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Question about "weird" period...

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This is really starting to worry me...I hope someone can give me some insight.

I started with some light spotting on the 31st it lasted that day and on the 1st. Nothing on the 2nd, then on the third was definately here.

Seemed to be a "normal" period, although earlier start than usual. Cycles are usually 28-29 days and this one was only 26. Well that was fine but hasn't quite yet! Usually I have about 5 days and that's it. If you include the two days of spotting I am at 11 days and the last two days seem to be getting heavier instead of lighter?: Even if you don't count those two days I am at 7 days . Which normally wouldn't give me any problems except the flow seems to be heavier now than a couple of days ago...(Although it is still "pantyliner" light, barely)

Arrrgh! I am wondering if an early mc would cause extended bleeding or if my body is just doing some major cleansing. Any insight? I have not had a period like this EVER!


P.S. I did do a pg. test the day af started and it was neg. So I don't think I was pg. but this period has made me wonder...
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Naturegirl I have no insight for you. I just wanted to let you know that I have been having strange cycles since my m/c in December.
Is this your first odd period or has it not been the same for you either. Just thinking that maybe our bodies are trying ti find it's way back to normalcy. Did any of this make any sense?
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This is my first "weird" one since my mc in November. All the others were maybe slightly heavier but nothing like this. Not almost 2 weeks long! I am sure my body knows what it is doing. I just wish it would tell me!
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Extended bleeding like that, esp. if it gets heavier after having tapered off, can be a symptom of uterine fibroid or polyp. What happens is that the growth commandeers a blood vessel to nourish itself and then continues bleeding for a while after the endometrium is shed. If your next period is also weird this way, ask for an ultrasound.

Another thing that can cause extended light bleeding is estrogen deficiency. Do you have trouble getting wet for sex, or have you had any hot flashes? Don't freak out about premature menopause or anything like that--low estrogen usually is a temporary effect of things getting a little out of whack and can be corrected by wearing an estrogen patch for a week.

Probably a good idea to call your doctor or midwife now that this has been going on for 2 weeks! Good luck!
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