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Uncontrollable Hunger/Morning Sickness

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For all you Mothers of Multiples: What did you do during your first trimester of pregnancy to fight off the "I'm so hungry I could puke" phase?

I'm really having a hard time with finding the right foods that agree... and really the only safe thing is fruit which makes the gas so HORRIBLE! (And fruit does not fill me up!) So what did you mamas do??

I've read online that some mothers of multiples never experience morning sickness, but I don't believe it!!

p.s. My twins are only the size of peas right now, but I swear I have two Hulk Hogans in there!
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Hmm... my hungry phases and morning sickness phase didn't overlap. First I had two months of hunger, two or three months of sickness and no hunger, then the rest of the pregnancy lots of hunger. During my sickness phase, i didn't even want to think about food. I'm wondering about others' experiences. I wish I could offer some good advice, but i think during my sickness phase i ate mostly sugar-free fruit popsicles. Everything else came right back up. I made up for it during the remaining months and ate very healthfully (even broccoli!)
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I totally lost my appetite during the first trimester. I felt so sick and nauseous and I had to force myself to eat. I ate a lot of popsicles I remember. It was just awful. But almost like magic when I hit 14 weeks it went away and my appetite came back. I remember it was SO MUCH FUN to enjoy food again. Even though I lost 6 lbs the first trimester I made up for lost time quickly and ended gaining 62 lbs my pregnancy.
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I know exactly how you feel!!! I could only eat salty, starchy, protien rich foods. ANY sugar made me REALLY SICK!! I could eat an occasional bannana or berries, but any other fruit or sweet just did me in.

I had to have cold protein sources because waiting/smelling things while cooking made me extra sick. And I called dh a coulple times because I was SOOOO hungry, but thinking about what to make to eat was making me sick to my stomach!! So he would leave work and bring me burgers and fries.

So, I had sunflower nut butter that I ate by the spoonful around the clock, power bars in my purse/car/stroller/random nooks so I had a quick source of protein. I also had tons of chips on hand. I loved the salt!!

I also made smoothies with protien powder pretty regularly (unsweetened with berries). That helped a lot.
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I found that it helped to be eating all the time, whenever my stomach got to feeling "hungry" I might as well have headed to the toilet. That's probably what helped me gain 40 pounds by 20 weeks :

I also allowed myself to eat whatever sounded good. In my case, that meant eating a lot of junk (Burger King, Stouffers Mac & Cheese, ice cream, liverwurst - and I was a VEGETARIAN before I got pregnant!!) I know that makes a lot of people here cringe, but that's what I did to get me through it and I had big healthy babies.

I was a really health eater pre-pregnancy, but as soon as the morning sickness kicked in, even the thought of healthy food would make me puke.

In general, I was ravenous until about 34-36 weeks, when I simply couldn't fit any more food in my body.

Hang in there . . .
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This will sound bad I know but I would eat lays potato chips the original ones first thing in the morning wait like 15-20 min all the salt would calm my tummy down then I would eat some toast & cereal wait about and 1hr or so and then eat some oatmeal with fresh fruit. I was eating about every 1r all day long anything that sounded good I would eat. Lots of sourcrout & liverworst spetzil too. I just ate small meals all day long thats how I ate pre prego too but a lot healther pre prego but if something sounded good I would eat it. I got lots of crap from co workers for eating icecream sandwiches for breakfast till after they found out I was expecting then they were like now your eating makes sense. But lots of salty foods helped me out first thing then I could just eat anything.
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The salt helped me, too! Sometimes the only thing I could eat was Lay's potato chips or french fries. I do not miss that awful morning sickness time. : Hang in there! Oh, limes helped, too. I found out later that citrus helped with nausea so maybe that is why I craved them. As I write more, I am remembering more. I made myself guacomole every single day for awhile and ate that with tortilla chips.
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Oh, I seriously shutter when I think of my first trimester with the twins. It really was horrible. I didn't have m/s with my singles, but had it 24 freaking 7 with the twins and I didn't know I was carrying twins until well into my 2nd trimester. I suspected b/c of the m/s though.

I am normally an organic whole foods eater and that first trimester all I could eat was junk-and it had to be HIGH protein and salty. Carbs/veggies made me sick. Taco Bell 7 layer burritos were a fav. I had a serious aversion to water. Normally that is all I drink. During that time, I could only drink sour things like lemonade or lemon lime gatorade. I also had to keep something on my stomach at all times. Oh, I honestly didn't think I would live through the day-some days. I am not a dramatic person, but it was THAT bad for me. It only lasted until about 12 weeks. SOOOO worth it though, in the end .
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I had horrible nausea all through my pregnancy and very little appetite. I gained and lost weight all through my pregnancy because of this and was always being pushed by the midwife to eat fatty foods. I remember being woken up at night often from the nausea and eating some crackers to calm my stomach down enough so I could go back to sleep. Eating a little every hour helped. It seemed that if I let my stomach get empty than I would feel so sick that I couldn’t eat at all. So having something in there at all times helped. Good luck.
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UGH, I empathize! I had terrible hunger/ms for my first tri. I am like the pp -- I seriously thought I would not survive it, I was that miserable. I cringe looking back on it.

