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Originally Posted by linds View Post
So last night I saw a tiny brown string when I went potty, then this morning... nothing. I went to work and around 10am I went again and yikes! Lots of brown stuff in my undies... TMI... sorry! So I paniced, although I know brown is probably ok and red is bad.
Forgot to mention all the snotty, stringy brown stuff that happened during the last week I spotted. I was so sure it was the mucous plug and that was the end...
but nope! Just some goo
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Originally Posted by thixle View Post
Forgot to mention all the snotty, stringy brown stuff that happened during the last week I spotted. I was so sure it was the mucous plug and that was the end...
but nope! Just some goo
The goo, snotty stringy stuff is what I'm experiencing... thanks so much! I'm just trying to stay relaxed and not get worked up about anything. I'll feel better after I pee in the cup and get my blood test over with. The pain begins!
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Definitely a good thread to keep bumped up.

I had freaked out when I had intermittent brown spotting at 22 weeks. Here's my post on it: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=906806

I was still bleeding on and off, sometimes brown, sometimes bright red and then I had passed a pretty good sized blood clot. OB couldn't figure out what was up until they did a transvaginal u/s and found that I had a polyp in my cervical canal that was bleeding out everytime I had uterine contractions from orgasms and it turned out to be harmless.

Very glad we found out what it was, because it would've been alarming not knowing why I would be bleeding during labor.
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I bled/spotted from about 4-6 months with dd...turns out I had a polyp (sp?) on my cervix that was causing the bleeding...scary scary at the time, but all turned out just fine in the end!
good luck spotting mama's..it's not always doom and gloom
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Originally Posted by gothmommy View Post
Could this and any other posts about common "miseries of pregnancy" be placed under a subforum of their own as stickies?
Yes, please.

I'm about 6-7 weeks along with what looks like twins, but might also be a singleton and a blighted ovum. The radiologist couldn't tell on the ultrasound. I've been bleeding and spotting off and on for two days now. This thread is very timely for me. I hope I'll be able to come back and add my story and say that everything was fine with this pregnancy .
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I spotted ever so lightly, and in the tiniest of amounts over last weeknd for 3 days. Then it just stopped. Everything is still okay, though I was a wreck when it was happening. I hope, with all hope, that this baby comes for me in January. I this thread.
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I spotted/bled from 10 weeks until about 20 weeks, and baby is still going strong at 29 weeks. It doesn't really surprise me that I was a "bleeder" since I've always had wonky cycles with intermittent bleeding
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with dd, @ 14 wks I had a little bright red spotting. in retrospect, it was probably a few busted blood vessels due to...constipation
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I spotted a lot with my first pregnancy and had a lot of u/s to verify things were fine - they always were.

This time around, 5 years later, I'm 6w4d and I'm spotting a lot again. Always brown and never a lot of volume, just on the TP, etc. but still nerve wracking. Love stories of great outcomes.

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I posted to this thread at the beginning of my pregnancy. I have had off and on spotting all throughout. I'm 33 weeks now and all is well!
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I had a day of pink-tinged mucus at 9 weeks and everything's still going well at 16.
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The best xmas present

I'm almost 8 weeks along. 2 days ago I started spotting, then I worked out yesterday and it got heavier. I wasn't worried because of this thread but called my midwife to be on the safe side. She said if it got worse, then to give her a call. I haven't had any cramping, but still more blood this morning. I did take my temperature this morning though and it is still high, which is a good sign.

Your stories have given me hope! Thank you ladies! I'm going to monitor and keep temping!
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Thank you for this thread. I'm at about 4 weeks, and have had brown light spotting for a few days. I'm scared, but it's nice to read these positive outcomes.
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I spotted heavily off and on from about 20 wks through term with first pg...
I had a polyp on my cervix and everything was totally fine!
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I spotted around 15 weeks, after working out at the gym. I tried jogging on the treadmill, and although it felt soooo good to get my heart rate up to where I liked it when I worked out pre-pregnancy, I guess it was just too much for my body.

It was in the middle of my switch from a very intervention-happy obgyn to a midwife, and I didn't have the midwife's pager number yet. And of course, it was Saturday night. I wasn't super worried, but DH was, and he convinced me to call the obgyn. She insisted I go to labor & delivery for an ultrasound. The ultrasound turned out fine, and the baby was (and still is, at 31 weeks!) healthy.

When I talked to my midwife about it on Monday, she said spotting isn't necessarily anything to worry about, that it's common, and not to worry unless it got heavier and really crampy. I wish we'd heard that on Saturday!

