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This is always a good thread to keep bumped up.

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Just wanted to add...

When I started this thread I was bleeding...well, my dd2 was born safe and sound two weeks ago! Bleeding doesn't always mean there is a problem.

hang in there mamas...it's scary, and adds so much potential fear, but stay strong and best wishes for healthy pregnancies and a joyous birthing!
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This thread has made me feel much better!
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I'm glad it helps...I wish there was more info out there for spotting mamas. It isn't always bad, though it's always stressful. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and as stress free as possible.
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Another story!

I spotted right at 13 weeks. I freaked out because we'd just started telling people. I spotted for 2 days, then it started again the following week. And again the following week. Sunday arrived, and so did spotting. It wasn't gushing awful, but enough to be bright red and freak me out.

I relaxed after seing baby wave at us on the u/s screen. The ob gave me a pic and I'd keep it with me. It was baby waving saying he was fine. There was no more spotting. That was 2.5 years ago and I'm expecting #2 now.

I had what I thought was a period in april, before I knew I was pg. Turns out it was some spotting. Go figure. I had no clue I was pregnant, so I didn't worry.

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On the day before the last and final Harry Potter book was to come out, I had to go to work. I was already several weeks pregnant. I had a run-in with a crappy coworker who tried getting me in trouble and I was upset.

When I got home and sat down, I had a searing pain in my cervix. I thought maybe I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and a huge squirt of bright red blood came out of me. I was so scared. I lay down in bed and took a nap and it stopped. That evening, I was determined to go to the book store to pick up the book at midnight. I figured I deserved at least that if I was going to have a miscarriage. I never bled again

When I was about 10 weeks pregnant or so, I started having extremely painful contractions. I was bawling my eyes out, they hurt so bad. I was getting one right on top of another. It lasted maybe an hour tops. I knew I had lost the baby. I screamed and wailed that it wasn't fair (I had lost 3 babies already and was FED UP). I put towels on the floor and got ready to have a little dead baby, but after a while, everything just stopped. Completely.

And now I'm 23 weeks preggo and my little tadpole is swimming around in there as I type this!

I have told him that we are going to have a LONG talk about scaring his momma like that once he gets out here, though.
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Originally Posted by swelldove View Post
I too am so happy to have this wonderful support from all you mama's!!

I started bright red bleeding at around 6w 3 days dpo and started freakin' out and crying all weekend, on monday we went in for an ultrasound and everything looked great there was a strong heart beat. I still hadn't found a M/W so I started calling around and set up an appointment. The awesome M/W we found reassured me and told me to take everyday as it comes....Fast forward to now I'm 17 weeks along and have been really busy lately bike riding, lifting my very heavy 30 pound toddler all the time and such...started to bleed a tiny bit on Saturday, called the midwife and she said not to worry, I had no cramps and it was just that one little bit of blood when I had a pee first thing that morning. So I've been doing alot of meditating while resting and visualizing a healthy baby in my womb being carried to term!!

Peace and lot of sticky vibes to all our babies, they are stronger than we think!!

I just had my baby!! A very peaceful homebirth waterbirth. So everything did and can work out in the end even with unexplained bleeding throughout pregnancy, much love to all you mama's dealing with this too!!
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This is really reassuring right now!
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I was on prometrium for a couple of weeks (was on Progesterone IM for majority of the time as a result of IVF treatments) and at 8 weeks (2 weeks after starting the Prometrium) I started spotting, some times brown & stringy and some times tinged with some red. Now and then there was a pink wipe on TP and tiny clots. I finally had the green light to stop the Prometrium and all signs of spotting/clotting etc are gone. The Drs. felt the Prometrium had irratated my cervix. I am now 9 weeks and had an U/S yesterday and that little bean was wiggling all over and the heartbeat looked great....so I'm looking forward to a healthy pregnancy ahead!
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ok at 17 wks?

I'm posting my story with the hope that it is a happy end. So far, so good, but I'm still paranoid...
I spotted at 12 wks after the stomach flu. Heartbeat was fine and cervix was fine, so my midwife chalked it up to the pressure on the cervix from heaving, etc.

