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guess what

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I'm having my baby today!!!!
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WOOHOOO!! Wonderful birthing vibes to you!!!
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Wow - good luck to you!
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Fast & Easy birthing vibes to you!!
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thank you

Contractions started at about 6 pm yesterday. I was able to sleep between them all night. Now that I am up, I want them to pick up. They're very light and still irregular. Not too productive, but I'm ready to meet this baby!
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Best wishes!! I'm excited for you!
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Congrats to you too! Gosh, lots of babies wanting to come right now. Tapping my foot waiting lol

Can't wait to hear about your birth!

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It has to be the moon or um the fact that we all conceived at about the same time

I had a good friend do a chart reading a while back for me and astrologically speaking from when the full moon was etc the 11th would be THE PERFECT day for Sage to arrive

Today is a big potluck get together, tuesday Kai and I are going to the theatre to see "give a mouse a cookie" after that Im free

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Congrats! Sending easy labor vibes your way!
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Woo-hoo! I am looking forward to hearing your birth story!!!
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Yippee, Em!! Doin' the happy dance for you, mama!!

Lots and lots of ~E*L*Vs~ headed your way. I hope that swwet babe is in your arms soon!!

Give me a call when you can...I can't wait to hear all about it!

Love ya, mama!!
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Sending peaceful labor vibes and happy well-wishes your way! Can't wait to hear about it!!!
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Easy birthing thoughts coming your way. Can't wait for the update!
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Looking forward to hearing about your birth, Em! Great to reconnect with you recently, glad to know you are doing well!
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just read the update at cm, congrats on your newest little bundle
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I talked to her this afternoon and mama and baby are doing well! I know she can't wait to get on and post the details.

Happy babymooning, Em and welcome to the world little one!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! Welcome baby!! Can't wait to hear the details!!!
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I've forgotten how to nak

Anyway, 40 hours of labor, tried to push for 6 hours. Got exhausted, went to hospital. Wouldn't you know baby was born 40 minutes later!

Ava Charlotte
6 lbs 12 oz
10-09-06 7:41 am

I'm in love!:
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Congratulations!!!! Welcome Ava!!!
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Congratulations Emily & Welcome AVA!!!
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