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Originally Posted by Robbins0614 View Post
I'm with you, Matey! I haven't been sick at all yet either although my tummy doesn't like to be empty. I keep a package of crackers next to the bed for when I wake up hungry, and so far as long as I have a few crackers I feel fine. I have been starving though, and I feel like I'm eating all the time! Just about anything sounds good, although things that are really sweet have never appealed to me and don't now either. (I'm one of those strange people that would rather have an extra dinner roll instead of the chocolate cake for dessert. )
We are feeling such similar things! The other day there were donuts at work, I got one, took one bite, and threw it away. I didn't feel sick from it, it just didn't sound good at all. I too have been starving a lot, so I just keep eating, although I have been trying to make it decent things like oranges, raw nuts, and veggies. Tonight I did have a piece of pizza after dinner. I think I had my first craving today though. It was for hot wing pizza. I couldnt stop thinking abou tit, and my mouth started to water real bad. I guess that is a craving, I dont know. I too would rather have a dinner role instead of the chocolate cake. I would also take salt over sweet any day.
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We also have very close due dates!
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Right now I really would like some mozzarella sticks! I've been busy making pies using those ready made grahm crusts and putting sliced bananas in the bottom and topping with chocolate pudding. Oh my gosh my family is going to be HUGE because I just keep making them and eating them and they do to. At work I keep going down to the cafeteria every morning to get a ham, egg, and cheese croissant, luckily I'm only in the office twice a week. Though right now I'm thinking it would be good to go to the store and get stuff to make them at home! I also keep wanting to go to this Mongolian BBQ for lunch. Its sort of a stirfry place where you put your meat, veggies, noodles, and make your own sauce in a bowl and then they cook it for you. I could eat there every day.

Most things I cook myself I don't want to eat.
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I'm feeling really weird and guilty.

I'm Jewish (a convert) and haven't eaten pork in about 10 years. Until this week. I want bacon in a way I can't even describe, and I had it twice this week from the Whole Foods hot breakfast bar.

Luckily, I am the most kosher member of my Jewish extended family (in-laws), but, still, if anyone sees me eating this, I'm going to have to explain myself.

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