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I was BF so was DH. My step mother however formula fed my little sisters when I was 14 and they were new born, they never got Bmilk. Me and my step mother had many full blown fights. She would always tell me they were her kids, you raise your when you have them. I always knew I would BF even as a child. Almost everyone I know BF for at least the first few months(I know they should have longer but some is better than none). I don't have support for BF but I have no one against it. It's my choice and whether I have support or not I'm going to do it as long as we want to do it, the story of my life.
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my mother did not breastfeed. when she had my sister (1975), she was given the shot to dry up her milk. with me (1979), she had to "suffer."
i thought my mil breastfed, but she made a passing reference to carrying her oldest son (my bil) and the laundry and a bottle; then, in my husband's baby book, under "feeding" was written: 2oz. [whatever formula] from birth. my bil was 9lb when he was born and i'm under the impression she was told she "wouldn't make enough" for him. her grandson came into the world the exact same size as his uncle and has been happily sustained on breastmilk!
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My mom didn't. She was going to do it for a little bit while on maternity leave (single mama.) But then her OB sucked and she retained her placenta which meant she never had her milk come in. I was born in 1983.

My MIL breastfed 4 out of 5 kids. The one who didn't nurse was my dh. She had/has inverted nipples and dh wouldn't latch (I suspect he was tongue-tied and maybe something else.) She nursed each for at least 18 months, and I'm pretty sure it was closer to two. Not sure if she went beyond 2. Her kids were born in 73, 76, 79, 81 (dh) and 84.
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Originally Posted by hipcoolmama View Post
Did your mom/MIL breastfeed their children and did that influence or not influence you?
Mom- yes, 6 months then weaned. Early 70's - Mom said I got teeth and started biting and wouldn't stop. I knew I was bfed, but didn't know how long until after I had my baby; I think yes, it was part of the bf-positive influences I had. My mum also got me a super book on bf'ing for christmas - that was a major source of information and inspiration.

MIL - yes, but not for very long on any of her 3 kids (mid-60s, then early 70s). I didn't know whether or not she bf though until just a couple weeks ago, though, and hubby didn't know either (he is baby of family by 8 years, and can't remember from his own infancy obviously) -- so not an influence either for or against bfing.
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My mom breastfed both me and my sister. My MIL breastfed both DH and his sister. Neither did for as long as I plan to, though!
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My mother did not BF. I was raised at work with my parents and NIP would have been "bad for business" plus formula was "better," right?

My MIL nursed each baby for 6 months and then weaned onto either formula or cow's milk - I don't really know which or why.

Neither influenced me.
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My mom breastfed, and that definitely influenced me!
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My mom BF me till over 3 (go mom!) and my MIL BF my husband until 15 months and his little sister about the same. His older sister was formula fed due to the nurses in the hospital telling her not to bother with BF, and pushing formula (early seventies). Lucky for her she's smart and went on to BF her next two.
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My MIL remembers about 6 weeks of nursing DH. She went back to teaching after that. I think SIL got a bit longer, she was a May baby, so MIL was out of school. And DH's youngest sibling problably got about that too..

My mom was on Blood pressure meds and the drs didnt know the effect so told her not to nurse. I do not nor will I ever blame her for not nursing me. She made a choice with the best information she had at the time.

I nursed #1 for 3.5 years, #2 for 2.75 years and will go till we are both done with #3.
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My mom did, but only until 3 months. She was taking some kind of med and the Dr told her she couldn't bf with it. I think she bf my sister longer though.

DH's mom was told to stop at 1 wk with her first (1962) because "her milk was bad" : She didn't even try with her 2nd and 3rd, but by the time DH came around she decided to defy the doc and bf my DH! He got formula during the day at his babysitter's though.

Being born in 1979 I just feel lucky I got any breastmilk at all!

