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3 homebirths:

#1 = 3 hours
#2 = 1.5 hours
#3 = 2 hours
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52 hours from water breaking.

36 hours at home, transfered to hospital, ds born 16 hours later via csection for malposition. Last 3.5 hours were pushing.

I'm aiming for a 3 hour labor this time
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11 hours 57 min

3 hours of mild ctx, then water broke, 7 hours of hellish ctx, 1 hour of pushing.
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#1 = 43 hours
#2 = 17 hours (much better!)
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all more than 35 hrs.
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19 hours. I'll find out for #2 here soon.
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From first contraction - 2.5 hours. DS was perfect LOA position, and he was only 29w4d (3 lbs 13 oz), and my water had broken 4 days earlier. So some of that shortness in time is probably attributable to preemie/PPROM, but my family also has fast labors (usually 4-5 hours for the first), and the nurses didn't believe me when I told them that. They were all shocked when I went as fast as I did, and I was the talk of the LDR floor the next day.

We'll find out how I do with a full term baby in another month or two, hopefully!
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42 hours.
First 22 hours at home. Uncomfortable but coping. Feeling I am getting somewhere really makes contractions manageable.

Last 20 hours in hospital. Not getting anywhere except more and more fear and pain. Unrecognised malposition. Emergency cesarean.

HB this time, hoping in the tub. I'll be grateful for anything better than the last horror.
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56 hours from first hard contraction to c-section. A couple of days of very light prodomal before that. First 46 at home. Pitocin, epidural at 48 hour mark. Water broke around hour 50 or 51. Two hours pushing.
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From realizing these strange rhythmic waves of pain were actually contractions to birthing in the tub in my bedroom: 6 hours, 2 of them pushing. (I think. There was little difference for me between when I wasn't pushing and when I was.)
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3 unmedicated, spontaneous labors with vaginal births: all 3 labors were in the 11-12 hour range.
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from first contraction that I remember, no inductions ever!

#1. 12 hours ended in c-section baby was breech, feet first 10 days before EDD 7lbs 12oz
#2. 8 hours VBAC epi hospital 41w 7lbs 13oz
#3. 2 1/2 hours VBAC hospital no meds 40w5d 7lbs 15oz
#4. 5 1/2 hours VBAC hospital no meds 40w3d 8lbs 14oz
#5 3 1/2 hours VBAC hospital no meds 40w4d 10lbs 4oz
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#1 - from first twinge to birth - about 18 hours. From first noticable labor pains to birth - 12 hours. From everyone saying "this baby will come today" to birth - maybe 3 hours.

#2 - First twinges were about 24 hours before. About 16 hours of intermittent contractions 10-15 minutes apart. A little more noticeably after that, but not really "down to business" until the last two hours.
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Contractions started an hour after I was induced by AROM. They were very managable for about 5 hours. The last hour was intense and difficult to get through, but the thought of drugs never entered my mind. Then I pushed one hour. I would have probably pushed longer, but the process was expidited by an episotomoy. : So 7 hours from first contraction to baby. Not bad for a first timer.

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I had 2 days of ctx 20 minutes apart, then active labor started and ds came 20 hours later. Beautiful birth and labor at home, just plain too long
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1 and 2- less than 4 hours, start to finish. Was at the hospital for about an hour of each, so there was minimal time for poking, prodding, and interference (though there was still way too much of that imo). They did break my water with ds, despite my protests (wtf? is there even a good reason for that?). They didn't believe me with #2 when I told them he was coming within an hour. I got eyerolls and comments about how I would likely be there all day. I can't imagine having a hospital birth again if I ever do have another. Fast as it was, it still sucked to have so many people around gawking, poking, and prodding. Also I was never told about other positions at all. Yes I was young, fairly ignorant about birth choices, and lucky things went so smoothly.

ETA- oh yeah and I also remember being told to 'Be quiet!' Was not happy about that at all. :
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1st -- 7 1/2 hours from water breaking to birth, nearly 4 hours of that was pushing

2nd -- just over 2 hours from water breaking to birth (very intense!)
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1st- 8 hours
2nd 4 hours
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DD#1: 10 hours (most of it at home). I got to 6-7 cm dilated then my dds heart rate went down to less than half of what it was supposed to and didn't come back up, so they did a c-sect. They considered stretching my cervix the rest of the way and having me push, but then decided against it. My dds cord had two knots in it that pulled tight when my water broke so I'm grateful for the operation. So if nothing had happened with the cord, I guess I would've gone on a couple more hours but who knows?

DD#2: 5 hours, 30 min pushing, VBAC. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised the labor was so short.
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#1~ 4 hours "hard" labor , baby born 20 hours after PROM (36 wks), HB-NMWA
#2~ 4 hours labor (40 wks), HB-NMWA
#3~ 6 hours labor (42 wks), HB-NMWA; Labor longer for him because I labored in a car (we were traveling), not being able to move around durring labor
#4~ 5.5 hours labor (40 wks), HB-NMWA
#5~ 3.5 hours labor (39 wks), HB-MWA
#6~ 1.25 hours labor (40.5 wks), UC
#7~ 5.5 hours labor (40.5 wks), UC; Born posterior

I count all my labor from the time I "know" that I am really in labor. I have lots of b/h contractions for weeks and months prior to "real" labor.

My pushing phase usually lasts about 5-15 minutes.

NMWA = Non MidWife Assisted
MWA = MidWife Assisted
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