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Friend's 10-year-old died in a car accident today

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My heart is breaking for a friend of the family whose daughter died today. I don't know any details yet besides it was a car accident but it doesn't really matter. My friend's dad was driving and he was killed as well so she has lost her dad and her daughter. Plus, her other 6 children have lost their sister. I hadn't seen her since she was 3, and my dd is 3 now, so I am associating them in my mind and its making me even sadder. I just found out about this a few hours ago and I can't sleep at all, I just keep crying. She was a very sweet girl and I just can't imagine how her mama is going to handle the pain. And I keep thinking about if this happened to one of my sisters or daughters, how I would feel, and I just can't bear it. :

I don't really have a point but you don't always have to have one in this forum I guess.
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I'm sorry mama. I'll keep you and your friend's family in my prayers.
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That is so terribly sad :
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I think it is natural to link events like that. When a four year old in our parish died, my mind instantly jumped to my 3 1/2 year old. It was hard for a while to separate the two.

What a horrible thing to happen.
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I am so so sorry.....

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so sad...
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I found out some more details.

It turns out, the grandfather wasn't driving. Her 18 year old sister was driving. So now that poor girl has to live with that.

Also, the little girl who was killed was ejected. So I guess she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. It is hard to accept that something so easy could have saved her life.

There was no other car or incliment weather involved. A freak accident, they swerved into the median and the van rolled.

This is the second night that I haven't gotten any sleep over this. My mind is still racing about it. It is just so, so sad, its like my mind can't handle it.
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I am so sorry.
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That is so sad
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that is so very sad. sending out warm thoughts and prayers...
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My heart aches for you and your friend's family.


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I didn't mention before that there was another girl in the van (a cousin) who is currently paralysed. They operate on Tuesday to try to fix her back so she can walk again. She is 18. I never met her but by all accounts she is an exceptionally sweet, loving, cheerful girl.

I have never been so depressed in my life. I have always known that bad things can happen to good people but it has never hit me so close to home. This is one of the best families I know, real "salt of the earth" types. I'm left feeling so vulnerable and helpless. I know it hasn't even been a week but I feel like I've been sad my whole life and it will never stop.
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so sorry
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I am very sorry. So sad.
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Oh, this is so sad. Sending you love and prayers.
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Sorry for the li'l girl's death....may I ???

Hey, it hits us all hard when anyone we know is taken so quickly and unexpectedly. Confirms the truth...life is uncertain & can be short. My husband pastors a gospel preaching church here in Wisconsin and I really like the gospel message he wrote a few years ago and it's linked in the top right corner of our church website at gospelcenter.us - maybe this loss will help some others find the Lord and maybe she was young like King David's child and he said "he cannot return to me, but I can go to him." David knew he would see his little one one day in Glory. Let me know if I may be a comfort and give answers for any questions that may come up in light of that link at gospelcenter.us I'm just a phone call away at 877.835.9523 (to my cell...just not on Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights for Bible Study). I'm a mother of ten, five girls & five boys...25 down to 4 years old; so my heart goes out to all.
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