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Let's Help New Parents!!

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I saw this request online. Let's help spread the AP word!
What you wish you'd known about caring for a newborn baby

Deborah Cooper is writing a book about motherhood called, "Surviving the First Six Weeks." She is looking for input about the first six weeks of caring for a newborn. Interviews will focus on THE THINGS NOBODY TELLS YOU, and the things that make you ask," WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS?"
e.g. breastfeeding, sleeping, dealing with colic, screaming in the car seat every trip. The book will present an honest and realistic view of the early weeks of motherhood.

Please email: firstsixweeks@yahoo.com
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Only two things I remember, with clarity, are 1) that when a "baby feeds 8-12 times a day" this is every hour on the hour and lasts for 30-45 mintues?!?! and 2) that not ALL mothers have a "love at first sight" relationship with their babies and THAT IS OK!
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Thanks for the link. There should be enough to write a series of books.

How about the fact that a woman can pass a clot the size of an organ while in post-partum bleeding and it can be perfectly normal...this happened to me and I remember freaking out! The books gave a normal size range and suggested calling your OB immediately if was surpassed.
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