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Originally Posted by snowbunny View Post
Sometimes you don't even think about buying, and that's disturbing!
Exactly. When I bought the reading light, I didn't even stop to think first. I just saw it, wanted it, and bought it. I think this is the point of Compacting though, not just "buy nothing" but be totally concious of our purchases even if it takes a couple of times to remember. Kind of like learning anything else, it takes a couple of times for us to get it right.
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Hey Mamas, have you seen this?


Many great ideas for us!
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Wow, that's pretty cool. I need to share that with my families.
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How has everyone been doing? I have been doing well but I need todo more meals at home and buying less conveince foods like granola bars and such. This is my goal after we come back from Thanksgiving trip. I also have a question for you ladies:
I talked with my son's OT today and she was suggesting some material that I should buy for him. One is a Handwriting Without Tears workbook and the other is a craft foam type thing. Not things I can get used. I hate to not buy this stuff but I'm wondering if I can make some type of alternative? What do you all think?
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I don't have advice on the foam and workbook, but it seems to me like maybe if these are items for O, they might be considered 'health and safety'? But then, perhaps more research is in order on altermatives. Does the OT know about the Compact? Perhaps she might be able to help with ideas for alternatives?

This weekend I went to the fabric store to get some elastic for finishing making some fitted diapers from prefolds for my DS. Net door was the dollar store, and I'd been wanting to go in and get some socks that I could turn into baby leg warmers for DS. I spied ths spiky soft koosh-type bal that had a bell inside and also lit up when you knocked it, in different colours. In other words, trippy cr4p. But it was only $1.49!!!

I had it in my hand waiting for the people in front of me, and I kept thinking of the Compact. I finally said to myself, "Does DS need this? Will he notice if we even buy it or not?" He was already outside the store with DH, happily running up and down the sidewalk. I put it back. I only got the socks, and I felt so much better for it.

This weekend I made a giant pot of beef stew (more like soup) with homemade stock, a huge baking dish of baked oatmeal for DH, and canned some of my many pumpkins I bought for this purpose. We also decluttered the office desk, getting rid of lots of unnecessary papers and filing the rest. I made several fitted diapers for DS. We went to TJs for some staples and picked up our raw milk. I found my all-time favourite book, "Another Roadside Attraction", for sale at the library for $1.

I'm pleased at how little I am spending these days because of the Compact. I love that I really thought about the junky, flashy spiky-ball thing and then decided to put it back, even though it was only $1.49. I love getting rid of clutter and making my home more simple and more liveable at the same time.
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I think it's pretty easy to find HWT materials on eBay, isn't it? I saw someone selling the whole package on the TP not long ago too. Maybe if you post an ISO, someone will come up with what you need.

We're still doing well (we're Compacting in spirit at the moment ). I did break down and buy DH an iPod for his combined birthday/Christmas gift (split with his mom, too), but I knew I'd probably be buying new for the holidays. My family's not big on gifts at all, but in DH's family, we buy for his mom and niece, and there's no way used would go over. I'm OK with it, I just wish their spending standards weren't so high! I originally thought the iPod would be over $300, and his mom was like, "Well, that's OK, we're splitting it!" Um, yeah, I wasn't planning on spending over $150 for his birthday alone! But anyway, I found it for $225, and from me at least, it will be for BOTH holidays

I think I may have to buy some shirts for myself too. I need longer tops because I'm so long waisted (and need to cover the mama belly!), and I've been looking and looking, and trying to make do with what I have. But I saw a picture of myself that my DD took the other day, and let me tell you, what I have is NOT flattering. I feel so much better about myself when I'm dressed nicely, so I think I need to make a small investment in some Eddie Bauer Tall fitted tops.

Otherwise, I am very impressed with us these last few weeks.
I've actually stopped myself from making a bunch of purchases lately, even stuff that's technically "allowed" under the Compact. And our CC bill is the lowest it's been in a year! I was looking at it online this morning and thinking it was low, but we still had half the billing cycle to go. But it actually ends in two days
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I'm sure you could get the handwriting without tears on ebay -- people buy the program and then end up not using it, or only writing on the first couple of pages -- it's definately worth a look anyway.
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I found it on ebay and have placed a bid. I've never done auction before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I think I may pass on the foam stuff. We have so much of that kinda stuff right now and he does play with it at school. I have not told the OT about the Compact. I think she would think I'm crazy. (I do not know her well. DS goes to OT through the public school system due to his special needs).
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I am doing okay, but I did buy a new shirt for family photos (I looked at the thrift shops but found nothing appealing, and didn't have time to buy online.) I also bought a book at our church fundraiser. It may or may not be used, I don't know. Otherwise, I have done fine this month, even passing up the temptation of discounted Le Creuset Dutch Ovens advertised last week. Ooh, did I want one, but I didn't go. Yay me! Haha.