Nothing really worked. Some days I could eat something and the next day I couldn't stand to look at it. I had a serious aversion to chocolate in my first tri. I do remember eating a lot of crackers and nilla wafers. I lost 20lbs and went to the ER twice to get an IV because I just couldn't freakin keep anything down.

Magically, it disappeared at 13w. Ugh. I would NOT want to be pregnant with twins again!
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Ummmm.... I did just puke the whole time Seriously, there was nothing I could do, I threw up like 20 times a day for 3 months. Good luck finding something that works though! I know some people who ate saltines before getting out of bed in the morning and that helped them.
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Thanks for all your suggestions! I am getting sick of the saltines, so I've moved on to salty tortilla chips and trail mix. It takes a creative mind to get through this!

Has anyone ever tried cooking with Ginger or Ginger pills?
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I was so sick during the 1st trimester, I barely ate When I did I tried to make sure it was something protein-rich, so it would count. If you like fruit, maybe you could do a smoothie with peanut butter, protein powder and/or some powdered milk for calcium. I never really found anything that helped food-wise. I ended up seeing an acupuncturist at 12 weeks which finally helped me at least keep food down and drive my kid to school. It didn't really completely go away until about 18 weeks though.
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I spent the first half of pregnancy with my head in the toilet. Even the smell of the toilet deodorizer made me puke. The only thing I could keep down was High Protein Ensure and a few nibbles of bagel. I did eat crystallized ginger and that worked out okay. The worst part was having sciatic pain so bad I couldn't walk, much less run to the bathroom. Good luck, it will get better!
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I did acupuncture too that first trimester and got adjusted once a week. I tried to do the ginger thing, but even that grossed me out.
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the only time i cook with ginger is when i marinate salmon. wonder if you could stomic that?? also everything i read said eat whatever you can. I felt guilty for eating junk food but i made up for it with healthy food once i felt better. hey if salty food like french fries work try frying zuccini and salting that?
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Zucchini is a great idea, but honestly I don't know if I can fry it without gagging! I have a hard time frying eggs and meat now. Maybe I could steam and salt the Zucchini for a yummy side dish.

I have to admit, I ate a whopper and fries for supper and now I am having a bowl of vegetable soup for a late night snack! BK sure hit the spot! I swear it took away the nauseous feeling for at least an hour.
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Oh you have my sympathy!
I had horrible nausea in my first pregnancy and with this twin pregnancy as well. And it lasted until about 22 weeks. I am sooo glad that stage is behind me.
What worked for me is to eat frequently--even in the middle of the night. I kept a ziploc bag of nuts by my bed for the first two months and then switched to PBJ sandwiches. Also, protein seemed to help better than carbs. Before getting pregnant, I was mostly vegetarian but during my pregnancy I've always kept meat around. When I was so nauseous, I'd have DH cook it and then I'd just go to the fridge and grab a piece to snack on when I was feeling awful. Not only did it help with the nausea, but you need a lot of protein in a twin pregnancy. I too ate McDs and BK every once in a while. Those burgers always made me feel better
The other thing--don't be afraid to try prescription anti-nausea meds. I took Zofran with my first pregnancy and with this one too. It was the only thing that worked for me--I tried other meds, ginger, B6, accupressure, etc. etc. The Zofran helped me live my life rather than always wondering when I'd have to run to the bathroom to puke. All of the anti-nausea meds that OBs commonly prescribe are well-studied and very safe.
I'm now 36 weeks and my ultrasound yesterday estimated that the babies weigh 6 1/2 and 7 lbs each and my placentas look very healthy. I attribute that to eating a lot of calories, mostly in the form of protein. I've gained 60 pounds total, most of which I put on in the first 6-7 months (I think I had gained about 30 lbs by 24 weeks). Right now there's just too much in my belly to eat much so I'm not really gaining anymore.
Good luck! Hopefully this stage will pass for you soon.
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I was only sick if I didn't eat enough. I was big egg, cheese, fruit gal.
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My latest conclusion is that whatever worked for me today will not work for me tomorrow! I cannot even think about whopper and fries and I was just singing it's praise the other day.

Also, things that I would never even THINK of eatting before I was pregnant have become a new liking. I had never even tried an airhead before, and my husband gave me two tonight to suck on and I was in heaven! Who knew laffy taffy would be the next lifesaver! Too bad it doesn't provide protein...
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