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My mom did not BF and only one aunt in my family did BF, but she lived really far away from me (1500 miles), so I wasn't really influenced by her very much. My MIL BF'd DH until he was 9 months old and she went back to work. She didn't have much support and wasn't able to figure out pumping, so she switched him to formula. I don't understand why she didn't at least try to continue BF in the evenings/at night.

I can't even say what influenced me to BF. I never thought of it as a "choice" between FF and BF, but just something that you were supposed to do. I've never really been one to follow what my family teaches (I'm the only BFer and the only atheist LOL), so the fact that I had never been around BFers didn't deter me at all.
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My mother Bf'd me I think for about 9 months then went back to work. My MIL didnt she said her mother was ill at the time and the doctor told her it would be to much on her. DH had all kinds of allergy and bowel issues as a child and weighed a whopping 29lbs at 5yrs old. I think he would have done better with a little breast milk.
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they both did...
they both switched to fomula at 10 months though....the logic gets a little foggy there.....
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I asked my mom yesterday how long she breastfed me. She said she weaned me when I was 6 mos old so should could go on a ski trip to CO with my dad and leave me with my grandma (dad's mom).
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My Mom BF my older brother for a couple of weeks (maybe) and did not BF me or my younger brother.

DS's Grandma did BF his Dad and I highly doubt that DD's Grandma BF her Dad since she was very disrespectful of our BF relationship.

It was never an option in my mind NOT to BF and i'm not sure why besides knowing that is was best for my babies. My DS (who is now 5) nursed until 14 months and to this day I regret weaning him so early. My DD will be 2 the end of this month (October) and is still nursing strong.
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My mom only nursed my older sister. She's always been the favorite. Bitch.
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mom did, but only for a year. Reading over her notes, she was all ABOUT me weaning at one year, and was doing all kinds of whoo-hoos that I was totally weaned about a week before my first birthday. With little brother, she went for over a year and a half. And with baby sister, she nursed for 2.5 years.

DH's mother ff ALL her kids. Her logic is always changing. Sometimes it is "I couldn't BF" and sometimes it is "no one BF or knew anything about it."

I BF dd until she was somewhere in the ballpark of 15 months. Wish I could have gone on longer, and am still considering bringing her back to the breast when her little sibling is born. At the time, though, it was just too painful to nurse and be pregnant, so I weaned her over the course of about 2.5 months towards the end of my first trimester of pregnancy. Had a lot of issues with that but feel very good with the decision now, as I realize that it was what was best for me and in turn best for both of us. So I try to be supportive of moms who are in a similar situation as well, though I also firmly belive in tandem nursing and that nursing during pregnancy can work.

Mom influenced me a lot, just because she always was so proud of BFing and was really adimant that it was the best thing for babies. She did give me lots of weird advice, though, that she got back in the day...like I should take a washcloth or sandpaper and rub the crap out of my nipples to "prepare them" for bf. Thank G-d I checked that one out first. Old and BAD advice. Best way to prepare nipples is to keep soap off of them in the shower and perhaps use some type of moisturizing cream, like lansinoh (approved by LLL) or a natural cream to keep the area moisturized. LOL. Far cry from the old days.
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My mom bf all of us , I found out after i had my baby that all of us weaned at 9 months or so , i think it was just eating more solids and her not knowing , but at least we got bf. i remember her bf my sibs and knew that is how babies ate , i guess i always thought she did it longer. she is supportive but i am not sure how she will be when he is 1 and we are gonna keep going and clw :
My mil bf but also supplemented with formula, she got preggers when ds was 3 months old : so she did not have alot of milk
dh is really supportive and is down with the clw , he did tell me his dad gives his sister a hard time she has bf all of hers past a year. i am alot more crunchy then the rest of my family...
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My mom also told me about the washcloth thing..she told me she was told to prepare your nips to have dh suck on them : hmmm
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My mom bf me for a few weeks but then had to go back to work. MIL bf DH for 6-9 months (I can't remember which). But neither had any influence on our decision to bf or my decision to bf beyond infancy.
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Neither my mom nor my MIL nursed. It took them a while to come around, but they were always very supportive. Now they are both proud of how we have decided to raise our children, AP style.
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my mom breastfed and I assume that it impacted my decision to nurse. my ds' paternal grandmother did not and got on my d##$ nerves during his 1st 3 months but giving up was never an option for me. I would assume that because I was at home (was 20 and finishing college) with my mom and she was encouraging, i never thought about giving up even when it hurt like hell those 1st 3 weeks.
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I was FF & given cereal when I was about 2 months old: My mom said she didnt even think about BF , they just automatically gave her a pill to dry up her milk ... she didnt know any better.
MIL ... not sure exactly, she passed away several yrs ago. FIL said she tried for awhile but they gave formula when DH started crying non stop. They lived in Europe at the time & paid big $$ for formula (it wasnt common there then) ...makes me sad they didnt know he would have been fine BFing
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Both my Mom and MIL did - and like pros. Both of them had several children and bf them all upto ages of 5-8 years until they weaned on their own. Both ladies had milk in their breasts well past twenty years. Bf'ing and CLW had been norms in both the families. The same has been more or less followed by women in our generation too in our families.
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Neither did. My mom tried to bf me for a few days, but she had no support and didn't like it.

The only person I ever knew who breastfed before I had children was my SIL and I thought it was gross then. She helped set me straight when I got pregnant with my dd.
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My mother did not breastfeed. My mother-in-law did, but that did not influence me (she lives 18 hours away, and I had already made my decision before dh & I met). I was converted to a future nursing Mama when a friend's mother normalized breastfeeding for me by nursing her toddler in my presence. I was twelve. My oldest sister was the first person for at least several generations to breastfeed in my family. She did not get much support. I am the first person in my family to breastfeed beyond 3 months. My older dd is almost 3 and self-weaned (as a result of my milk drying during pregnancy & the different taste of colustrum?) around 23 months. She still pretends to nurse for comfort, but doesn't actually suckle. Dd2 just turned a year and is showing no signs of slowing down.
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my mother, yes. Two kids.
MIL, no, four kids.
My family is pretty BF friendly. My brother's first wife BF both of their kids, and I'm BFing DD who will turn one next week.

As far as DH's family is concerned, the only person who has BF besides me is a SIL, who BF her son until he was two, but she got no support from the family and even some sniffing disapproval from MIL. I'm sure I'm in for the same treatment but, luckily, we don't live near her so her oppertunities to dissaprove are few and far between.
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My mom never BF--never even tried. It is something that she has horrible guilt over even now, so she strongly encouraged me to BF. My MIL BF both her boys and all the women on that side BF as well, although none of them did it for longer than 6 months.
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I was FF. My mom tried to nurse me, but got craked nipples and bruises frm bad latch. There was no one for support so she asked her OB--she told me he said "that's the worst case of bruised titties I've ever seen." : Then they brought her formula. She didn't even try to bf my little sister. The doctor also told her to feed me cereal at one month. She told me I was eating three meals of solids a day, including meat, by five months!!

My baby is almost three months old and they can't believe she isn't eating anything but boob juice!

I never knew anything about breastfeeding until I was a nanny for a breastfeeding mom.

My MIL breastfed my husband and his older brother for a few months each before she weaned them.
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my grandmother breastfed her 12 children (all birthed naturally to boot!), then my mother BF her three children, with child-led weaning. my older bro was 3, i was 3.5 and my younger sister was about 2.5...

my entire in-law side of the family formula fed and thinks bfing is nasty. i think they're nasty....hehe
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