The food portion isn't easy, either. Last week I failed miserably, shopped without a plan and bought frozen dinners. Yuck. I made a new plan for the week and sat down to make a plan for all of December, so this won't happen again. There are so many great recipes I want to try, so I really shouldn't have to rely on junk.
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Mom2Wilmo, I PM'd you. I have a couple of unused HWT workbooks ...
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ANy one want to post their meal plan on the yahoo group file? :
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Wow. There's a lot to read in this thread, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. I am really interested in the idea of the Compact; I've been doing a lot of thinking about our lives and what is really important in them, and it isn't buying a lot of stuff. I sort of really had this brought home to me when I broke my foot two months ago; I was rendered housebound, essentially, and the only things I bought were prescription medications and groceries (although I'll cop to having bought a lot of frozen dinners and stuff, because I couldn't stand up long enough to cook - I'm back to cooking from scratch now, thank goodness).

Anyway. The more I read, the more I think this is something I'd like to try. I believe I'm going to give it a shot for a month; I don't think I can commit to a year right now. I'm going to do some more reading before I start, too.

Also, I wonder: I am in the middle of getting a rather complicated tattoo. I don't NEED it, but it's going to look rather silly unfinished. Also, it's being done by a WAHM and friend of mine, so I don't feel like it's consumerism. Any thoughts?
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My meal plan is on my blog.
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binkin- in addition to the whole environmental thing, to me the compact is about being REALLY concious of what you are putting your money into. So, supporting your WAHM friend is a great way to spend your money in my opinion. Plus tatoos are more of a service, you aren't accumulating more stuff, you know?

momaste- thanks!! I'm so lazy.
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Originally Posted by bendmom View Post
...I have two new Pottery Barn lavender velvet euro shams that need the actual 30"x30" insert pillow. I am not sure even if I make the inserts myself if it can be considered under the compact since I don't really "need" them.
I have made pillow inserts out of used down/feather pillows that are on their last legs. Just empty the old pillow into a container (I use an empty Rubbermaid tub, but anything that will hold all those feathers will work), turn the pillow tick inside-out and wash it in the washing machine. Then measure the size of the pillow case (adding 1" all around for seam allowance), make a "bag" from the ticking, refill with feathers, stich closed, and PRESTO! "Compact-friendly" pillow inserts.
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Kathirynne~ Our couches are beige, and one is the type with a couple of pillows that make up the back. I took two out of the covers and put the velvet euro shams on and it looks really nice, and they fit! They bring a little color to the room.

I am having a really hard time getting my butt in gear to cook this week. I have been doing well, but we are leaving next week for 4-5 days for the holidays and I have to make most of our meals here to take since we are vegetarian and dh's family is not. I am not finding many quick, one pot veg recipes and do not want to make the couple I know this week only to eat them again next week. I will check your blog mamaste.

Dh works for a non-profit foundation and they had their annual black tie dinner/ auction/dancing on Sat. Dh's tux is rented by the foundation for their admin, so my outfit was the cost. My brother babysat so I didn't pay that. I was worried that I would have to buy things for the outfit, but ended up wearing the black ankle strap heels I wore last year, with a beautiful silk olive green skirt with black lace overlay I found at a resale shop a while ago. I wore a black halter top I bought on sale a Banana Republic last year, and a nice olive green vintage shrug I already had as well. I recieved several comments on how nice I looked, and dh said a couple people at his work told him I looked really good. Even though I had given myself the okay to buy something new for the Snowball if needed, I was able to put together an entire black-tie outfit out of every day clothing(sans heels).
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So...why buy a new shirt for family pictures? What was wrong with the shirt you had?

Here's one I need some brainstorming on: Pillows. We have quite a few, but nearly all are all dead, flat, and decidedly non-fluffy. It's taking DH longer and longer to get comfy.

I don't have much hope of finding secondhand pillows that will be like new. What I would like to find is pillows with a good balance between price and fluff-staying-power. Cheap pillows we've bought in the past die too quickly. I have one that was a little pricier but not to expensive that I got at Target, but I would prefer natural materials, only I don't think we can afford them. Hypoallergenic materials are a must, but I suspect synthetic will have more staying power. Feather/down is out of the question with DH's allergies.
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I'm subbing
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Ravin: As I fell asleep last night, I was thinking about the pillow situation. My pillow is really, really old (about 7 years). I have terrible allergies and I feel like my pillow is making them worse. Additionally, FH's pillow for when he's here is just crappy and beat up, too. I am leery of buying second-hand pillows, because it doesn't seem wholly sanitary to me.

I was going to start the Compact today until December 15 (at least) and I'm sure I can make it that long with the pillow I have. However, if I decide to go on longer, I feel like I would categorize a new pillow under health and safety. I feel that having a pillow for 7 years is pretty good, and I don't think I'd feel too bad about getting a new one as long as I could find one of good quality that was made in a way that I can support. Hm.

Also! If I decide to participate in the Compact for a longer period of time... well, I have a wedding coming up. I really have my heart set on having a corset and skirt made. Do I need them? Well, no... but I plan on reusing the outfit, and I really do want the day to be special for us. (No huge wedding, just basically a picnic.) Hm. More to think about.
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I agree binkin. I think a pillow is a necessity,not a want. It definitely goes under health/safety.
I'm looking forward to reading the previous posts.
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