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Originally Posted by LibertyBelle View Post
Thank you for this thread. I'm at about 4 weeks, and have had brown light spotting for a few days. I'm scared, but it's nice to read these positive outcomes.
I just wanted to quote myself to post an update:

I spotted brown every day from when I posted up until about 8 weeks. I also had one big gush of red bleeding around 6.5 weeks which had me convinced it was all over. Anyways, I'm currently at about 11 weeks and I'm feeling great. Sticky vibes to everyone :
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I'm so glad to read these spotting stories! I've had my own pink/brown spotting for 2 days now...just a light occasional flow.

Still worrisome though...thanks for all the stories.
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just want to bump this one up... I needed some positive thoughts...
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I had a lot of spotting from 5-7 wks, and now all is quiet (at almost 11 wks). Turns out it was a Subchorionic Hemmorage that is self-resolving. Hoping it's gone! :
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bumping.. i need some good stories
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My SCH baby is now 6 weeks old!

Hope it resolves itself for you mamma.
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bumping for a mama in need!
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I had bleeding at 15 weeks of this pregnancy. It woke me up with bright red bleeding. It wasn't heavy but it was noticeable. I had spotting for 5 days that ranged from bright red, pink, and brown. Sometimes it was only super light when I wiped and other times it was almost like a super light period. Very scary!

I had an ultrasound on day 3 of the spotting and everything was great. Since then, we have heard the baby 4 times at my doctors (I was going often for unrelated reasons). Baby is fine and kicking as I type this! We are not 100% sure what caused this but we have several possible causes - the painful abscess I had drained the afternoon before (nearly put me into shock with extreme shaking from pain), the strong antibiotics I was on, the terrible yeast infection I had, or the low-lying placenta I have. We will never really know but all that matter is that I am okay and my precious baby is okay.

Bleeding is always scary and unpredictable. I truly thought I was miscarrying because I thought blood equaled miscarriage. It does not always mean that though! You can have bleeding and have a perfectly healthy and happy baby and pregnancy!
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I've been pregnant 9 times. I have spotted in more than half those pregnancies. For 4 of them I spotted/bled almost the entire first trimester. With my 4th I bled bright red blood and passed a golf ball sized clot at 11 weeks. That baby is now sitting upstairs, is 11 years old and is quite the horsewoman.
Bleeding is scary and can be a sign of bad things but is not ALWAYS. Have hope!!!
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This is a very timely thread for me. Thanks!

This is my 4th pregnancy and while I did spot with my 2nd pregnancy, this one has involved quite a bit more bleeding and therefore worry for me so far. I'm still wondering if I'm insane and misread my 3 positive tests(faint lines on them).
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I bled off and on for the first trimester with both of my children (still
pregnant with the one) I didn't know I was pregnant the first time so it didn't worry me. The second time I had to keep getting blood tests and such and the nurse told me it was probably a m/c but I'm 31 weeks now with a healthy pregnancy!
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My first pregnancy I had bleeding in the first trimester. Scared the crap out of me. He is currently a very healthy and talkative 5 year old.

I had bleeding in the first trimester with number two. She is also a very healthy 2 year old.

This pregnancy I had what I thought was normal period only to find out that I was in fact pregnant. I am due in a few days.

Bleeding can be really scary but not always bad. Waiting to see what happens and knowing that some people just have this during pregnancy helped me.
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Bumping this thread because it's so encouraging, positive, and relevant!

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I've bled in all three of my pregnancies from very light spotting the day my period was due to heavy bleeding with clots and cramping. There has never been an explination as to why I bleed. I know very few women who had no bleeding at all from the day they got their BFP to the day they went into labor.


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Oh man, this is such a good thread idea.


Is it okay for me to talk briefly about when it was not okay, but I trusted my gut? In my first pg at week 9, I started spotting a teeny tiny little brown amount after intercourse and a day of hiking. My midwife said that it was more than likely from the intercourse or the exertion or some combo, but to wait a week and see. The next day, I was still spotting the same small amount and I panicked and went to the ER. I ended up having a miscarriage the following day.


And then: in my second pregnancy, around week 6, I had a gush of red blood. I called the midwife (why do these things always happen at like, Saturday night at 9?) and she told me they couldn't do anything conclusive until Monday. Monday morning, I saw the midwife who said something like, "it looks like you're having some bad luck" and sent me for my ultrasound. I was floored when it showed a healthy heartbeat and baby.  I was still bleeding at that point and continued to for another day or so.


So much of this stuff is so inconclusive, and so nebulous. The hardest part is waiting to find out if you're lucky or not.

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I too had brown/pink spotting accompanied by light menstrual type cramps early in this pregnancy. I was very stressed out as I had a previous chem pg. Everything has worked out fine so far (I'm 14wks 3days today) smile.gif sending positive thoughts to all the mamas experiencing this! It can be very stressful!
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I heart this thread.

Spotting very lightly with mild cramps today. 6wks, went into full panic mode and cried for three hours. Read this thread. Sigh of relief.

I feel true gratitude for everyones stories, thank you so much.
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I first spotted around 11 weeks and have had varying amounts of spotting every couple weeks since then. Sometimes, it's just once and other times for a few days. I am now in the 3rd trimester (28 weeks) and spotted yesterday and today again. All ultrasounds have shown a perfect baby and placenta, and she's been kicking around quite a lot. My doctor thinks I have a sensitive cervix, and that's what causes my spotting.

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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post

So...if you've had an experience like this, maybe post it here to encourage/support other mamas facing the same roller coaster? The feeling of dread every time you see pink toilet tissue? The conviction each time that "this time" is the end?


I guess I'm late to the thread, but wanted to put my two cents in.


With my first pg, I had a "pregnant period"--a red/brown period at the expected time, or maybe a week early, that was enough to convince me that I wasn't pg at all.  I later took a HPT because I was going to do a cleanse and wanted to be extra sure that it was safe.  BFP!  Turns out I was 6ish weeks along.


With this pg, I was charting, and had brown and pink spotting from 9DPO until, gosh, maybe 25 DPO?  Definitely pg.  Then I had two small areas of subchorionic hemorrhage at 11 weeks, which caused an additional two weeks of bleeding.  Now at 17 weeks I've been bleed-free for only 4 weeks, but babe is definitely alive and kicking.


So, as ya'll know, bleeding IS NOT necessarily the beginning of the end.  love.gif


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Bumping for more input. :)  Anyone have more positive stories? I love that we are creating such a great resource on something that isn't talked about much. 

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