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What's on your needles? I love these threads - what's everyone knitting right now?

I've got a pullover for my 5 year old, finished the back and am casting on the front this evening. The pattern is from the Bernat website, I just changed the striping and edging.

Also a sweet GIRL sweater!!!


for a friend's daughter - I'm so excited to knit something in a girlie color!!
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Just this:

I am also doing some spinning. I just bought 1 kg of the softest merino roving and I just love it. :
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I just finished the Brea bag!! I'm really impressed with myself as it had some techniques that were new to me. I'm giving it as a gift and everyone I show it to is like "I WANT THAT!" so I'm hoping it will be a hit with the recipient!

Right now I have a mitered purse on my needles. It's the second one I've done and is going well. It'll be felted. It's made from Noro beautiful yarn.

I have gone knitting for the holidays crazy and have a whole list of Christmas and birthday gifts to make. Yea! I love feeling inspired!
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Here's what's doing for me (always ready for shameless self-promotion : ):

Brown striped longies

Blue striped soaker

I also just cast on one of those long thin scarves from Knitty Gritty (400 stitches!) for my on-going Christmas sewing. I'm doing it in gray alpaca, burgundy Rowan Kid Classic, and a green wool/alpaca blend.
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Wow, those colors are fantastic, esp. the longies. I love fall colors!!!
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Originally Posted by BarnGoddess View Post
I just finished the Brea bag!!

Originally Posted by nausicaamom View Post
Here's what's doing for me (always ready for shameless self-promotion : ):

Brown striped longies
Ohhh, love those!
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I just grafted the toe on the second sock of a pair for my 3.5yo DD - she'll be *thrilled* to find them in the morning.

That leaves the second sock of a pair for me, the Peace Shawl (that's been ongoing for 2.5 years - it's hard for me to knit from a chart with kids underfoot), a sweater for me out of Peace Fleece (it'll be a v-neck raglan pullover, nothing fancy). There are undoubtedly many more projects forgotten around the house, but those are the ones that are in the front of my mind.

I'm also working on spinning up a big bag of Shetland cross wool and working on carding a HUGE fleece that I bought in May. Thank goodness for the drum carder is all I can say there. It's going to be lovely, but it's going to take me forever to get it carded - three garbage bags FULL of washed wool. Oof.
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I'm working through my first Clapotis.

Here is the latest picture on my blog.

I just did a swatch for this wonderful faux-cable hat for children or adults.

And I'm about to start a wonderful lace shawl for my mother using bamboo yarn and a Karabella pattern.
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I have made two felted bags and am going to line them anyone done this and have tips on how best to proceed?

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On the size 1 dpns, the last of 5 X-Men Little Dudes dolls for a friend, then back to finishing the Star Wars set.

On the size 3 dpns, the ear for a toy goat for the LiveJournal Make A Baby Frank contest...even though I'm pretty sure the contest is over by now. I still dig the challenge of creating a toy.l

On the size 6 dpns, a bumble-bee pattern top I'm creating from scratch (ie no pattern) for my baby girl.
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[QUOTE=nausicaamom;6208667]Here's what's doing for me (always ready for shameless self-promotion : ):

Brown striped longies

Blue striped soaker

Will you be felting those soakers or just using as is? What pattern are you using for those? Do you use the soakers often and do they do their job?
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I am sort of between projects right now. I need to make the second sock in a pair, finish the Icord and one cuff for a basic lil soaker in brown wooly goodness....

But I don't want to do those right now, I want to make a pumpkiny themed hat out of some orange cascade wool, and brown corscrews for a tassle.

I also want to play with ruffles. I saw a pattern on knitpicks I believe for a long spiraly scarf that I want to do.

Um. I have very recently finished a pair of ivory wool socks for myself, a blue/brown/tan variagated wool scarf a hat set for my ds. and I am working on a basic scarf with my dd, teaching her to knit!

I love little projects, I think I would be bored out of my skull working on something that took months to finish.....
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Originally Posted by BarnGoddess View Post
Will you be felting those soakers or just using as is? What pattern are you using for those? Do you use the soakers often and do they do their job?
The plan is to use them as-is, although some slight felting occurs naturally from everyday wear-and-tear. I myself jumped off the cloth-diapering train because my particular system was way too time consuming, but I did have a few in regular rotation while I was still using cloth with my son. The ones I'm currently making are fine for daytime use and perhaps nighttime use if you don't have a heavy wetter. It's my own pattern/design.

Thanks all for the compliments! I got 5 balls of Cascade 220 (on sale - the best kind ) in some great fall colors so that's the pallette I'm working from right now.
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I am working on an icelandic type yoked ski sweater for the twins, when I finish it, I am going to make another in the oppisite colorway

I am also working on the "hot damn afghan"

I am waiting for my roving to come in the mail so I can make some thrummed mittens

If it is a long time coming I will make some newfie mitts instead.
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I am finishing the other bootie for a layette set (pic in LJ) I already gave the mama, lol. Also need to do the leg band and seams for another soaker I am doing for her. Probably finish this evening and post pictures on LJ.

Once I am done with these I will be starting some toe up socks for me and cuff down socks for ds.

I have a oversized hoodie that I am swapping for a dress and bag almost half done.

Lastly, I have 2 sweaters that hubby wants. So waiting for Peacefleece to show up for EZ's seamless hybrid in grassroots (gonna rock!) and looking for some wool marled yarn to do a simple roll neck pull over. I am going to be sick of knitting stockinette tubes before the winter is over. Since I am sure there will be a dozen hats thrown in there. Maybe that is why I am thinking about casting on a lace project, lol.
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Samus (with a progress pic.)

I've got 12 days, including posting time, and I don't know if I'm going to get it done. The two front bits are done, but I've got the back and arms left to work.
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I'm working on Swing Thing for my dd in cascade 220 superwash color 806.

I'm just about to cast on for the Besotted scarf for Dh for x-mas in the most heavenly soft alpaca.

I also have just cast on for a LTK braided cap for ds with Jo Sharp Aran silk tweed in the prettiest green color that almost perfectly matches his eyes.
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I am working on some picky pants for my two year old:

After i finish those, i am going to start on a hat to match these pants for my newborn:

I ordered this the other day:
and when i get it i am going to make the boys something matching. I haven't decided pants or sweaters. That is a ton of yarn so maybe a little of everything

My sister got me a gift certificate to Kaleidoscope Yarns for my birthday, and i have been eyeing some Malabrigo for my daughter.
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I'm working on a hybrid soaker right now, but I also have several other projects I need to get back to. I have a pair of longies, an afghan, and a scarf that I haven't worked on in ages. I keep finding other things I would rather knit. And I never finish anything I plan to make for myself-I've got to work on that!
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I have knitting ADD, so I have a bunch of stuff OTN:
-scarf for grandpa
-Branching Out scarf (knitty) for grandma in a wonderful wool/alpaca blend
-clapotis for me
-cozy (also at knitty) for Oma but I may have to frog and start over-none of the rows ended right
-Irish hiking scarf for DH
-Afghan in the mason-dixon quilt-block style (I'm blanking on the actual name right now )
-3 different socks, each in varying degrees of done-ness

Um, I think that's it for now. Would you believe I'm considering casting on a few more things?
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