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Ugh!!!!!! I Hate The Media!

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Ok so I hear this news story on the radio on the way home from errands today - a baby dies after his mother smothers her in his sleep while he is sleeping next to her. This same mother has had the same thing happen to her in the past......

So now I am watching the news and they go a bit more in dept with the story - the first thing they say is that the woman was high on pot and drunk *and* had given the baby a strong setitive - but what does the rest of the story focus on ............the *DANGERS* of sleeping with your baby WTF!!!!!!!

HELLO! She was HIGH ON DRUGS AND HAD DRUGGED HER BABY!!!! Maybe that was the danger! Of course now they are planning a big story on the dangers of co-sleeping....................Whatever!

here is the news link http://www.clickondetroit.com/det/ne...10-130410.html
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This just makes me sick. Does nobody get that the woman was drugged up??? Sigh!!!!

since becoming a mother I've learned to really despise how totally STUPID the media can be.
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Sheesh! That's awful but so darn typical of the media. Arg!
At least they mentioned the drugs,...because sometimes they don't even mention those tid-bits, just blaming the whole thing on cosleeping. What a horrible woman that lady must be. How sad for her children.
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And I can't find a place

to respond!!
Never mind I found a feedback !
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I am so angry about this too! I was listening to Mitch Album yesterday and they were talking about how when you take your baby to bed you must "know" you're putting them in danger! I guess that doesn't apply to taking them in the car, putting them in a crib, or letting them play outside? : This pisses me off so much! The majority of our society is so screwed up!
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Oh that just stinks - I usually like Mitch Album.......it is so unfortunate that so many people are so ignorant about co-sleeping UGH!!!!!!! It is one thing to say 'well it's not for me' but TOTALLY another to say that it is inherantly dangerous......UGH!!!!!!!
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yeah, love how the hints don't include

"don't give your baby sedatives"

"don't get drunk and high"

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I see lots o' letters to the editor
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What a horrible woman that lady must be.
Hey! Speaking of being judgmental! We are talking about a mother who has just lost her child, a mother who has already been through the horror of losing a child once before. Yes, she made some bad decisions, and it's even possible that her bad decisions were directly responsible for the deaths of her children. (But given that we're ranting about the media's skewed portrayals of co-sleeping, and that many of us are aware that some coroners do not bother to investigate an infant death once they learn that the infant was co-sleeping, we should acknowledge the possibility that something else actually caused the deaths.) It's likely that nobody ever told her that co-sleeping is more dangerous when intoxicated. It's likely that the baby's sedation was advised by a doctor to reduce sleeping problems--even Dr. Sears has been known to recommend sedation.

I agree, the media are being irresponsible in trumpeting the dangers of co-sleeping rather than the dangers of sedation. But they're also irresponsible in demonizing this mother who made a terrible mistake, and I don't think we should go along with it. I am praying for that mother and for others who are at risk of making the same mistakes.
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It just seems that if she indeed weren't informed about the seemingly obvious inherent dangers of being high on drugs while cosleeping AND drugging an infant she would have surely been enlightened after the first time she killed her child.
The bulk of my sympathy goes to her babies.

But you're right...my comment about the mom was off topic. My emotions got the best of me.
The media is way off on its overall bias against cosleeping. It's very sad.
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