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#1: 44 hours hours including 3 hours pushing (last 6 hours in hospital)
#2: 7.5 hours including 20 min pushing (homebirth)
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DD: approx. 8 hours from first weak contraction. I pushed for about 20 - 25 minutes I think. It was a 85% great experience.

DS: 1 hour and 38 minutes - included about 20 - 30 minutes of pushing. I hemorraged terribly afterward. A story there, but 3 years later I still feel raw emotionally about it.:
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DS was a posterior baby, water broke after 3 days of prodromal labor. Used a birth center with medwives who never bothered to tell me his position, though they knew it was in my chart. Never bothered to help me labor, reposition, etc. so my instinct was to walk through the back labor. About 10 hours of hard labor and 3 hours of hard pushing, resulting in a csection.

DD was also malpositioned, though I worked very hard from about 24 weeks on to help position her. She came out with her hand on her face. We tried for a homebirth with a really good midwife who understood my first birth well. I labored at home nicely at home for a few hours before calling my midwife. Total labor time was about 6 hours with almost 2 hours of pushing. Couldn't get her out and I was exhausted. She offered an episiotomy or hospital transfer. Out of fear I chose hospital where the midwife there, thankfully she attended us, gave me an episiotomy and out popped DD.
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#1: 26 hours total with 45 minutes of pushing (midwife-attended homebirth; Bradley method; lots of people)

#2: 1.5 hours total with a few minutes of pushing (UC homebirth-too fast; HypnoBabies; no one but DH; chiropractic care during pregnancy)
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6 hours labor, 1 hour pushing. my water broke about 3 hours into labor, naturally. i had a hospital birth with a midwife(who didn't show up until after i started pushing but oh wel, she was very helpful for the last 45 minutes!!
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3:30am - water broke
5:30am - went to hospital (GBS+ )
no contrax
6:30pm - accepted pit
8:00pm (roughly) - first real contractions
11:00pm - pushing
11:23pm - ds born

So...from the first real contraction I could feel, 3.5 hours.
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Very few BH in pregnancy.

Fri night: sporadic contractions in the evening... 15 minutes, then 45 minutes, then 30 minutes, etc...

7:00 AM - woke to a contraction. 15 minutes apart.
7:00 PM - went to hospital (CNM) after an hour of 2-3 min apart contractions.

1:00 AM - 10 cm
3:00 AM - Amari was born, sunny side up

So... not counting Friday night... I consider it to be 20 hours total.
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about 24 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing.

I took an herbal tonic to get contractions going because I was facing a hosiptal induction (IL law stinks and I was just shy of 42 wks), and I always wondered if I had let labor start naturally if my labor would have been shorter...
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First contrax started at 430am, she was born at 432pm. I pushed for 47 minutes. First fullterm pregnancy (early loss - chem pg)

ETA: 430a - 11a early labor
approximately 1130a-12p I went into transition / couldn't move / throwing up
we left for birth center for 1p appt at about 1230p
130p arrival = 5cm
OH SNAP! We didn't realize how far along I was, had no childcare for 16mo, had to call doula and emergency backup childcare to rush over
330p-345p - medwife irritated my amniotic sac / it broke, pushed my cervix over baby's head and I started actively pushing (I think I was bearing down some sooner)
432p baby born - some tearing = 6 stitches

I did "spinning babies" and had intermittent chiro care for back pain during pg, not really anything else except affirmations every once in a while, lots of support from doula and preparation through reading articles and positive birth stories.
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2 Weeks of prodromal labor and was 1 week "overdue"

9:22 first contraction
9:45 called doula and midwife
10:30 doula arrives, in active labot
11:00 got into birth tub
2:00ish got "pushy" and midwife arrived
2:30ish got the go ahead to start pushing
3:00 still pushing
3:30 still pushing
4:00 still pushing, on the toilet, in the tub, standing up, side lying on the bed, squatting, on the birth stool - you get the picture!
4:30 still pushing
5:00 still pushing
5:30 still pushing
6:00 still pushing - but can finally reach in and feel the head!!!!!

Thanks to her hand/arm position she got "stuck" on my pelvis.

So I count it as 9 hours.
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I have "precipitous" labors and deliveries:

DD #1 ~ 1 hour 48 minutes total; one-two pushes.

