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My good friend of 15 years has 4 children.

During her first pregnancy, we were very young. She was spotting/bleeding and her doctor really wanted to find a cause to verify that there was not bigger problem causing it.

After some intense investigation, they found she had a smaller, underdeveloped uterus hiding under her primary uterus. There was septum on the underside of her cervix, that continued about 1/3 of the way down her vagina. That septum could hardly be called more than a flap of tissue, and it usually clung to the vaginal wall, which is how it stayed undetected for so long.

When she is pregnant, that 2nd uterus continues it's pseudo-cycle. It has kind of a "mini-period". The doctor says that the biggest risk associated with this condition is that she could have two pregnancies of different gestation in each of her uteruses. This is unlikely though, as the 2nd is so far underdeveloped.

This is a very unique case, though and I doubt that everyone's mid pg bleeding could be attriubuted to such a condition. On the other hand, it was difficult to detect, and it could be more prevalent than we know... .who knows!

How's that for scary?!

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I'm new here, but I'm spotting and so stressed. Wanted to hear other stories.

For me:
Thought I had a full blown period with dd. I actually laughed when dr asked me if I was pg because of that. Took a test and it was +++!

With my ectopic and spotted heavily for weeks until it was finally diagonosed (another angry story for anther thread). Lots of pain too.

With ds I spotted around 42 days and that was very scary for me.

Now I"m at 6 weeks, been spotting since 5w 3 days and I'm just hoping...

More stories please!
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I am 31 weeks and still spot. There is hope ladies. I have had every test there is out there and have been constantly reassured that my little guy is perfect. What had initially happened with me was I was pregnant with twins. I lost one at 15 weeks. We thought for sure that the pregnancy had ended but lo and behold, there was one perfect little bean left. According to my RE, this is very common. More often, it's referred to as a vanishing twin and your body just reabsorbs the embryo, sometimes you pass it.
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I am nearly 22 week pregnant, and on holiday when I was 18 wks had a bleed that lasted 18 hours started light red ended brownish, rang GP and he said if it happened again see GP or A&E where I was. Sure enough 5 days later bleeding starts again so off to A&E.

They had to redo all my bloods as I did not have any results and they found out I was RH neg. So I was lucky enough to get an injection of Anti D, upto then I had never worried as my parents were O+.

Being in the Uk and where we live I am only offered 1 ultrasound at 16 wks and thats when all your bloods are done but you have to wait for results.

Everyone one said I should be fine and sure enough the hospital that admitted me did an extra ultrasound and saw baby moving so alot happier (plus I brought a doppler to hear heart beat)! But it has taken another 4 weeks for my local hospital to call me in for a check up, so I hope extra bloods will be done!

But I am 4 weeks from bleeds (not allowed to have sex, GP said give him a cup of tea) and can feel baby move now, so I expect all will be well.

Lots of people have told me since saying about my bleeds that they have had the same and its normal.

Take care
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Could this be stickied??

Could this and any other posts about common "miseries of pregnancy" be placed under a subforum of their own as stickies?
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i have been bleeding for several hours now and the first thing i thought of was to look on here...im 7 weeks and haven't seen my midwife yet because she doesn't normally see patients until 10 weeks. (calling her in the morning) this is making me feel a little better. my concern is that it is bright red and i have been cramping...for those of you with happy endings after bleeding did you also have cramps?
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Originally Posted by kehliouise View Post
i have been bleeding for several hours now and the first thing i thought of was to look on here...im 7 weeks and haven't seen my midwife yet because she doesn't normally see patients until 10 weeks. (calling her in the morning) this is making me feel a little better. my concern is that it is bright red and i have been cramping...for those of you with happy endings after bleeding did you also have cramps?
I've never had cramps with bleeding, but I did have some bright red spotting with dd at around week 7. I hope things go well for you! I spotted a bit brown today, and I didn't spot at this point with my m/c, but I did spot around this point with dd... so I hope it's okay!

love and peace.
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Just bumping this up to the beginning for anyone else that needs a little encouragement and positive thoughts...
I had a tiny bit of brownish spotting earlier today - but I am hoping it is just because DH and I got a little lovin' in yesterday
Spotting is so scary since my first pg ended in an early m/c at 6.5 weeks...
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It's always good to have this thread handy.
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Spotting and scared to death!!

I am 6w5d and started spotting on Tuesday.. I had just called the doctor to make my first appt. on Monday. I called the doctor and went in and had HCG levels done. My level was 3095. The doc did a tansvaginal u/s and saw a sac so she ruled out ectopic preg. I have been spotting internittently since Thanksgiving. Now I am waiting on the doc to call me back with the results from my hCG Friday and the next steps to take.
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I bled for 2 months, starting at about 8 weeks with ds. He was born perfect and healthy at 37 weeks. I actually carried him longer than I did dd, and I didn't bleed at all with her. My mother also bled when pregnant with my youngest brother, and he was fine as well, actually carried him to 42 weeks.
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Ugh....I was doing so well!

I had early spotting for a few weeks, then a little spotting after a pap smear but that was it! I didn't spot for a week or so. And now, tonight, pink toilet tissue. Actually a red spot and then pink.

I'm trying to stay happy/calm since I know there's nothing else to do. But I'm really bummed since we just announced the pregnancy to family/friends on thanksgiving and I had planned on telling co-workers tomorrow.

