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rudimentary horn uterus and pregnancy

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Hi, I am a new member. I am 23 and gave birth to a 14 week early daughter in 2001. I have had extremely painfull periods all my life sice I started at 11. The pain has always been really bad on my right side. After so many years, my monthly cycle turned into 3 days of lying in bed, vomiting, diarhea, and an inability to eat or drink until after the second day. I had about 4 miscarriages before finally carring a pregnancy for 5 1/2 months. At the time of my emergency c-section, my surgeon found what he referred to as a bicornuate uterus with a rudimantary horn. All the research I have done says that what I have is a unicornuate uterus with horn but I am not sure if there is much of a difference. I know that I was not lucky enough to have just a bicornuate uterus because of this horn thing. I am going in for a test next week where the doc will shoot water into my uterus and look at it with ultrasound to see if there is a canal between the large uterus and the tiny one. If there is a canal, I have no choice but to leave it alone. If there isn't a canal, he will remove it and my chances of a longer pregnancy will be better. I would love info on the test that is scarry to me and info on my uterus.
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you have a mullerian anomaly. I have one two. I too have had multiple miscarriages but not any in the second trimester. I have carried two babies to term. Both were born by csection, which by what you describe is how you will have babies too.
the test you are going to have is a HSG, it can be painful and you will cramp afterwards, you can ask for a sedative. its not that bad but it will definitely let your doctor know what is wrong. there is a list on yahoogroups for mullerian anomalies. a wonderful group of women are there who have lots of information and resources, and I should know, I am not the list!

Feel free to send me a message to talk.
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Hi again, I also joined the yahoo group for mullerian anomolies and am receiving great info there too. I wrote my initial post last night when tired and am a bit more rested now. I am trying to have my horn removed and that is why I am having an HSG to see if it communicates or not. I talked to the radiology tech and luckily they are using a very small catheter to inect the dye/water so I am not as afraid. I want to have another baby and the chances of it lasting longer than 5 1/2 months would be greater if I could get all the blood flow to the main uterus instead of it being blocked by the horn. I am still confused by my dx which is of a BU with rudimentary horn which doesn't make a whole lot of sense because that would be like having three uteri. My husband watched the surgery and saw the uterus out of my body. He said it looked like their was a shrimp attached to the outside of my uterus, (this was the horn along with its fallopian tube attached). So I am at a loss until next Tuesday when hopefully the test will give some answers. Thanks to all who read and care.
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Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know, you're not alone. I'm having my HSG later this month to investigate a possible bicornuate uterus. Good luck with your test results and hang in there

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