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Pregnancy-related Face Rash...anyone?

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I CAN'T be the only one - just b/c I'm the only one I know and the only one in 2 DDCs. There's gotta be somebody else out there with this! Igot a rash on my chin when pregnant with my DD. I thought it was chapping - it started along the crease of my chin (b/tw chin and lips), then spread from the corners of my mouth down. It was dry and scaly. But it never went away - until a few days after she was born.

Now I'm pregnant again, and here it is again. It's difficult to cover up, but I'm so self conscious I have to. (I switched to the super-fancy bare minerals make=up, which is working great and totally non-irritating - but I hate having to put on makeup everyday!) It's not "mask of pregnancy" - But I've been to several midwives and 2 dermatologists, and nobody has any answers for me.

Anybody else with crazy skin problems due to pregnancy? Oh, I also have eczema for the first time in my life with this pregnancy - but it's gotten MUCH better. Anybody with mask of pregnancy?
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I don't know if it's due to pregnancy, but I have a very itchy rash that won't go away. I can't remember if it started just before or just after I got pregnant (in April). Started on a couple of my fingers and was slowly spreading, then I went to the family doc in August and the creams he prescribed caused it to show up everywhere - arms, all over my hands, legs, and a little on my belly. I'm nearing the end of a two month (!!!) wait to see a dermatologist... but am half expecting him to say he has no clue either.
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ladies ladies, i am the answer to your prayers. i KNOW what is wrong with your faces! i have it too! im not really sure what the connection is with pregnancy, but i have it now and had it before with my daughter. if you have what i have, it is called perioral dermatitis, which basically means rash around the mouth. dermatitis is a totally general term that encompasses all sorts of skin issues. but lets cut to what everyone cares about, how to get rid of the awful thing.

DO NOT use steroid cream like cortisone or anything of that sort bc it will look like it has gone away and come back with a vengence bc you have weakened your facial skin's ability to fight by itself. when the steroids go, it gets worse. not good. it is a fungal issue, not an infection, so antibiotics dont work either. olive oil has natural antifungal properties, so use that asap, and i think you will notice a difference right away. in the mean time, get some calendula flowers, which are wonderful for every sort of skin issue and infuse olive oil with them by filling a clean dry jar with the flowers and topping it off with olive oil (available at most co-ops and health food stores, not whole foods, generally). it will be ready in about 6 weeks. i basically rub it on my face as much as possible, causing my glasses to slip off and me to look a little shiney, but its better than dry and scaly, in my opinion. i would make the oil yourself, as opposed to getting a product like weleda, as theirs seems to be more cosmetic and probably has less of the herb. i would also drink nettle infusion, which is great for the skin, but is also one of the most beneficial preg tonics you can find. if you want me to tell you how to make it or where to find it, just ask.

you can also get a prescription for antifungal cream, my doc gave me ketoconizole, or something like that, and it works, however slowly, and it smells a little oniony, for some reason (your choice, oniony, scaly or greasy). i use it with olive oil and if finally went away, but came back again. go to your derm again and ask about perioral dermatitis. it may come with pregnancy bc of hormone fluctuations or immune system strain but not many derms may know that much about our "woman problems".

good luck and i hope it works!
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Bleumoose - i totally forgot that I also got itchy fingers when pregnant with DD- that one actually continued while I was nursing, off and on. I had to stop wearing my rings. It was mostly along the vally between my pinky and ring finger - but would spread. Grrrr...

Meadows - I was actually told it was perioral dermatitis by the derm - but he seemed to think it was irritation realated to eating. Which it's not - I don't smear food all over my chin, as a rule. That's a great tip about the calendula - I'll try it if I can find the calendula flowers. I have the weleda calendula cream (for DD) but left it in Georgia. I've been using Albolene, this random oily cleanser that my derm recommended as a moisturizer, and it has helped. I also felt it was looking a bit better when I was using pure jojoba oil. I'll hunt for calnedula flowers!

Glad to know I'm not the only one!!
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