I don't think their choices really influenced me. My older sister bf'ed all three of her kids, so I knew I was going to as well.
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When my DH and I were talking about getting married and having kids, the topic of BFing came up. He just came out and asked - "How do you think babies should be fed?". It was an ultimatum. I told him I intended to BF any child I had, did he have a problem with that? He looked SO relieved! Apparently it was a deal breaker - and it was a topic we had never discussed before.

My mom BF me and my little sister, not my older sister or little brother (they were both adopted). My grandma BF her four kids, including my very preemie dad - I credit that as the only thing that really saved him. My MIL BF her four. Two of my three SIL BF their kids (they say I inspired them to extended BF) - the other doesn't have kids yet.

I grew in up an otherwise mainstream segment of society, but I actually never knew anyone who FF until my older sister had her four. She BF for 6 weeks then switched.

I BF DS until he was almost 2, and plan to BF with this one. I have an amazing support network!
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Both my mom and MIL BFed, though my MIL only did for a few months.

However, they both recognize the advantages and benefits of BFing and have been totally supportive (as have the dads).

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine, who pumps at work, and her MIL is telling her to give 1 formula bottle so she doesn't have to pump as many times at work. I see now the importance of absolute support and acceptance from the parents regarding the commitment to BF. If I had a MIL constantly bugging me about "just one bottle" I would be strong, but not everyone is. These comments are discouraging and I can see why someone can "give in" to their MIL's persistance.

makes me sad, and grateful that my own parents and IL's are super-supportive of our parenting approach, and have never tried to interfere in our approach.
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My mom chose not to bf and my MIL nurse all 4 her kids for about a year. Neither of them influenced my decision to breastfeed.
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Neither one did. My mother is proud of the fact that she had us on pablum the day we came home from the hospital.: That would be, 5 days old?

I think mil does have some regret, she says she was too tired since her last 2 were 15 months apart.

I wasnt influenced by either one of them, though I received ALOT of support from mil and NONE from my mother. (MIL would always go on and on how proud she was of me nursing. )
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It didn't influence me that they did do it but that they were supportive of me doing it.

My mil nursed both her kids 2 weeks (dh's bio nursed him less than two weeks and his brother none). My mom nursed me almost a year, my sister 8 months and my brother 6 months.

My mil is supportive of nursing for a few months perhaps a year. My mom made very positive comments and encouraged me to be nursing dd at 2. It could be that was all due to dd's eating issues (no solids till 21 months with the help of oral therapy) so we will see how she feels about ds nursing to an older age.
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i was BFed for 7ish months, which is a long time for twins in the early 80's. my SO was BFed for 6 months, his brother 9, and his sister10. my mother and his mother still remember nursing fondly and are happy that i'm nursing.
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My mom FF'd her first 3 (my brothers) and then BF'd both my sister and I until we were 3. My MIL BF'd her 3 sons until 9-12 months, but she switched my SIL to formula at 3 months because it was painful and she was working.

Surprisingly, both my mom and MIL really encouraged me to wean DD at 11 months when I got pregnant with Peanut.
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Yep, my mom nursed all four of us. My oldest brother they made her stop due to jaundice. (Ugh, stupid Drs!!!) Then she nursed my sister, brother and I for about nine monhths.

My MIL nursed all three of her kids. My DH was the longest... nearly 4 years. She nursed the other two for about 3-4 months.

The fact that my mom nursed definately influenced me. I grew up knowing that it was best.
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My mom bf me for I think around a year. She would tell me stories about when she would get home from work and I would pounce on her saying "booby,booby,booby!" so I know I was verbal before she weaned. My MIL only BF DH for a couple of weeks but she is super supportive. Not really influenced by either, just know it is the right way to go for my family.
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I was born in 1978 and my mom breastfed all 3 kids for about 10mo each, which was totally out of the norm for that area of the country. I really don't know why I considered breastfeeding at all considering I don't remember seeing her breastfeed and never saw anyone else doing it.

My MIL breastfed all 5 of her kids. Her last weaned at 5 yr old . My DH remembers this, and though he thinks 5 is a little old (from him being 12 and embarassed by it), he is fully supportive of me doing extended bfing.
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