DD #2 ~ 1 hour 45 minutes total; one-two pushes.

DD #3 ~ 1 hour 30 minutes total; one push.

DD #4 ~ 1 hour 15 minutes total; one push.

DD #5 ~ 50 minutes total; she slid out...wouldn't you think?

Luckily I never hemorrhaged (a risk with precipitous deliveries), and had minimal tearing. All my girls were full term, and coincidentally had 95th percentile; I am 5'4" and about 93 pounds...goes to show size does not matter.
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From the first contraction, my labors were:

#1: 9hr45m
#2: 1hr30min
#3: 41min
#4: not positive - this was baby b of my set of twins. He was born 2hr32min after his brother, but there was a break between labors. I'm going to guesstimate 2hr15min for him.
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Okay lets see..

My fist baby's labor was 27 hours with 1 hour of pushing.

My Second baby's labor was 4 hours long with literally 2 pushes.

My third babe was lost at 22 weeks but his induced labor was about 12 hours.

My fourth babe's induced labor (medical issues) was 5 hours long with 30 minutes of pushing.

So for me if I labor naturally I think it would go faster and faster but induced is slower because my body wasn't ready yet.

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Dont think I posted yet

#1 lite BH type contracts for about 8 hours begining at about 6am. Were on a road trip 2 hours from home. Drove home. Started real contractions which lasted about 6 hours until Nurse said baby was breech and we had a c-section.

#2 went into labor away from home again, ( just my luck) at about 6am
went to local hospital after 1 hour.......2 hours later was transfered by ambulance to the closest military hospital (1 hour ride) had baby at 4pm
10 hours of labor

#3 went into labor at 6am baby was born at 8:22am.
2 hours 22 minutes of labor

#4 went into labor at 5am, drove to town to see doc after 1 hour, sent us to the hospital 100 miles away. Baby and I hung on until we got there. Had baby at 10:45am. 5 1/2 hours of labor.

#5 went into labor at 6am had baby at 9:30am
3 1/2 hours of labor

Strangest thing is I seem to go into labor at almost exactly the same time of day each time. Weird
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With DD (my first and only, so far) I was 41 wk 4 days, 13 total hours of labor.

I woke up at 7am with cx 5 minutes apart. Labored at home all day, went to the hospital at about 4pm with cx about 3 minutes apart. Delivered at 8:19pm after about an hour of pushing. I would say only the last 3 hours or so was hard labor (2 hours of labor plus an hour pushing). We'll see about #2 here in a couple months!
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Dd - hospital birth, induction : 21 hrs 3 1/2 pushing She was postier and I was not allowed out of bed at all. Pushing flat on my back: I tried sitting up and they pushed me back down b/c it was "easier for the dr"!!: HE wasn't the one having the baby!:

Ds, 14 months later - Hospital birth, Water broke at home at 36 weeks 5 days. Contrax started about 1/2 hr later. 5 cm when we got to the hospital. Ds was born 5 hrs 45 min from when my water broke. I did things my way and told the dr what I was going to do. Pushing - about 7 contrax so maybe 5-10 min? I don't know. It was fast though.
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From waterbreak (which is how labor started for me) to birth, 6 hours.

It was about 10 minutes of pushing, and everything else hurt like hell. I loved it! home, waterbirth

My senses tell me my water will also break with this baby at about 4 am, as it did with DS. And 3-4 days before EDD (DS was on EDD). We shall see!
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Eight hours. First ctx at noon, water broke between 6:30 and 7, baby at 7:57pm.
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#1: 44 hours hard labour, three days prior to that of early stuff. Posterior for the first 17 hours of that, birth center transfer at 42 hours, almost went back home but was afraid of the potholes! Almost 2 hours of pushing.
#2: 2.5 hours easy labour. Posterior breech. Didn't even know I was in labour for almost all of it. Went to the hospital and he was crowning when they checked me - they took him by c-section.
#3: 3 hours. Easy labour. Posterior until the very very end, but the contractions only hurt for about 20 minutes. Pushed for all of 5 minutes.

9lb+ baby WAYYYYY easier to push out than the six pound baby.
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The only one I can really count is my 2nd baby, my VBAC..
It was about 15 hours with the last hour being the pushing stage. The first few hours weren't too intense, though. She was 9 lbs and born 10 days past her EDD.
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