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Gifts for mw a must?

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Do you have to give a gift to your midwife? Isn't the payment enough?
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I was just discussing this with one of my homebirthing friends today. Last time I wasn't prepared enough to have a gift ready, this time I'm thinking how broke we are and that we pay quite a bit, not to mention feed her and her assistant. The consensus seemed to be it's a nice thing to do but totally optional. I still feel like I want to get her something, because I love her, but we do have financial issues right now.
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Are you crafty? Could you make something?

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I think making cookies (or something like that) would be a nice gesture that you wouldn't have to spend much money on ('cause I know a homebirth is expensive!) Or something from your garden, if you have one. But I wouldn't buy anything if I were you. Or even a nice card I guess, if you really like her. (Maybe wait till after the actual birth, to see how she does! )

We are going to a birth center and I was going to make some cookies to bring, granted, I'll kind of have to make a lot for everyone, lol . . .
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No gift here. I just started using my MW 2 months ago, we've only had 4 appointments, I don't have a huge attachment to her. I feel since we paid her entire fee for just a couple months of work then I've done more then my fair share.
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