I'm currently spotting again at 17 weeks. This has been going on for a week with some brown, some pink and some red. I had a full ultrasound and the baby appears perfect in every way, and the placenta is in a good position. My cervix is also fine. At first my midwife was thinking it was caused by intercourse, but now we are way beyond that window, and all she can do is shrug and say this happens to some women. I'm thinking it might be related to straining with constipation, but even that has not been such an issue over the past few days.

I never had one spot in my first pregnancy, and had a miscarriage at 8 wks with my second, so I'm finding it difficult to accept "i don't know" for an answer. I just try to remind myself that everything about the pregnancy ("the house") is fine, but for some reason the "front door" (cervix) is scratched a little. But it doesn't hurt the house at all.
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This is an awesome thread. I am 35 weeks now and have been spotting lightly for a little over a week. All but a few of the stories on here about spotting are 1st and 2nd trimester, though. I didn't have any spotting during that time.

I had a cervical check with my MW on Monday, she said cervix was closed and couldn't see any reason for the spotting but there was a fair amount of blood on the speculum SP?. The MW says the baby is progressing well, and I am too, although my BP has increased over the last couple of weeks, from 90/60 to 110/60. I have a little stethoscope that DP and I bought a few months back and I have been using it alot lately to hear babys heartbeat if s/he is too still for too long. Anyway, MW recommended I get an U/S on Thursday to check the placenta, (she is concerned maybe a small part of it has torn away from the uterus) and wants me to rest until then.

The hard part of this is going through the worry alone cuz DP is overseas for a few more weeks. I can't tell my Mom cuz she is already driving me nuts, she would want to talk to me everyday if I'd let her, which has not been a normal part of our relationship by my choice since I was 18. I know she is a Mom and I love her, but I feel that she is being overly concerned just with the fact that I am alone in the house. So telling her something like this would push her over the top.

So anyway..... hopefully my U/S will show a healthy placenta that is fully attached and I will be OK if the bleeding is unexplained as long as I know the baby is fine. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks I can report on this thread that I had bleeding in the 3rd trimester and still had a healthy baby.
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Any other spotting success stories? Hang in there spotting mamas!
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Here's mine: I'm currently almost at 14 weeks. At almost 6 weeks, sudden sharp cramps, serious bright red blood flow with clots, like dripping down my leg and barely made it to toilet in time. Went in for an u.s. the next day fully expecting to be told I'd had a miscarriage, but no, I was still pg. And there's clearly a big blood clot (chorionic hematoma) hanging out right next to the placenta. Two weeks later much the same thing except instead of cramps and sudden gush, no cramps and slow leakage of bright red blood for a longer period of time, again thought This is it, again get an ultrasound and see the heartbeat. At this point it's getting a little monotonous but there is nothing quite as scary, right? So every week or so I have a little brown spotting. At 12 weeks 4 days I had the first trimester screening which involves a very intense ultrasound--so clear, detailed, and 3-dimensional I almost cried, and once again there was the live fetus and the hematoma, measuring at 3 centimeters, which my doctor says is not big as they go, and he thinks it is getting smaller. The night of the screening I'm standing in a restaurant ordering take-put and this dreadful gush happens but it was just this one gush and that was it, like something popped, and the blood was so dark brown that it looked like balsamic vinegar. I restrained myself from freaking out and demanding an u.s. asap and managed to wait until the regular OB/GYN appointment yesterday. This is what my doctor said: hematomas (clots) or even just pockets of blood happen; there's a great deal more blood flow than usual in there when pg and sometimes blood gets trapped in various folds or else a clot forms. Usually they just get reabsorbed back into your body and they sometimes bleed out, being liquid, and if the blood you see is dark brown it means the clot is decomposing. They can cause bleeding that isn't good (and I'm not sure how they manage this, physically) and that means, bleeding from the placenta. Also I've read on-line that such hematomas have been associated in studies with pregnancies that have had placenta previa or placenta abrupto. That doesn't mean that if you have bleeding that is what's happening, just that it could mean that it happens more often in pregnancies with hematomas. So, when I saw my doctor at the regular OB/GYN appointment yesterday, because he could see how anxious I was, he did a quick abdominal u.s. and there again was the live fetus, good heartbeat, plenty of fluid around it, the right size. Doctor said, the hematoma can go one of two ways (being reabsorbed or causing bad bleeding) and it looks like it's going the right way. So I am reassured but the bleeding keeps happening, and more frequently now, a few spots I'd say every other day. I decided to resign myself to some bleeding and hope it goes away eventually.
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I spotted bright red at 4-5 weeks. I was sure it was the beginning of the end. I saw my midwife today and my tiny little bean is measuring perfectly and had a tiny flickering heartbeat.
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I got good news today!

