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That is sooo weird. I just did the pendulum test the accurate way and it said- boy, circle, girl, circle, girl, stop. I have a boy, think this one is a girl and maybe that means another girl after this one...though it wasn't very strong for the 2nd girl.
I did it with my son and it was right, but I didn't know how to do it right and so with this one I kept getting confused. Interesting that it seems to be so accurate. I've never heard of anyone saying it predicted wrong.
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When I was in middle school or maybe early high school, I did the pendulum test on myself. I forget who told me about it, but they told me backwards, and that across your wrist is a girl and fingers-to-elbow is a boy. With THAT way, I am going to have a girl, a girl, and a boy. If across the wrist is a boy then I'm supposedly having a BBG.

They way she had me do it though was with a pencil, not just any pencil but a YELLOW pencil. (Like the regular old #2 pencils that you have to use on standardized tests. :P) Then you put a safety pin in the eraser of it, and if your hair is long enough then hang the assembly by a strand of your hair.

Another "difference" in how I "learned" it back then is that it doesn't go in a circle in between children, but instead pretty much comes to a stop.

Someone also asked about twins, and if it stays on one gender for a VERY long time then it's probably twins (of the same gender) or if it switches from boy to girl w/o stopping in between then it's B/G twins.

I definitely remember it being across my wrist first, which according to this more "recent" pendulum then I am having a boy. But maybe I am having a girl and was giving off the proper "girl" energy back then b/c that is how I was told the test "decodes?" I have been having girl dreams and a strong girl feeling throughout this pregnancy so I dunno. I was 32 weeks yesterday, so I'll find out in 6-10 weeks.

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Originally Posted by RAF View Post
I am just wondering if you can tell by the pendulum test if you are having twins. Would it show this somehow? Or would it look like two separate children/pregnancies and not indicate they are gestating both at once? Anybody know? Thanks
I think for twins, it doesn't circle in between. But that could make it kinda hard for same gender twins. Like the PP said, it could stay on the same gender for a long time before circling again or stopping.
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So was the pendulum test accurate for anyone? Anyone know yet? I'm still trying to figure it out, with the whole twin/miscarriage thing. I'm not clear on wether it would "count" a miscarriage or not. I would. ???
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The ancient egyptians put a pregnant woman's urine on grain. If it made the grain grow, she was pregnant. One type of grain would grow if it was a girl, another type if she was a boy. One of the grains was wheat; one was barley, I think.

I don't know if remember the grains accurately. I read this in a history book of women in Egypt. When I tried to verify on the internet, I got answers that went both ways (one said wheat for girls, another for boys).
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with the pendulum test....do you take into account miscarriages? this is my 6th pregnancy but will be my 3rd child.
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Ha ... and if it swings in diagonals?
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I forgot I had posted to this thread 9 weeks ago... I had my baby last week and it was a girl.
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I do the pendulum test. The way I always heard it was across the wrist/circle for girl, along the arm for boy. I think...

It was DEAD ON accurate for kids 1-4.

By the time I got to PG #6 it KILLED my arm to hang on to the thread through babies 1-5 to get the gender for #6 LOL!

I have found my intuition and DH's to be very accurate.

I was SURE #6 was a girl, and yep, sure enough.

I had dreams about baby girls. A couple about baby boys, but those were about baby #5 who died at birth, and most of those were sad/scary.

With DS (#4) I knew he was a boy. I didn't want to "know" by U/S, but I *knew* in my heart. I even knew he was JUST LIKE DH.
I did have a couple "girl" dreams, but the most vivid dreams were all boy dreams. We could also not decide on a girl name we liked. We went around and around trying, but nothing "felt right" well duh, a girl's name is never going to "feel right" for a boy baby!

With #5, I thought he was a girl. I had a couple very weird dreams about baby boys, and looking back elements from those dreams came true (sitting in a very formal/solemn gathering, baby was a boy, but he was a "funny color" and I had no clothes for him so one of the old ladies there gave me a black sheer scarf to wrap him in... if that doesn't say "funeral home visitation" I don't know what does!) I never had dreams about life with a baby boy, and anytime I tried to picture holding/carrying a baby boy my mind didn't really "process" it, weird I know, but there it is.

