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chapped cheeks

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What would you reccomend to prevent/treat chapped cheeks? My dd has gotten some terribly chapped cheeks just from quick walk and play at the playground. I remember my dad using vaseline on me when I was younger, but I'm hoping for something less greasy or stinky
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Does he often have these chapped cheeks or was it just from the weather today? My dd had them all the time when she was toddler. So did my cousins. I have since learned that this is a sing of dairy allergies. Children often grow out of it without even kn owning what the problem is, it just "runs in the family."

I put some lotion on my dd that my mom had called gloves in a bottle. It seemed to work better than other lotions we had used previously. Of course this was before we were using more natural stuff. You might also try Burts Bees Milk and Honey lotion. I haven't used it on the "chapped" cheeks but I really like it and it might be worth a try. Anything has got to be better than Vaseline.
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My DD gets chapped cheeks, as do I. Lotions, even the most mild, all-natural lotions, sting chappy cheeks. I've tried them all on myself, and they hurt. I tried Mustela with DD, and she screamed.

The best thing really is stuff "like" vaseline - it doesn't hurt, and it locks in the moisture and keeps out the wind. I use Aquaphor, and it's worked better than anything I've tried, including vaseline. You can get a big tube, and little travel tubes also. Gerber also makes a "chapped cheeks" stick - but it's harder to put on b/c it so thick. SOmething your can rub on is less painful than a stick - although I've used Palmer's cocoa butter stick on my own chapping.

The key is to use the aquaphor when you know you're going to be out in the wind, but also put it on at night and in the morning to help heal the chapping your DC already has.

Good luck, and if you want to try a lotion, please only put it on a tiny spot to test - but truly, they sting and no amount of washing them off makes the sting go away. You need greasy in this case, NOT creamy.
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There is an "Un" petroleum jelly out there too. I've seen it at Whole Foods. It has more natural oils in it.
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Thanks! I think I'll try the aquaphor first and hopefully that will help.
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I would try giving her essential fatty acids like fish or hemp oil. I didn't see how old she was but if you're still nursing, she get get that through your milk. It's moisturizing her from the inside out. Also, I put almond oil on dd when she gets out of the bath. She didn't have cracked cheeks last year but she did the year before and that is what worked for us.
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something natural (but greasy) is the Herbal Ed's Salve. I love that stuff and you can use it on everything!
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We really like the Mustela "Hydra-Stick with Cold Cream Nutri-Protective".
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I use Butterfly Weed Herbal Hug Nappy Rash Ointment for diaper rash it also says on it you can use it for scrapes or windburn, etc. It is Calendula flowers, lavender flowers, marshmallow root, myrrh infused in soya bean oil and Handset with vitamin E oil and beeswax. It's made in Canada and very gentle and smells so yummy.
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Virgin coconut oil. Smooths on easily, absorbs quickly, totally safe.
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