But now I don't know. I guess I'll see what the morning brings....
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In my second pregnancy I started bleeding heavier then a period right after I found out I was pregnant. I thought I was having a miscarriage and tried to let my body just take care of it. But the bright red and heavy bleeding went on and on till one night at about 9 weeks along I woke up to gushing of blood clots and blood. I also had terrible cramping on one side, so we went into the emergency room where they told me I was miscarrying, and suggested a D&C which I declined and said I'd let my body take care of it. They were releasing me from the ER, but at last second they did an U/S. Turns out I WAS having a miscarriage, but I also had another baby in there, so I was miscarrying a twin. That baby is now a cute and healthy almost 3 yr old.

I also had heavy bleeding in my last pregnancy and when I had an ultrasound they saw "veinous lakes," whatever that is. I bled into my 2nd trimester, bright red and heavy bleeding. My baby is 11 months old today.
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Me too.

With my first I spotted for several days around 5-6 weeks, it was about as heavy as my normal periods (although they are usually pretty light). I was terrified that I was losing the baby, and had to wait a week for an ultrasound to confirm my little 6.8mm bean was still fine. She's now nearly 3.
Now 5 weeks with #2!
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Giving this thread a bump since a few recent threads (and their mamas) might like to read some of these posts!

And my own update...I've been spotting free for a month now! Woot!
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I mentionned this on another thread...
I started spotting at 21 weeks. I was in shock and panicked. I never spotted with ds and didn't think this happened in the 2nd trimester. Went to the hospital and was told it was fine, if the spotting was brownish, not to bother going back. So Now I'm at 25 weeks, still spotting on and off and trying to feel ok about it. It doesn't occur after sex, strangely enough!!

All these stories are reassuring. How weird that we never hear about this?

Oh, and I had 2 m/c in the past. True enough, no spotting with these. I just had bleeding and cramping before the deed occured.
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I had bright red bleeding at 32 weeks for about 12 hours. I thought my baby was dying. I went to the hospital where the horrible doctor freaked me out. It turned out to be nothing and no one could give me a definitive reason why it happened. My son liked staying inside so much he didn't come out until 42 weeks. I never heard of anyone bleeding during pregnancy, but it would have reassured me tremendously.
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My story:

I had early pg bleeding too. I was working out at the gym at 7 weeks and felt wetness. I was about 15 minutes into a hard cardio routine. A few minutes later I felt something pass and decided to go to the bathroom. I was shocked to see that my black gym pants and panties were completely soaked and I had some tissue/clotting. I called 911, was told to go the ER and was taken in right away. It did take about 3 hours for a doctor to come see me and get an US done but it was so reassuring to see that heartbeat and tiny little peanut.

4 weeks later at 11 weeks I had another bleed, this time I began bleeding during sex and my BF and I didn't notice until we finished. It was enough blood to leave 1/4 of my sheets stained and it was bright red but unlike the first time I hadn't passed any tissue. I tried not to think about it, we just changed sheets, took showers, and went to bed.

The next morning I had a significant amount of tissue pass, however it was also my first day at a new job and I couldn't not go. All day I was dying to get to the hospital as I was still bleeding. Finally I left work at 3 and went to the hospital. This time we waited about 4 hours but again the US showed a healthy HB and peanut.

My doctors were unsure of what caused the bleeds.....at 22 weeks I was diagnosed with Incompetent Cervix and my peri suspects that contributed to the bleeds. After the first bleed I was put on no sex/exercise restrictions and at 22 weeks I had a cerclage and was put on bed rest.

Bleeding is scary but it doesn't always mean the worst is about to happen....as a first time mama to be though I understand the fear.
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Soooo...bumping this back up a bit!

I was getting all relaxed, but now, out of the blue and at 20 weeks...I'm spotting again. Light Pink, not a heavy flow but there every time I go to the bathroom (and being stressed out and worried I'm going just about every hour to "check").


I had a busy day at work and then walked home quickly, so that might have done it. And I've been a bit stopped up so I've been straining a bit in the bathroom (though this spotting isn't hem.) I haven't done anything else hat might caus ebleeding, so I'm just trying to stay calm and happy!

wish me luck...
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With my first pregnancy I started bleeding, heavier than a normal period for me, and having horrid tear inducing cramps on my left side at about 5w3d pregnant or so. We went to the ER and they found nothing wrong except my uterus is too far to the left, so as it expanded it rubbed against my left kidney. I continued bleeding, between barely spotting on the tp when I wiped to heavier than a period bleeding, for the entire pregnancy, we never figured out why, but she is a happy healthy 4 1/2 year old now!

With my son I again spotted at around 5weeks...they did an ultrasound and didn't see anything in my uterus and saw something in my ovary and thought it was etopic...we went back a week later at 6weeks and there he was in my uterus with a heartbeat, they decided in my ovary was a cyst. I spotted (light spotting) off and on again my entire pregnancy...I ended up "induced" (just had my water broke, but I was supposed to get pitocin as well, it just wasn't needed) at 39 weeks cause I started bleeding a ton, just blood pouring out, like a huge puddle of blood in the bathtub around my feet...they never figured out where all that blood came from, he will be 3 in march.

I'm 9weeks pregnant and started spotting last wednesday, had an ultrasound on thursday, and everything looks perfect.
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