With #6 I dreamed a vivid birth dream about birthing a baby girl with tons of dark hair. DD was born with a head FULL of very dark hair...

When using dreams as a gender guess, take the most vivid/realistic of the dreams, and count the number of dreams you have. Give the most weight to realism, but also consider the number of dreams. If you are having more boy dreams, then it's probably a boy.

Ask preschoolers, ages 3-4. They have an uncanny accuracy in guessing baby gender, especially if the mom is related to them, or a very close friend they see often.
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Ummm... ok, then how do you find out your lunar age????
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I clicked the link to the one at thelaboroflove.com and used my "normal" birthdate and like 5 different conception dates and it all said, "It's a boy!" grrrrr...
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The chinese chart was correct with all 4 of my kids. I tried the wedding ring hanging from a string and it was correct this time!
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My instinct has always been my best predictor. I've known the gender *for sure* with all three pregnancies.

When I was pg with my oldest, I was so certain that he was a boy that I painted his bedroom blue after I had a u/s that said he was a girl. They thought I was *crazy* but when he came out a he, I was the only one in the delivery room that wasn't surprised.

With this most recent pregnancy, I never had the slightest doubt that it was a boy.
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This thread is old but I thought it was interesting. I wanted to chime in about the pendelum thread. I have twins and I had a m/c last year of a baby girl. I believe that m/c's are shown on this test. My results come back B,B,B,B,G,G My twins are boys and there is no difference in the pause between their readings and their older brothers. It just shows two boys. So I think it would be hard to determine whether or not there were twins by this test.

It does appear to be pretty accurate though!
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they did a two year study of women in spain and found that the pregnant woman was 70% accurate on the gender. that's not bad!!!
all of the wivestales tests were wrong for me, so I can't put much faith in them.
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well, no matter what you'll always be at last 50% right! not bad odds if you ask me.
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Just jumping in here....

The Chinese Calendar thing was right for me. My intuition said girl from the very begining, even though my family said boy. We actually had loads of ultrasounds for monitoring, but for the first 3 level II's, she was not cooperating. Her cord or her hand or her legs were crossed tightly. It was so frustrating.

I had a friend read my tarrot cards. She said girl. She also reads palms and said girl.

Sydney is a girl.
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I did the Chinese predictor and it says girl.
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The pendulum one seems to work for me! It's really pretty cool. I think it works off of your own intuition--as many divining methods do. I first did it when I was pregnant with Elowen, and it said BBBGGBG. I have 3 boys, then 2 girls (so it was right for girl #2--was pregnant with her when I did it) then a miscarriage of a baby boy @18 weeks, then this one *should* be a girl by this reckoning.

I was never sure with any except the boy I miscarried. I told my husband one night that we would have a boy next, I just *knew* somehow without considering or thinking about it that it would be a boy. After I lost him, I just thought "girl" for some reason. That feeling is not very strong now, not like with the boy, but I still think "girl".

After I tried the pendulum thing, I did some research and apparently it works really well as a divining tool, diagnostic tool. It can't tell you things that you can't possibly know (like will I win the lottery ) but health issues, personal issues, pregnancies--supposedly works well for those.

I also read that it works best with an object that is special to you ( I use a link bracelet that I always wear) and that each person's 'answer' can be unique--like 'boy' for one person might be side to side, and back and forth for another. You can get out your pendulum and think (or say) 'show me no'. Then think or say 'show me yes'. That establishes your personal yes or no answers. Same with boy/girl. "show me boy" etc. I just did the pregnancy one again and the answer was exactly the same (as above). I also asked 'show me what this baby is, this pregnancy' and it swung back and forth (girl) and then stopped.

That said, obviously, if you really WANT boy or girl, it could just show that because you are actually willing it (unconsciously or not) You can also try it on your husband. Have him do it away from you and don't tell him what answers to expect.

I think it's a great tool!
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Originally Posted by pumpkinsmama View Post
The "Chinese gender prediction calendar" worked for me both times!


here is the first link I found (bad ads BTW)
Mine is wrong for DD and right for DS. It says boy for this pregnancy as well....since I'm only 7 weeks we will have to wait to see if that's true!
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