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I am planning on making a small garden with my two year old daughter in the spring.

It will be her garden entirely, and she will do most of the work. We have been raising her with a lot of Montessori methodology at home, and this will be a part of that effort. However, I am terrible with plants, and don't know much about gardening.

Does anyone have a suggestion on when and how to begin? I want plants that will be easy to care for, and will show relatively quick results.... any advice at all on how to proceed would be most appreciated!

Rachel :
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Good question! I'm gonna be doing something similar next year with my dd too. She comes & helps me in the garden already & she's only just turned 1. My thoughts so far :

sunflowers since they grow really really tall so you can measure them. See whose grows biggest & stuff.

Vegetables of some kind. Tomatoes are good. Some greens to help encourage her to eat them - not that my dd needs any encouragement there. Pumpkins maybe to see how big they get.
Peas so they can climb up something & she can eat them when they're little & sweet. Yummy.

Cute little flowers like pansies & calendulas coz they're good colours & good companion plants.

A few herbs possibly too so she can start getting into them as well. Maybe something like chamomile so she can make tea out of it or some mint. Some parsley to munch on.

Everything, with the exception of the herbs, should grow easily from seed.
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My son is 21mo and I was JUST thinking this this weekend! :-) We are planting herbs because they are hard to kill. And sweet peas and nastursiums [sp?] because they grow like weeds here in SF CA. I like the veggie idea, but I was wondering about carrots since he'll eat those. [And I kill tomatoes. Uhg.] I am also trying to think of some flowering creeper to plant under all of MY roses. My son already helps me water! It was too cute this past summer to see him try to lug the can when it was bigger than he was!

I am SO happy I found this board/topic! I will be sure and check back later!


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