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Something i posted on my other forum a while ago and i ran across it and thought yall might find it interesting, amusing, or just want to add to the list...

1. When you stand up in front of company and say " I have to go potty" (which is what i did today)
2. When you go through every name of every member of your family before you actually get to the childs name you are looking for, and then finish off with, "whatever your name is come here"
3. When you scream upstairs, "knock it off, whatever you are doing" even though the kids are being quiet.
4. When you here "mommy" being screamed in a store and start looking for your child
5. When you are dead in your sleep and cant be woken up unless a child starts to cry or says mommy (i do this every night)
6. When you hear the word mommy 267 times in 3 hours.
7. When you know the theme song and names of the characters to EVERY cartoon
8. When you are taking a nap and your kids are pulling on your eyeslids screaming wake up and you can still sleep for 10 more minutes
9. When you dont even bother pluggin in your alarm clock when you move because you know atleast 2 of your kids will be up by 7 asking for fruit snacks and juice
10. When your child screams at the top of their lungs for 2hours and you dont blink an eye
11. When you can change a diaper in the pitch black at 5 in the morning with your eyes closed
12. When you know the words to their favorite story by heart ( because you read it a hundred times a day)
13. When your fashion accessories include a ninja turtle backpack and a diaper bag
14. When their shows come on and you know its a re-run
15. When you realize you sound just like your mother (ugh i hate that)

And the best one of all....

When they stare at you with their big eyes and say, "Mommy, I love you"