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Instead of having a baby . . . I'm having a cold!

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I was so convinced that this baby would come "early." I thought I would finally have some relief from the nausea that I have been experiencing since February -- that's right, February. And all the other uncomfortable symptoms and frustrations. I'm 38.5 weeks now, and I just thought he'd be here by now, or really soon. I know, it was wishful thinking on my part. And then I convinced myself that this weekend would be it, especially with the full, harvest moon and low barometric pressure. I thought it would all be perfect timing to what hasn't been the most perfect of pregnancies . . . anyway, now I'm sick with a cold. My throat really hurts and I can feel myself getting congested. DD's nose had been running on and off for the last couple of days but it never turned into anything else so I thought it was just the cooler weather (and the fact that the child wants to be naked all the time). Now it seems we have another cold in the house. What lovely timing, no?

Will a cold put my body into labor? Or will it wait until the cold is gone? Or maybe it won't make a difference at all. Maybe I won't even notice the cold during labor (if I do go into labor in the next couple of days). Last time I checked it was pretty important to be able to breathe while giving birth! Arrgghhhhh! This is really the last thing I needed right now. And of course I don't want any cold germs around when our new baby arrives either. Oh, I know I sound like such a big complainer. I am just so uncomfortable, so nauseous, so grumpy, so tired of waiting -- and now it feels like a small car has parked itself in my throat! Really, I'm not sure how much more I can take.
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I hope you feel better soon! :
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I heard of someone who had a cold as they started their labor and as labor really kicked in it just went away-- I think the hormones would take care of it, kind of clear it up, though I'm not sure of exactly why or how that works. The problem would be if the cold had made you dehydrated or just plain tired. So stay hydrated and get your rest! I wouldn't worry about it.
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: So YOU'RE the one who gave it to me...ha ha I have a nasty cold too that I am lovingly sharing with my dh and dd: ...Hope you feel better soon, Mama!
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Omama, I am right there with you! I have had an awful cold for the past two weeks, and am finally just now leaving it behind. It knocked me out. I am a day over my due date now and I was so worried I would go into labor while I had less than zero energy. My doula believes that bodies know not to go into labor if you have a cold. I don't know if that's true, but it sure sounds good! I did learn that it's safe to take zinc, which I didn't do until a few days into it, but maybe if you start taking it now you can knock it out before it gets even worse! I wish you a speedy cold! I know how much that sucks!
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i hope you start feeling better soon!
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I'm sorry you are feeling bad. I am just getting over my cold - but still have a cough. I haven't heard of going into labor from a cold, but it certainly couldn't be fun to do both at the same time. Hope you are over it soon
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i posted about my cold (i have a cold as well) on another board and learned that there is a theory that women often get ill near the end of their pregnancy to help boost their immunity (and therefore what they'll pass on to babe through breastfeeding).
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Thanks for all the great feedback. It's nice to know I'm not the only one and to hear that hopefully this cold is just all part of the larger plan. Hopefully I won't go into labor for the next couple of days and hopefully it will just be boosting my immune system anyway. I was thinking about that last night -- that it is better to get this cold out of the way so we can all be immune to it for the rest of the season.

Did anyone see the full moon last night (wherever you live)? It was gorgeous! Didn't seem to bring my babe about, but it was certainly calming and beautiful.
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I have this horrible cold as well............ it is just not right.
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