Moral of the story--it was a little scary, and going to the hospital wasn't fun, but everything turned out ok.
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I was very early in my pregnancy (7 weeks maybe? I'd just recently found out) I was feeling kind of tired that day and spent most of it laying on the couch. When I stood up I felt this small rush down my leg and thought, "Please don't let that be what I think it is." and rushed to the bathroom. Sure enough, there was a fair amount of blood (couple of tablespoons) on my pants. I called my husband and he immediately came home from work. I spent the rest of the night with my legs elevated and crying thinking there was something horribly wrong.
It happened again a few weeks later and I thought that surely I was in trouble. No insurance and no doctor meant I had to wait until my 9 week ultrasound at the local clinic... (there isn't much a doctor can do that early on anyway)

Well, the ultrasound came back totally fine. The nurse saw a small bit of "dark" (blood) on the screen right around where the little guy had implanted. I mentioned that I'd had some bleeding and she told me that it was totally fine and that some women bleed "more than others" when the fetus "burrows in" to the uterus. She said only to worry if it stayed heavy and/or if I got cramps.

It's terrifying but most of the time it's normal!!
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Here's my story to share.

My pregnancy was going along without any problems, other than morning sickness, until I reached 13 weeks. Then suddenly I woke up to cramping/contractions that felt just like labor pains. About noon I started bleeding, and it was like a medium-flow period. We assumed the worst, not knowing that you could bleed some much while pregnant. We hired a sitter and went to the ER so that we could find out what was going on.

Unfortunately the doctor was a jerk. All we asked was for an ultrasound, so he knew what we wanted, and he then put that as the last thing on his "to-do list". He said I'd have to have my bloodwork done and have an internal before an ultrasound or even a doppler check. I had been sick all day with pooping (that's what happens when I have cramps) so I hadn't been eating much...I'd mostly been on the toilet. I told the doctor I have a history of fainting with blood draws, and he didn't care. I said that I would have my blood drawn if only I could eat something first, but he refused, saying that he might have to rush me to surgery if anything turned up with the bloodwork. He wouldn't even give me a drink. I already felt weak, not having eaten, so I was very upset by this. Then I asked if I could skip the internal exam (I had a friend on the phone with me and she's a midwife...she said an internal would do absolutely nothing good and would cause more contractions). The doctor refused. I felt like this was a rape-type situation...he had no need to go into my privates but he was on a power trip. Finally we checked ourselves out of the hospital, after 2.5 hours and knowing nothing other than my blood pressure.

I called a local midwife who I've visited with a few times (but not for this pregnancy) and cried to her about our hospital nightmare. She was shocked and then couldn't believe that this doctor wasn't even an OB...the hospital usually pages them downstairs and for some reason they didn't when we were there. Ugh. She called a different hospital and ordered us an ultrasound for first thing in the morning. I rested and then in the morning went first to her for a quick check and a blood draw. She took out the doppler and said "Okay, now for the heartbeat" and I thought, what a nut! I had completely accepted that we'd lost our baby. As had my partner. But right away, there was a very strong heartbeat. I cried b/c I was in shock...not so much out of happiness at this point but because it was another shock to go through after we'd already said our goodbyes to the baby.

We then went for the ultrasound. The baby was fine, very active! The results were that I had a subchorionic hematoma. Mine was a medium-sized pool of blood across from the placenta. Had it been under the placenta, it would have been more serious, but the midwife told me that this was good news and to just rest for a few days until things healed. I ended up needing 7 days of bedrest before I felt good and strong enough to go back to work.

I'm now almost 15 weeks and things have been going well. I'm so glad that the baby has been unaffected. The midwife said that this will not affect the birth at all, which I was so relieved about, because I have plans for a homebirth.

So that's my story...so it's long and there are more details than necessary, but it's such a relief that things went from being so scary to being okay.

I want to add that I am one of those people who avoids any type of intervention. I had planned on not having any ultrasounds, never using a doppler, etc. I am very natural...almost to a fault. It was difficult for us to go to the hospital and do these things that we'd previously decided never to do. But sometimes (we feel) that they are necessary. It was interesting to remember that as much as technology can hurt, it also can help and is necessary in situations such as this.
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With this pregnancy I had brown spotting as well as a huge bright red bloody gush between 5-7 weeks. I thought for sure it was over since I have a history of miscarriages... but it wasn't! The spotting went away and I am now 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant!!!!!
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I had.... a LOT of bleeding with DS2. A crazy amount. Repeatedly to boot! It started with implantation spotting, then a good amount of blood at 12 weeks. After that I had spotting a few times, and at 17 weeks 5 days I had a lot of bleeding and cramping. Enough that I called my midwife, couldn't speak through a cramp/contraction, filled the toilet repeatedly with blood and was told to go to the ER, do not pass go. I even convinced unflappable DH the baby was gone when I showed him the toilet. He is fine. I bled about every other week (sometimes spotting, sometimes heavier) from then until 31-32ish weeks, then it stopped.

And I had a peaceful, fast, healthy homebirth and the child is almost three - a spitfire and totally crazy!
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Such a timely thread, as today is a bleeding day for me...again. I am 17.5 weeks and it still stresses me out, but I am optimistic and hopeful, and I also think I am feeling the baby, so that gives me some reassurance.

I know I bled with my first DD, but I can't remember how late into the pregnancy it was. This time, I have had probably 4-5 days (2-3 times per day) of spotting, and it makes we worried each time. Wishing us all positive/good bleeding stories!
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