So do you just put ds in the tub and let him poo in there?(when he lets you know it's time) My ds hates to go poo in the diaper and most often will hold it if not given the chance to potty. Now since he doesn't want to use potty, he does like to stand up. I'll have to try putting him in the tub, because last night I had to clean up a big stream of poo off the floor-yuk!
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Originally Posted by LeAnnie View Post
Hi Evie P...So do you just put ds in the tub and let him poo in there?(when he lets you know it's time)
Well, yes, sometimes -- it's not a very smooth process over here and i clean plenty of poop off the floor. I have a dog and live in the city, so picking up poop is not a big deal, and I much prefer to pick up baby's than doggy's! But yes, I guess we kind of try to put him on potty when I think he is pooping and then if he strains and says no, put him in tub -- and often I don't even try potty anymore, esp as he will go through patterns (he poops once a day usually) so at around that time I let him be naked. Or he'll poop a little on floor and then I'll bring him to tub. We live in 600 sq foot apt, so it's a quick trip, don't know how it would be if you lived in a house.

He poops much more when he is allowed to be naked for a while and poop on floor or in tub (or, sometimes, potty).

But the main thing here is that I have realized that him pooping anywhere conciously is a good thing, so now if he poops on floor or tub or wherever in a concious way, I make a big deal and clap and yell, YEA, POOPIE! and so on, and he smiles and grins and feels proud. This make so much more sense than chasing him down and trying to force him on potty and saying, "you have to go on potty, not floor." Now we are keeping concious peeing and pooing a happy thing. And limiting the amount of rugs we have in the place!

This is not for everyone -- most people I know won't even permit nakeybutt time because they don't want baby to pee anywhere! On other hand, I don't know many AP types, so that is part of it.
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Thanks so much for posting your routie, Evie P. I'm going to try the tub, I just never thought of it. As it is now, we usually put ds in there after going and let him sit under the faucet to clean up. He likes to go outside, or anywhere except the potty.

That's great to focus on awareness, as you called it conscious 'peeing/pooping' and keeping it positive! I hate to admit but I think I have some subconcious repressed bad attitude about misses-but it really is no big deal. I clean it up anyway, and fortunately we do have a yard, and only one rug. Our house is tiny too.

We do lots of nakey butt, or just pants. I'm going to adopt that positive attitude-thanks
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we are vetern strikers over here!

It's always so reassuring to read these long posts about strikes. I've posted at least a couple in the past about our own travails in the strike zone. I've found the following very helpful:

1) If I'm having a bad day, like I'm already upset about something else, and my ds decides to have an "off" day, then it's best for me to take a little break and just put him in a diaper. It's some weird twisted stuff, but I find that he's actually more likely to fuss and indicate that he wants to have the diaper off to pee, than if he's just in a pair of pants. Logic?

2) I just recently started trying the potty position of sitting on the potty and holding my son in front of me on the potty. This seems to work sometimes when nothing else does.

3) I think he started striking about sitting on his little potty because it's often too cold against his little bottom. Something to keep in mind?

4) Don't forget to participate in any "misses" that you see. I try to indicate that I know what's going on by still making the "sss" sound when he pees on the floor. And we talk about it a little ("You just went pee-pee! Good job pee-pees."). This reinforces him being concious of it.

5) I find that when he's even getting the hint of being a little sick, it's definite grounds for a potty strike.

Good luck! Don't forget to keep a sense of humor (believe me, I know how hard that can be, especially if your pillow has gotten peed on! I've been there...)
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