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New here! Hi :)

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My name is Jenny and I just turned 20. I was married on June 23rd and conceived about 2 weeks later. I'm due on March 30th and I'm very excited! I go on October 25th for my tripple screen and on November 9th for a 3D to hopefully figure out the sex. I just wanted to say hello so I can become a part of your community.

Thanx so much!

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and congrats on the baby and your marrige. Can't wait to get to know you better.
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Jenny, (wow, lots of Jennys in our DDC!)

Congrats and

I had to laugh when I saw your username...Bubbles is what we've nicknamed our babe in utero!
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I'm also new here and wanted to say hi!! MDC is awesome!!! Hope you enjoy your PG, and congratulations!!
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Congrats mama! Wow, you're celebrating a lot!!! How fun!!
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Do you mind if I ask you what your reason is for getting the triple screen test-since you are so young?
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Congratulations and welcome!
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Congratulations and Welcome, Jenny!

I'm relatively young also AND newly married. (I'm 23 and have been married since April).

Anyway, welcome to our "community"..
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Thanx everyone! I'm glad to be here. I've already found many useful things. You all are really sweet!

Originally Posted by ILoveMySofie View Post

Do you mind if I ask you what your reason is for getting the triple screen test-since you are so young?

My doctor just told me that we'd be doing the triple screen at the next appointment and I thought it was routine. Is there a reason I should refuse the test?


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Hi Jenny! Welcome!

The triple screen is notoriously innacurate -- it has a very high false positive rate. And it is not a test with a definitive answer, it's a screening, which means that if the results are positive, you will need additional testing to confirm or deny the results. The additional testing involves Level II ultrasound(s) and an amnio. You should decide if you'd be willing to have an amnio should the results come back positive, and what you would do with the information should the news not be good. (For example, would you terminate the pregnancy if the baby has Down Syndrome?)

At age 20, the likelihood of a chromosomal defect is QUITE small.
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Hi and congrats!

Yeah, for me, no matter what the test would say I will be carrying the baby to term. There's nothing it will tell me that will change my actions - they can't do anything to fix any problems they find (which with my age and lifestyle is unlikely anyway), and I'm not going to abort this pregnancy, so there's no point in the test. The OB I saw for my last appt and my m/w from DD's pregnancy both told me if you wouldn't abort a fetus with Down's syndrome and you're under 35, there's no reason to have the test.

Welcome to MDC!!
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No way would I abort the baby no matter if anything is wrong with it or not. But if something is wrong I'd like to know ahead of time so I could be prepared. Especially financially.

Thanx so much for the warm welcomes!
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