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My pre-op visit with dr for hysteroscopy (m/c ment)

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Things went great!
The best news is that she doesn't think that this will make me any higher risk in a future pregnancy! The worst news is that she doesn't want me to ttc the next cycle either. I'll have to research that more.

She said she was very excited to have found the fibroids/polyps and thought it was extremely likely that this was what had been causing my miscarriages. She said that she didn't know how hard it would be to remove them, till she was in there. She also told me that sometimes they can't remove the whole thing, because it has dug in too deeply. But even removing just part of it would help to decrease my miscarriage risk. She agreed with me that polyps would be easier than fibroids, but said it wasn't possible to distinguish between the two on an hsg.

I had done some more reading up on laparoscopy and I wasn't comfortable with the whole procedure. She agreed that it would add a whole level of complexity and was going to advise against it. So we totally agreed on that, we'll skip the lap.

I asked when I would be back to feeling normal, and she said that might be the next day already. Woohoo! I like that!

I got a copy of my cd 3 bloodwork. In my mind I had been playing out scenarios like 'What if I heard it wrong, and FSH really was 30.9 or so????' But the results were still reassuring LOL

TSH = 1.26 mIU/L
FSH = 3.09 mIU/L
Prolactin = 6.5 ng/mL
Estradiol = 31 pg/mL


We also talked about the spinal, I told her that I was uncomfortable with it and would prefer a pudendal block, where they just numb the uterus. She said it might be harder to get me comfortable that way, but she was willing to do it, in combination with some IV sedation. If needed, they would knock me out with the IV. I think I really do prefer that over a spinal.

They sent me over to the hospital to see the 'surgical coordinator' to do some more pre-op work, and to hear when to show up on Friday and such. The surgical coordinator was nowhere to be found. When they finally had located her, she told them that I was on the list for tomorrow, not for Friday.... Hmmmm, now how did that happen???? When she finally did show up, it turned out that I was on the PRE-OP list for tomorrow, not on the surgery list... So I have to go back tomorrow and see her, she couldn't do it today, geez! Will have to show up at 8:45am.

This means I will have spent almost every day at the hospital this week. oh well :-)

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Karen, I thought you wrote Hysterectomy in your title and couldn't figure out why this was great news. I had to go back and re-read. It's late I guess.

I'm glad to hear that the news is good. You have been through so much and deserve some positive news. Good luck tomorrow and Friday. We will keep you in our prayers.
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I'm so glad that you're getting action! Best wishes for Friday!

I had a lap years ago and was actually thrilled when they found something wrong (my tubes were blocked) and fixed it I had given up hope by then!

Good luck!
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How did it go?
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That was quite an adventure. I walked to the hospital, and got admitted to the day surgery unit. My heart rate was 112, they asked whether I was a bit nervous, LOL I was. I got it down to 86 or so by deep breathing, which satisfied them. They did a pregnancy test (finally a time it was good to get a negative) and then administered the IV. They numbed my hand before putting in the IV, which is an improvement over the last time I got one.

The anesthetist came to talk to me about the anesthesia. I told her that the idea of a spinal freaked me out, and I would prefer full anesthesia and she was cool with that. Later it turned out that I made the right choice. All the complications would have been even less fun with me awake.

They told me they were putting something in to relax me and I would be going to the operating room soon. My memory stops there, and starts again in recovery, about 5 hours or so later.

She went in via my cervix to do the hysteroscopy, and found a polyp and a fibroid. The polyp was no problem, she took it out without any complications. Then she started chipping away at a huge fibroid, that was filling up almost my whole uterus. Oops, she perforated my uterus.... No problem, she could do a laparoscopy to fix that. But that didnt' really work either. So she ended up just cutting me open, and doing a myectomy, where they cut through the uterine wall. She took out the fibroid that way, and then sewed me up again. So I now have 4 incisions, 3 for the laparoscopy and 1 for the myectomy. Blech!

I had to stay the night and I was NOT comfortable, this was a bit more involved than I had thought it would be. They kept waking me up to get my temp and my blood pressure and such, I was on oxygen, and they had one of those heartrate/oxygen sensor thingies on my finger. Oh, I also had a kind of pumping socks on my feet, to help prevent clots. I couldn't move the way I wanted because of the pain. Not a very restful night LOL

But the good news is that this is almost certain what has been causing my miscarriages. And that she never had been able to get it out via the hysteroscopy, so it was good that we ended up with the myectomy. I think.

I came home this afternoon, sent dh out for my pain meds, and later walked around the neighborhood, but I did my short loop :-)

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((Karen))) wow! I am so glad you're feeling better and have some answers. I would totally think that a fibroid filling your uterus mught be causing mc's. Not a fun way to have it removed, but I guess it's good to have it gone. I hope you feel better quick and can get down to the babymaking again!
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