I'm 7 weeks now, and I've been spotting brown, pink, and some red since the day before I found out I was pregnant. A few cramps here and there too. It's all been very nerve-wracking. Anyway, today I went to the midwife for an early ultrasound, and she said that everything looked perfect- strong heartbeat, measuring the right size, etc, and that since there was no obvious reason for the bleeding, it would probably stop on its own, eventually.
I guess this isn't a true sucess story yet, but I'm definitley feeling much more optimistic now.
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I think pregnancy spotting is one of the worst things... each and every time hits you in the guts, and all the books/websites are filled with doom and gloom. I've personally had spotting that ended in a mc and spotting that ended in a healthy full term babe.

I hope this thread reassures other spotting mamas that even though sometimes the spotting is "the end" sometimes it isn't. Here's hoping all those babes stick tight and stop making their mamas so worried!
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Haven't had time to read the entire thread, but read the original post and definitely wanted to record my experience here. This is my 2nd pregnancy, the first ended in a beautiful, now 2 yo girl, absolutely NO spotting in first pg.

This time round, at 11 weeks, I had more than spotting--lots and lots of bright red blood. Gushing. Soaked through my clothes and a winter coat and then when I got home, several pads one after another, all bright red blood. I was so sure it was m/c. But it wasn't--it was subchorionic hemmorhage. Which can cause m/c but in this case, even though it was a very large and significant subchorionic bleed (subchorionic bleeds are not uncommon and can often be much smaller, less noticeable than this), no m/c. I am 34 weeks tomorrow in that same pg. The subchorionic bleed is barely noticeable now on ultrasound. At 11 weeks, even after all the external bleeding, ultrasound revealed half my uterus filled with blood, far more blood than fetus at that point, size wise. I did continue to bleed (progressively darker blood--not a new bleed, but the old blood from that incident coming out) for at least a month, every day. Nerve-wracking. It may have been longer, but it tapered off, and the area of hemmorhage visible on ultrasound shrunk, and now all is well. I never went on bedrest, just no lifting and pelvic 'rest' for probably 6 weeks or so, cant remember exactly how long now. But the 3rd trimester has been perfectly normal and incident free, LO is growing fine.

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I didn't read the other posts, either
Withthis pregnancy (my second) I bled every 6-7 days like clockwork during the cusp of the first and second trimester. Lasted 5 weeks. 2 quick U/S showed strong heartbeat and no anomalies. Twice it was heavy, watery blood, the rest was red to pink to brown.
I stopped going to the chiro, stopped walking stairs, kept my feet up. Took epsoms salt baths and started taking vitamin C. Bleeding stopped and whatever it was healed. :
I'm pretty sure there was scar tissue being pulled (I had an IUD that tipped, and with first birth, the doc did some hard-core cord traction).

Anyway, just got back from the 20 week U/S and everything still looks perfect! And, I wouldn't have believed it, but this kiddo is more active than DD
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Thank you everyone for sharing your stories! I just found out Saturday evening that I'm pregnant. I was over in the TTC just last week! Guess I didn't need to be over there after all... So last night I saw a tiny brown string when I went potty, then this morning... nothing. I went to work and around 10am I went again and yikes! Lots of brown stuff in my undies... TMI... sorry! So I paniced, although I know brown is probably ok and red is bad. So I call the DR and spoke to a nurse. Said nothing they could do anyhow, but it is normal and not to worry unless I had cramping and it looked like AF. So I was relieved but still nervous. I just turned 30 and this is our first. But these stories really help put my mind at ease. I go to my gen prac. tomorrow for my blood test and it is the longest wait for a Dr. appt ever! I can't wait! So thanks sooo much for your stories! They really are wonderful to hear. I look forward to all the good info here
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